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How to make Fresh milk Peda at home/Doodh Peda Recipe-Konkani

Hello Lets only 3 item required Fresh 1 L, Sugar taste or 120 g, Cardamon powder half tea spoon garnish top with nuts (optional) in a pan add , keep on a high flame first bring to boil keep stirring need to stir non stop, do not allow the to stick/browned to the bottom bring to medium flame continue stirring till the thickens its now nearly 1 hour bring the flame to low no need to add any colour or optional as the thickened , add cardamon powder mix it properly add sugar, keep stirring do not loose sight , keep stirring, it is very important this stage stir slowly patience is the key switch off the flame now mixture is dry now, moisture is evaporated, this is the consistency required let it cool for some time remove and transfer it on a plate grease our palm with oil/ghee roll it to a desired balls press gently in the center and set aside garnish with pistachio or any nuts Ready to serve Enjoy


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