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How to Make Margaritas Like Federales

On this episode of In the Kitchen, we're getting loose at Federales I'm here with Tim Ryll, the beverage director, and he's going to teach me how to make three margaritas for National Margarita Day on February 22nd

Cheers! Okay, let's get started with the original margarita Get your glassware first and we'll salt the rim for one of these with our tajin salt What's in tajin salt to make it special? All sorts of like herbs and spices It's salt a little bit of pepper a couple other things that I don't even know But I know it's good and people love it

Awesome! Start with your syrups which for us will be agave You do ¾ ounce Pretty much any local, Mariano's, Whole Foods, all those places have it We use dark amber, which is kind of like the uncut really pure one So then we got our syrup in there

Then we go to our juices So first we use a ¾ ounces of lemon juice Ounce and a half of lime juice And at home, you could just actually squeeze lime and lemon Absolutely

Now we got our base products in there Now we go to the good stuff the booze Ounce of Cointreau And what flavor is the Cointreau? It's an orange liqueur still 80 proof, so nice and strong Tequila, which we use El Jimador, 100% blue agave

Are there any types of tequilas you shouldn't use? You always want to do a 100% blue agave That's kind of like the gold standard There are ones called mixto as soon as they throw all kinds of like whatever sugar cane they have which are kind of like the ones in college that gets you a hungover You want to stay away from those The yellow ones? Yes! Now it's ice time Then in our shaker

Shake is super important You want the whole bar to hear it! When ice starts to chip away, you know you're done Beautiful! And then we finished with our lime wedge garnish Boom! So that is our classic Margarita looks delicious

So let's say I am getting swole, but I still want a margarita Do you have something for me for that? For sure! So, anyone who still wants to, you know, have a drink, alcohol, all that good stuff without the calories, we have a skinny margarita I'm gonna walk you through it Okay! So the biggest thing you need of course is a jigger, so we know what we're doing Got it

So the first thing you're gonna do A pounds of lime juice So you never just eyeball things? No unless it's like a Tito's soda I mean, then you're fine So right in there

Maybe that's my problem at home Perfect, and now we go to our booze So we're gonna do an ounce just like you did there with Cointreau Yes! I really feel like Tom Cruise in Cocktail! He's the best! Can I throw this bottle in here? Please don't Okay

Tequila, El Jimador So this is two ounces Maybe just a little bit beyond that? If you'd like, no problem Yay! There you go, perfect Ice her up

Alright, awesome So now you're halfway there So now we grab our bar spoon This is the hardest part Bartenders make it look kind of easy, but it's a little difficult

No wrist, it's all in the fingers So put it in here and just stir just like this Stay along the end That's actually really good! I have some experience bartending! Awesome! Top it with sparking mineral water, so Topo Chico

Lightly top it Lightly! Boom, perfect A couple more gentle stirs as you like to say I'm liking this Yeah, there you go

Just finished it off with a lime wheel and you're good to go Yeah, that's it You're done Thank you This is very good Just super light

Yeah So you take out the syrup, so you don't have any sweetness really And then the effervescence of sparkling water Obviously a lot lighter since less is in it We've done the original, and we've done the skinny

Let's say it's the dead of winter in Chicago and we want to feel like we're at the beach That would be our mango margarita Our classic and then you mix in our mango puree one ounce and you are good to go! Beautiful! We are ready to rock Mm-hmm

It really does taste like the beach Thank you so much You got it Thanks for coming

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