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HOW TO MAKE DONUTS – Doh! (nuts) Homer Simpson Style Donuts

Howdy folks hows it going welcome to my virgin kitchen oi that's my line – today i'm showing you how to make Homer Simpson style donuts – Doh! nuts Ah donuts doughnuts donuts i've never made them before as you see I make some different size ones by accident but it's cool i've eaten a lot of them but if I was going to make them I had this Homer Simpson poster in my bedroom as a kid and he was holding a pink donut just like that and that's what i'm gonna make i've made it and it tastes amazing if you wanna have a go at making this hit pause on the video now write them all down and this is how you do it

First up pour the yeast into the warm water give it a little mix and leave it to stand for ten minutes until it starts to bubble a little bit Once it's nice and bubble into a seperate bowl combine your milk, sugar, salt, egg, butter, half of the flour and that yeast mixture in Mix it well together and keep adding your flour gradually until it's all there well combined then knead it on a board for 5 minutes until smooth put the dough into a bowl that's been lubricated a little bit with oil then put a foil lid ideally not a foil lid cling film we haven't got any cling film in our house so had to use foil Put it into somewhere warm this is my cupboard that's where I put it so whack it in there til it doubles in size Meanwhile make your sexy pink topping by whisking together in a bowl milk, vanilla and icing sugar and add your food colouring just a little speck of that keep adding and whisking with more icing sugar and milk if you like until you get the consistency and colour you like then just leave it to stand

With your dough ready roll it out nice and thin and cut little donut shapes don't worry if the dough is looking too thin trust me it does rise as you'll see in a minute For the moment cover the donuts in a cloth allowing them to stand while you get your oil nice and hot Yeah you need to get that oil super hot this thermometer was being rubbish they cost me like £20 and I have to keep buying new ones, they keep breaking i'm not learning my lesson, but anyhow with the spare bit of dough I plonked that in next to it and I could tell that it was getting nice and warm Once the oil is ready dip the donuts in there I actuallly use a spatula but you can use tongs whatever you want to do and just rotate it until they are nice and golden brown either side and then wrap it on some kitchen towel so that they absorb that excess fat Make sure your donuts are super cool before dunking them in your glaze otherwise it'll all run off so what we do is triple dunk it ok so grab your doughnut dunk it in lift it out let it rest for a little bit to firm up then dunk again out then dunk again and it'll give you a lovely pink finish on there before sprinkling on your hundreds and thousands aka vermicilli which i've been told is actually the real name for it uh sounds like an Italian pasta to me to be honest 'vermicilli' I putta tha vermicilli on the donut sorry that's terrible but that is it once that's all on there it's looking amazing keep it away from your local homer and you will love it you will love it for life you can gobble them all up and hopefully Homer won't burst through the door and eat them all

So if you enjoyed this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up, thumbs up yeah? that's it's foot I think um subscribe share comment and all that stuff really helps my channel grow and is much much much much appreciated but that my friends is how you make -why am i wearing this hat?! Homer Simpson style donuts! good times!

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