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How to Make Money by Posting Ads on Facebook


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hey guys I'm going : underline;”> take up facebook uhm my name is marina Mercedes or you follow my business life page on Facebook call deals and freebies so uhm basically I've a lot of messages asking me what it is I do and ong>howong> I'm making this much ong>moneyong> from home uhm so I want to make this video to kind of tell you what I do s some proof and I want ong>toong> put my face out there for anybody that skeptical because it's I mean not a scam I'm a real person if this was a scam I would not put my face out on the internet because i do not want to get arrested so here i am making this video uhm what I do is self-explanaon: underline;”>to start with this job you have on: underline;”>to fill out a tax form you don't have on: underline;”>to pay hundreds of dollars start you don't have ong>toong> have all the friends and family ong>toong> on: underline;”>money with us it's simple guys you just post ads online that's it you post ads online your ads ong>makeong>s sales for you for the company and the company pays you commissions it's simple you get paid every friday directly deposited in your account ong>toong> soney this is real ong>moneyong> so guys I made this in a week this is about three thousand dollars right here in one week of just posting ads online so uhm you can do the same thing like anybody can do this as long as you have internet access on a smartphone or computers and if you're a US

or Canadian resident 18 years of age then you can work for us posting ads online and get paid for it you're on facebook all the time anyway you might as well get paid for it so if you want ong>toong> start training and you want on: underline;”>money uhm like go ahead all you need on you need ons I will answer them for you again guys this is an awesome opportunity I started doing this about two months ago I saw a videos just like this one on facebook I was skeptical about it but I had nothing on: underline;”>to lose so I figured I'd give it a try here I am two months later I was able to put my to weeks in at my job I online from homes than I did at my 40 hours a week job so I mean $3,000 week come on most people's at our company ong>makeong> anywhere from $500 a week to $5,000 a week I mean it's not ong>toong>o good on: underline;”>to work you have do the work the work is not hard it's easy so I mean as long as you're going to do the work you can ong>makeong> this kind of money so again like this video share this video comment info and I'll get you started making money for home so I mean come on guys it's simple

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