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How To Make Money From Facebook


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Hi, I'm Rowan Casey and g>ong>day I'm going ong>toong> talk on: underline;”>to you about ong>howong> ong>toong> ong>moneyong> Everyone's trying to do it in the internet marketing world, but it can be quite hard if you don't know what you're doing

So I'm going to outline some of the basics in this video Now the first thing you want to do with a Facebook page is do some keyword research You want to get the title to be something that people are searching for either on Facebook or Google So it's important ong>toong> do some keyword research and you can use the Google Adwords keyword tool to figure out what people are searching for on Google, and check the competition by looking at the page rank with something like SEO Quake, or a plugin like that Design a great page with a good title

Again I come back on Facebook with that title Get likes and traffic for the page If you're trying on: underline;”>to compete for a Facebook search, often the page with the most likes will come up at the ong>toong> boost your ranking on Facebook Do SEO for the page, this is for Google, if you want on Google you have to get lots of back links on: underline;”>to have a good title that's going for a search, and you want ong>toong> ong>makeong> articles and blog posts and videos, social media shares, get lots of relevant pages linking back ong>toong> yours

Keep posting great content, it's important that the page has really good, worthy content, or else people won't like it, and if they don't like it, then it won't keep generating le, and it won't keep ranking better by itself, because the likes are do follow cross links within Facebook that actually really do help the ranking of the page on Google, and on Facebook Make other related pages on Facebook as cross links If you have a page on dog grooming, you might want to ong>makeong> a whole bunch of other pages related on: underline;”>to dog grooming methods, or haircuts for dogs, whatever Get them all pointing back to your main page, that's good for SEO and it's good for traffic You can use Facebook as your page, and use it on it that leads ong>toong> your page

If your page has a high page rank, that's pretty good, Facebook is a PR 9, and a Facebook page can get up ong>toong> PR 6, PR 7, if you have a lot of good SEO within Facebook and outside of it You need to ong>makeong> an ad for the page, or multiple ads You can try using Facebook Ads, you can use Google Adwords, you can try a bunch of different advertising methods, and see what works Ultimately, you want ong>toong> on investment, and so you need a landing page for the ads, where you're going ong>toong> on: underline;”> you need to pay for the ads to keep them running, so you need ong>toong> ong>makeong> a return on investment

So when they visit the page, you ong>makeong> ong>moneyong> That's what an ad's for, and that's why people spend so much ong>moneyong> on internet advertising, it has ong>toong> one thing that almost everyone is searching for, it's very elusive You have to spend a very small amount, and make a good return, and then you can just keep the ads running, and it keeps making you on: underline;”>money But even if you can't do that, you should probably ong>makeong> an ad for the page ong>toong> start with just on: underline;”>to people sharing it Make cuson a Facebook tab You can have a Pay Pal button, video, opt-in form, phoong>toong>s, you can have phoon: underline;”>to your site, you can have pretty much your whole website on a cusong>toong>m tab You can even get people to navigate through your site inside an iFrame, by using the Developers section, and using that as your canvas URL You gotta split test, which means trying out different landing page one produces the best conversion rate, and then you want ong>toong> put all of your efforts into driving people on: underline;”>to that landing page, and that will make you the most money It can take a long time ong>toong> figure out what's going to on: underline;”>make you a profit, that's why you need ong>moneyong> for the amount that you spend, and I can help you with that if you want

Use apps like Just Redirect to drive traffic ong>toong> any page If you add Just Redirect ong>toong> your page, it gives you another tab, and when people click on it, they go ong>toong> whatever link you put inon: underline;”>to it So you can put a link to your website, or a page on your website, or a You Tube video, an affiliate link, it doesn't matter what it is, and it looks like a normal page tab, you can put any photo you want on it You can call it whatever you like and they click on it, and get redirected on: underline;”>to go It would be useful if you could put Google Adsense on that spot, but you can have your site on a custom tab and have Google Adsense on it, but basically this is the best way ong>toong> have advertising on your page, because it's right up the on: underline;”>how they got successful at doing it

Check out the content they post, see why they have a thousand likes Sometimes you can tell if they have thousands of likes, it's just because they bought them It's not because it was great content or anything, because the search volume would be so low for that particular title, that they couldn't possibly have gotten that many likes Likes can lead ong>toong> more likes, because people are more likely on: underline;”>to medium competition searches on Google

They're page rank 6, and that's pretty good you know, you keep making them, they keep getting likes, keep driving traffic, and Facebook drives most of the traffic ong>toong> my site I'm trying ong>toong> use You Tube as well on: underline;”>to drive traffic to my site, which is Professional Social Promotion For more tips, you can take a look around the site, I'm always writing new blog posts, subscribe on Twitter, or get in contact, that's probably the best way You can get in contact with me at [email protected]onalsocialpromotioncom ong>toong> talk about your site, and on: underline;”>how I can help you

I can ong>makeong> you a You Tube video, I can get you views for it, I can share your site with all my social connections, get you Twitter followers, get you Facebook page likes, make you a custom tab, Google Plus followers, Pinterest followers, pretty much whatever you want on: underline;”>to do with social media So visit the site, check it out, and I'll talk to you later

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