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How To Make (homemade) Donuts – (FAST AND EASY)

We start by adding the flour to a bowl then add the baking powder stir the mixture together now add three eggs stir the mixture well add the vanilla extact zest the lemon now add the lemon zest now you want to add to whole container of ricotta cheese make sure to stir it well this is the texture we are looking for For the topping powder we add some icing sugar the amount depends on your prefrence then about a teaspoon of brown sugar another teaspoon of cinnamon mix the ingredients together we now started to fry the donuts

you can use an ice cream scooper to make sure you get exact circles once your donuts reach a brown color gently place them on some frying paper after frying you want to take your donuts and place them on some frying paper enjoy your donuts

Source: Youtube

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