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How To Make Money With AliExpress – English Tutorial – ePN Affiliate Program

Hi everyone If you are watching this video, then probably you already know about Aliexpress

In this video you will learn how you can make money with it or at least minimize the costs of the orders on Aliexpress To do this, we need to register in the affiliate program, the link is in the description box, and one of the allowed sources of traffic: a blog, a youtube channel, social network pages, targeted or banner ads, etc Here is how the homepage of EPN affiliate program looks like Depending on the offers it can vary In this video we'll talk about monetizing the traffic

In the next video I'll talk about EPN cashback, namely how to save up to 15% on any order for regular buyer You register in this program, covered simple links into affiliate links, place them in the sources of traffic and get money The most difficult part is to get users interested and send them to Aliexpress And a lot of bloggers are already doing this, for example, putting links in their reviews All they need to do to start making money is to register in the EPN program and convert simple links into affiliate ones


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Next I'll tell you how to do this and what issues may arise The first question you will have is how legal is this program and is there any deception? Everything is absolutely legal and there is no deception EPN directly cooperates with Aliexpress To avoid simple talking I'll show you an example I will search in YouTube "Aliexpress review" in Russian

All this reviewers have already joined this program and all these videos contain alipub affiliate links in the description, some may be hidden under googl or bitly You will not find any review in Russian without affiliate links, because all Russian-speaking reviewers already know how they can make easy money by simply putting links in their reviews

Do you think that this program would be so popular if it were illegal or with some kind of deception? Now let's search "Aliexpress review" in English In only one video out of 20 we can find an affiliate link Why is that? I can see a few reasons First: Aliexpress is not so popular outside of the Russian-speaking countries, and no one knows about this affiliate program The second reason is: when someone finds out about this program they don't trust it, they think that this is a fraud or it's not legal, think that with the help of this program they cannot earn much and simply afraid or doesn't even want to try it The last reason: you don't know how to take the first steps, how to create an affiliate link, etc

I hope after this video you will no longer have these issues and at least you will try this program Now I will show you how it works and how you'll get money All examples in this video I will show with a youtube channel, this traffic source is very similar to a blog and the social networks And probably the easiest way to start using this program, since now everyone has a profile on Facebook, Twitter, blog, or a channel on YouTube Here is a typical Aliexpress review on YouTube

Video with a review and the link to the product are in the description box All we need is to replace a simple link with an affiliate one or simply put the affiliate link if this video is new How to create such a link you will leatn later Let's say someone looked at your review and became interested in the product in the review, he clicks on the link in the description and gets to Aliexpress We'll consider two options when you will receive money for the users orders

The simplest: user liked the product from the link and he buys it When it happens you will receive a certain commission Pay attention to this: there are several cases when you don't receive a commission: a buyer has an adblock type extension, it stops the functioning of affiliate links; a buyer has a browser extension like Aliexpress helper, search by image or others, which may have nothing to do with Aliexpress, those extensions can steal your commission, they were created for this purpose; some mobile phones can also stop the functioning of affiliate links; the last case, a buyer used cashback or click someone else's affiliate link The order will be placed by clicking on the affiliate link now can be seen in your EPN statistics Here you can see what a user bought, price, how much you will receive and the status of the order

The second option is more complicated In addition to this product, a user wants to buy something else Or he didn't want to buy this product, but found something else For example, I remember that I need a protective glass on an iPhone I search to find the glass that I need

For example this one I buy it with the last products or separately, it doesn't matter You also get a commission for it Here is the order in the statistics That is, you receive money for all orders placed by user during the browsing session after clicking on your link and before closing the browser

How much commission do you get for each order? Depends on the product category and the country of a buyer You can see it in the table For example, after clicking your link a buyer from the US buys sneakers for $100, you will get 8 dollars 60 cents It's very important: a buyer doesn't overpay for this orders This commission is already included in the price of all products, Aliexpress pays you for the fact that you sent a buyer to them

Imagine you bought a product from the category of hair accessories and made a review of them You will receive 10% of the price after the purchase through your link That is, if you place an affiliate link to this product, for example, in Facebook and 10 of your friends or casual users will buy it, then it will be completely payed off If this month's confirmed orders surpassed 10 thousand dollars, you will receive an additional 05% commission next month

The price of the products is what counts and not the commission that you will receive Now I will tell you how much you can earn with this program In the beginning I will show you my statistics I don't have stable sources of traffic, so my income is not big and not stable But I'll still show it so you know that I'm not lying to you, and even without good sources of traffic you can earn something with this program

On the EPN website you have this graph where the general stats of the selected criteria are displayed I chose the daily statistics for the previous months The blue graph shows the number of the users who clicked on my links On average, this is about 200 people per day The blue bars show how much I earned each day, but this commission is still in process and will be available for withdrawal when buyers confirm reception of the order

On the green chart you can see the commission that's already available for withdrawal How much time do I need to process orders? I'll tell you later That is, the average earnings for this period are 10-15 dollars per day The lowest charts shows the number of orders after click on affiliate links, an average of 15 per day Now I'll show you the history of my payments

Before the recording of this video withdrawal could be made only twice a month: in the middle and at the end of the month, but now the rules have changed and all payments except the bank transfer are made almost immediately That is, two rows in this chart represent one month This chart shows that my income is not stable since I don't have stable sources of traffic But if you have stable sources, for example, a blog then your income will grow with each month, as you will increase the number of readers and reviews I will show it in the following example

By the way, I withdraw to the I ePayments wallet And now I'll show you the statistics where is the main source of traffic is a YouTube channel with 70,000 subscribers This is not my data, these screenshots and the description of them I found in the Internet This channel is about different gadgets from charges to mobile phones, reviews come out a couple times per week, which is quite often Here is a green graph in contrast to my stats it's a number of clicks on the links

The graph shows about 2,000 people a day click on the affiliate links Earnings per day is about 105 dollars The number of orders is poorly visible but approximately 50 to 100 On the screenshot of payments history immediately catches the eye the earnings growth for the last six months And for the last months five thousand dollars have been withdrawn

Most likely it's due to the growing popularity and number of subscribers on this YouTube channel Using these examples we can get to conclusion that your earnings are entirely up to you and your traffic sources, namely your audience, how many people will see your links, how much they will be interested in products in the links and so on You can have a million people in your audience and by just doing one review you can start making money Or you can have an audience of several thousand, but your reviews are awesome and you post them often In this case random people will find your reviews and follow the links, but due to the quantity and quality of reviews you can earn more than a person with a million audience

It's just that sometimes you have to put more effort and patience I hope you are still interested So now I'll show you how to register and take your first steps in the EPN affiliate program Click on the link in the description and go to the EPN main page You may need to change the language to English

Click registration and select the webmaster or click register as webmaster link Make sure that we got to the webmaster registration page and enter our information For example I will indicate false data If any promotional codes are available, I'll put them in the description for this video You can also register using Facebook

Press the registration button, we'll be asked to confirm the email, I will do it behind the scenes First of all you need to add all traffic sources where you will place affiliate links Go to the menu my traffic sources and then add traffic source We'll put the link to the traffic source, for example, a link to youtube channel Choose Aliexpress and the category of the source of traffic

For YouTube channel it's a video review Click the add traffic source button The traffic source was successfully added, but for now it's under review and has the status of review It takes up to one working day to approve the source, but you don't need to wait for its approval, you can already place affiliate links on it Don't forget to make sure that your sources are approved

If for some reason the approval is denied then find out the reason in the support section, perhaps you will need to add more information about your traffic source Now we can start creating affiliate links First I will show you the easiest way, but it's not very convenient and I don't use it Go to the Tools menu, then the affiliate link We need any Aliexpress link, it can be a store, specific product, an offer page and so on

Enter any name, put the link and create an affiliate link Here is the created link It can be shortened, press shorten Any of these links you can place in your sources of traffic This method is inconvenient because for every link a separate affiliate link will be created and by the time you will have hundreds of such links on the EPN website

Now I'll show you a more convenient way Go to the deep link menu Enter the name and any Aliexpress link, for example to the homepage Create a deep link We go to the created deep link and enter the targeted link to the products or store

You can also specify subid Subid is used as one of the filters for statistics Click get code, shorten and get affiliate links to the product we need The convenience of this method is that we can create any number of links through one deep link In this window you simply insert a new Aliexpress link, press you get code and get another affiliate link

For example you have three sources of traffic, you can create a deep link for each source and through these deep links create all your affiliate links It's a lot more convenient than creating hundreds of links as in the previous method Copy created affiliate link and return to the video on YouTube Imagine that this is a review of the product from the link, now you can add the created affiliate link in the description to the video or replace the simple link Let's say that someone will watch your video, follow the link in the description and buy something on Aliexpress

By the way you can buy from your own links, thus returning some of the money We return to the EPN website in the menu statistics transactions And in a few minutes you will see what someone bought after clicking on your affiliate link, the price and how much do you get Initially after placing orders, the money in your profile is processing, that is not available for withdrawal When will they be available for withdrawal? In the beginning, all the orders have status waiting

After confirmation of delivery by a buyer, which takes from one week to sixty days, the status changes to pending The check takes about 30 days, after that the status changes to completed and the money becomes available for withdrawal That is from the moment of placing the order to the moment of charging the commission for the main balance, a minimum of 30 days will pass So don't worry, you'll have to wait Now we have zero money for withdrawal and nineteen cents are processing

Go to the statistics general menu This is how the graph of a new user looks, since we just started using this program and it's almost empty Here you can see that someone made a few clicks and bought one product with a commission of 19 cents Affiliate links are still very convenient to create using a browser extension You install this extension, you will have an icon near the address bar

Enter your login and password, press the blue button Being on any page of Aliexpress you click on the icon, select one of your deep links, choose as you want to shorten the link and press the green button, after that you will receive an affiliate link the page where you are at the moment I'll show you a few more options on how to place affiliate links It can be a Facebook page like this, blogs with reviews like this Or a Twitter profile

Or such a banner, there is a special tool on the EPN website to create banners Or you can create something similar to an online store, but you don't sell anything All these products are affiliate links to Aliexpress To create such websites there are also special tools and products databases So there are so many options for placing affiliate links, choose any of them for yourself, but only if they don't break the rules of the eEPN program

Let's come back to the EPN website and see how to withdraw money Go to your profile and click Add wallet The minimum amount to withdraw is $10, each wallet has a certain commission for withdrawal In the beginning I was withdrawing money to webmoney wallet and to visa credit card But now I use only ePayments, since there is a minimum commission

First you withdraw money with no commission to ePayments and then to any credit card with a commission of 3% Or get an ePayments credit card Enter the wallet info and add it You will receive a confirmation email on adding a payment method After the confirmation you will get access to request the payment button, where you just choose the wallet and the amount of the payment

Before, payments are available only twice a month but now they are available almost immediately Finally, I want to talk about frequently asked questions and the rules of the EPN affiliate program Here you will find brief instructions on how to use the EPN program how to use the tools, statistics, and how to withdraw money The reasons why the order may not be counted

And the answers to the most frequently asked questions In the rules you will learn the principles of the affiliate program, requirements for traffic sources and so on You should get to know those menus to avoid embarrassing situations, since the majority of those situations arise because of your fault and not because of EPN Let's sum up In this video I briefly talked about the EPN affiliate program, how to use this program to make money and how to take the first steps in this program

I hope I gave enough arguments to promote the desire to at least try this program To keep this video not so long, I didn't talk a lot about the browser extension, about how you can filter statistics and other tools But if this video will gain popularity then I will definitely make a continuation and also make videos about similar programs for other online stores, online and mobile games, etc In the meantime, if you have any questions – ask them in the comment section below And of course share this video with your friends

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