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Hey what's occurring so in today's video we're gonna be talking about actual ways to make money online through affiliate marketing and why you haven't been thriving in-the previous so stay tuned it's gonna be a jam-packed video we're gonna jump right into Hey what's occurring so in today's video like I said I'm gonna be talking about being profitable online working from home mainly through affiliate marketing whether you don't know who I’m I am going by digital entrepreneur from elite digital entrepreneur chill and whether that is your initial time to my channel just make certain that you simply hit that little red sign up button and smash the bell notification icon as a way to stay updated on all my newest videos and so for today's videos I'm going to be talking about being profitable specifically online with affiliate marketing in you recognize a few of the mindset that it’s important to have and why perhaps you haven't been thriving in-the previous um as you possibly can see I've sort of changed up my style slightly bit you recognize I would like this to be slightly bit more raw you recognize slightly bit more real unedited or at smallest as little edit as feasible because I just need to sort of change up slightly bit more of a blog form of content to warn my channel so I'm just sort of walking out through my home making this video on the fly now whether you all the time wanted to you recognize like I said make money online you haven't been thriving you recognize a pair reasons is primary is just make certain you all the time concentrate on the mindset you recognize whether you’ve that broke mentality whether you've had the mindset of you recognize someone just doesn't what's the word who all the time desires to make money online but you're all the time eager about negative table negativity negative things and also you've all the time been sort of stuck in a rut you've all the time been sort of in-the identical place you actually are motivated you actually need to succeed online and yet for some reason you you possibly can't you recognize you possibly can't you recognize sort of get previous that barrier and in order that's sort of what I need to talk over with you about today you recognize my thing is all the time been an affiliate marketing so my journey through affiliate marketing has all the time been you recognize making compliant income online specifically because with affiliate marketing what I really like about it is mainly you possibly can actually market other people's products you recognize you're mainly the professional intermediary and also you receives a commission a commission mainly for just marketing getting people to return to their product or service after which you recognize once they make that sale you receives a commission a commission and that's what I really like about affiliate marketing is that you simply don't should have any physical products any physical service any varieties of service you don't should stock stock so you don't should have a you recognize warehouse like drop shipping or anything that you simply don't should you don't should work with external vendors you recognize lots of people Amazon FBA it’s important to work the Amazon you recognize success of products and whatnot and so with affiliate marketing you don't you recognize you don't should undergo all of the headaches mainly it's a triple prevail situation you recognize it's a prevail for the shopper clientele because you recognize you might be connecting with them with a product or service that they were originally in search of so you recognize it's for them it's a prevail for the seller or the vendor because you recognize obviously they made a sale there you recognize they're happy and it's a prevail for you because the affiliate since you're in-the middle you're connecting that clientele the client the shopper with the you recognize the product service the vendor and so everybody's in a win-win-win situation a triple prevail situation and in order that's another excuse why I actually love affiliate marketing it can't be done passively once after getting everything arrange in-the onset everything else in-the you recognize back in mainly whether you set it up accurately is mainly compliant income in order that's what I really like concerning the late marketing and so how do you begin with affiliate marketing you recognize the location do you go what do you do mainly you recognize I all the time recommend people to to have a look at you recognize marketing and being profitable online in distinct ways and so part of ways in which I all the time recommend people is attempt to discover a high-ticket product you recognize that you may actually advertise because numerous times whether you might be finding products online that offer you recognize 5 10 15 bucks or whatever on on their product or service you recognize you're not making a complete lot particularly whether you're fresh to this you recognize and also you're trying to advertise it through paid advertisements you recognize whether it's through Google Ads Bing ads whatever you recognize Facebook whatever ways of promoting it that you simply're actually you recognize paying for promotion of their products and services you recognize numerous times particularly with the newbies beginners in affiliate marketing they make the error of you recognize trying to go all in paying 300 five hundred dollars to advertise these ads or services without actually knowing what they're doing you recognize they don't create a landing page that a funnel email trail ups etc and so you recognize they numerous fresh beginners with feeling marketing in digital marketing all they do is that they directly link everything over to that product their service not knowing what to do in-the back end you know the way to trail up so essentially whenever you're not doing that you simply're losing out on numerous customers numerous you recognize numerous sales potentially and so you recognize people directly you're really you're not capturing anyone's information they're just sort of going through you recognize you're you're the link and you recognize nothing about them you recognize you're probably not tracking who's coming out and in and so once you set yourself up with like a funnel you're tracking who comes out and in of your funnel your landing pages and also you capturing them emails their names what happens is you recognize the conversions begin to go up and the reason being because you recognize individuals who actually want your that products or service that you simply're selling that they're in search of right and so whether you arrest their email whether they're actually willing to present you their name and email they're their probabilities of actually buying into that product or services goes skyrockets way up simply because you recognize they're taking that additional step to present you their name their phone number email whatever it is meaning they're more pensive of a buyer you recognize because ninety percent of what you're gonna sell online you're probably you're probably ninety percent of those who come through your site or your your web page whatever ninety percent of those persons are probably not gonna purchase from you once you begin capturing those people in those people's names and and emails those those who then you definitely arrest they really are more pensive and so your conversions of those people that you simply haven't captured their names their emails you'll see the conversions beginning to go up because they’re pensive they've told you look I'm pensive adequate to present you my name my email you recognize a few of my personal information similar to that and it it lets you trail up with them so whether you arrange yourself with a funnel and the email autoresponder you recognize and verify the link down beneath actually you recognize you will get a discount you will get a free trial from a few of these email provider services the autoresponders just verify the link in-the description beneath you recognize you need to use Aweber and get response send Lane those are a pair that I personally you’ve used prior to a few of them are I still use and I do know I trust they’re remarkable email autoresponder services so verify the link in description beneath whether you do need any mail a subscription autoresponder service so with that said you recognize after getting their name of their email you possibly can trail up with them typically depending on the niche whether or not you're in-the MMO make money online niche or the health and fitness market or relationships right so you fought you primary you need to discover a niche that could be a evergreen niche so primary MMO make money online health and riches I'm sorry health riches and relationships those are the three so riches malicious make money online number two you recognize the health which is like health and fitness I'm dieting etc after which relationships those are typically the Evergreen issues that you simply'll will need to begin promoting and finding you finding products or services in those typical three three typical cat I might not recommend that you simply do any of those three whether you might be doing it simply to make money I might highly recommend you choose a distinct segment that you simply even have any compelling so you recognize whether you need to be in-the MMO or otherwise acronyms for make money online niche then just make certain that you simply're doing it for the proper reason doing it to help people obviously everybody desires to make money but with the MMO niche just make just master that it does take more effort and time with the make money online niche versus just like the health and relationship niche because generally you recognize more persons are looking for easy methods to shed extra pounds easy methods to lose stomach plump easy methods to get lean easy methods to get ripped easy methods to lose 5 pounds those are literally search terms which can be searched much more often and easy methods to make money online now to work from home etc so you'll need to sort of begin with those whether you even have an interest in figuring out whether you are interested in getting fit whether you workout each day you recognize and trust in maintaining a healthy diet perhaps you need to begin getting the the health niche whether you might be you recognize someone who likes to present advice on on relationships and you’re keen on talking to friends about you recognize who's dating who go ahead not it’s possible you’ll need to begin with the relationship niche just make certain like I said whatever niche you would like you choose just make certain that it is a distinct segment that you’ve got somewhat a of an interest in you recognize as a way to actually relate you recognize because whenever you begin driving traffic whether you determine to go the the free route the organic route whether or not it's making YouTube videos of this kind or you recognize Instagram whatever people can actually see whether or not you're you might be actually being real and so you recognize like that whether you might be simply in it since you need to make money within that niche but you haven’t any interest you haven’t any zero belief in that niche and other people can actually see that coming through the camera so identical to I said pick a distinct segment that you’ve got any interest in after which sort of running like I said the rationale people aren't being profitable with Philly marketing being profitable online is primary is their mindset and number two they simply haven't found the proper the niche because they're they're simply in it trying to make money reasonably than actually believing in that product service or market and so like I said those two things lonesome will help you you recognize skyrocket so far as actually generating leads people could see that you simply're slightly bit more genuine you recognize your belief system goes goes up once you begin seeing leads actually it eventually results in sales right and so those two things are our primary but then like I said I all the time recommend looking for something that's slightly little bit of lofty ticket so whatever it is with whether it's health riches or fitness relationships you recognize make certain that you simply find something that has slightly bit higher payouts you recognize I've seen a product that originally go for 40 50 60 % but as you're selling it you recognize initially in-the onset it's slightly bit lower but in-the back end has they're getting the you recognize the worth ladder added to those sales I've seen these lofty ticket products or services actually present you as much as 100% next the initial offer of so in-the back end you recognize they’re there's upsells and eventually you recognize you'll begin seeing those great commissions and that's what you actually need to search for is just something that you may know but actually gives you gives you those bigger commissions from those higher dollar sales and so whether that is your very initial time to my channel I hope that you simply gained some value from this video I hope that you recognize present me some comments as to what you concentrate on my fresh sort of my videos I like said I need to be slightly bit more raw slightly bit more vlog type of fashion but I need to be real with you guys and so you recognize drop me a comment beneath whether that is your initial time to my channel like I said make certain you smash the red sign up button hit the bell notification icon as a way to stay updated on all my newest videos and I’ll see you guys on the following video

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