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Hi everyone, a huge welcome Steve's kitchen Today we're going to be making so hit that thumbs up down the bottom there if you love doughnuts

Guys I'm going to s you how to them in the style of dunkin doughnuts and krispy creme so we're going to cover them at the end Let's get on and make them right now So I've just got 200 mls thats about seven fluid ounces of milk, in a jug here and I'm adding a teaspoon of sugar and then we're just going to pop that in the microwave for 30 seconds just to warm it through Now the milk should be warm but you should still be able to put your finger in there without burning it I'm just going to take a teaspoon and a half of dried yeast, give that a little mix through and we're just going to set that aside for 1520 minutes just to let the yeast bubble

So I'm just sifting in three cups of flour that's about a pound of flour, into a mixing bowl and into the flour I'm just going to put about 60 grams, that's about two ounces of sugar, a teaspoon of salt and I'm using fresh nutmeg, I'm using about half a teaspoon of fresh nutmeg Now nutmeg is one of those flavors that make doughnuts taste really great so don't miss it out if you can Now of course you don't have to use fresh nutmeg let's just sort of mix that through with a whisk to incorporate the sugar and flour together So we've got our dry ingredients here I'm just going to break an egg into the flour and you can see now that our milk and yeast has frothed up nicely I'm just going to pop that in the flour as well and I've got a couple of ounces that's about 60 grams of melted butter in there as well and now just take a fork and start to mix that through with the dry ingredients As that starts to come together I can just draw that off of the fork and then get my hands in there and start to pull this dough together and eventually you'll have this fairly sticky dough which we can take out onto our work counter and just start to knead just a little bit it doesn't need that much it should be quite a sticky dough

So a quick five minutes of kneading like this just to get a silky texture and you can adjust the milk levels to get this beautiful sort of elastic donut dough here Then I'm just going to lightly oil my original bowl and take our donut dough here, just give it a little turn over to coat it in oil So we're just going to cover that over now keep the air out of it and leave it aside for about half an hour or until it's at least starting to plump up a little bit So there our dough now has doubled in size I'm just going to take it out of the bowl and we just want to lightly flour a surface and put the dough down onto our counter Then using a rolling pin we just start to roll our dough out, we want to get it about half an inch thick

Now when it's rolled out you want to get a cutter and we can use a glass you can just take a glass and cut the out with a glass and then you can use pretty much anything from around the kitchen just to cut the circle out from the middle I'm just using the top of a piping nozzle there Now these are another great little tool this is actually a purpose made donut cutter so if you've got one of these and which I have then you're lucky and it doesn't all in one hit and don't forget to keep the Middle's because donut middles are a favorite for the kids I've got a baking tray here with some baking paper on it and I'm just going to sprinkle over some flour you can use plain flour or corn flour just to stop the donuts from sticking and then we're just going to lay our doughnuts here on the baking paper and then I'm just covering the doughnuts over with some cling wrap which I've covered in oil so the doughnuts don't stick to them and we're just going to put those aside now for another 30 minutes or so just to let them rise a little bit Now you don't need very deep oil to fry doughnuts in so I've got a shallow pan here with about an inch of oil in and you've got to bring that up to a temperature of one-hundred and ninety degrees that's about 370 Fahrenheit

So now we know our oil's up to temperature we can start dropping our doughnuts in Now I'm going to put three or four at a time, just drop them gently into the oil and they will sink to the bottom at first and then they float to the top and I'm going to use some chopsticks just to turn them over when they're cooked So you see they floated to the top now They puffed up nicely Now you could use a slotted spoon to turn these over or a combination of a slotted spoon and the chopsticks

Now I've turned that over, you see it's beautiful and brown on the other side now Just turn these over, let the other side's cook, it literally just takes barely a minute for these Donuts to cook through Then I'm just going to lift those out and pop them on to some paper napkins to drip dry and let's not forget our little doughnut middles Just pop these in probably all of these together will be fine You'll see these puffs up to a beautiful little round balls and they quite often turn themselves

OK guys while the donut holes that little doughnut centers are still hot I'm going to put them in some cinnamon sugar Now some of the doughnuts I'm going to decorate but these ones I'm just going to pop them in some cinnamon sugar while a nice and hot Just get them coated over and then we can just take these out pop them on a plate and they should be eaten really straight away while they're nice and hot and of course you can do the same thing with the full doughnuts as well if you just want sugar doughnuts just pop them into your your cinnamon sugar and then you can pop those with the little donut centers Now while our doughnuts are cooling on the side, I've got some powdered sugar here and you really do just want to put a trickle barely a tablespoon of water in there at a time and just start mixing that through until you get a nice thick paste So you see I've got a lovely thick paste now sugar is quite sweet on its own so I'm just going to add a little drop of vanilla extract in there and then mix that through just to give it a little bit of flavoring

You could add any flavor to here, strawberry flavorings or mango flavorings So I'm just going to take one of these doughnuts now and put it down into the sugar, push it in and then lever it out and you'll see there that we've got a lovely coating of icing sugar on top there and then I'm going to take this and put it into these hundreds of thousands or sprinkles and there you have it guys, a beautiful pink one another great idea is to dip them in the sugar, pull it out like that and then take them into sort of sort of dried nuts It's a favorite way of doing mine and another great idea guys take a teaspoon of cocoa and just pop that in there if you want a chocolate coating on your Donuts So without the need for any further washing up you can just carry on dipping your Donuts in there now we've got a lovely chocolate coating on there and I'm going to pop these in some yellow sprinkles, they look cool There they are guys there are my Donuts looking beautiful the colors and there are my Donuts centers there and of course I'm going to have to try one of these for you thank you very much for joining me guys today it's been a lot of fun this won't be doing anything for my waistline give it a try

Ah dee-licious you can't beat homemade donuts I hope you had some fun watching me make donuts today guys and I hope you try this at home please don't forget if you love these Donuts hit that thumbs up button and I'll see you next time on Steve's kitchen be good I really enjoyed making these donuts guys, my favorite by the way of these just plain cinnamon donuts I love them sugar donuts and jam filled donuts which I'll save for another video So be good to subscribe to the channel links to the side here I'll see you next time

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