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How To Make Money With BITCOIN & Affiliate Marketing | Work from home passive income!

going on everybody k-dubb here Kyle okay um okay a lot of people ask me how did you get involved in affiliate marketing alright the truth is I didn't start with affiliate marketing I want to show you something in here okay check this out you see these down here these are my records that I sell online 1 bitcoin a day, 1 bitcoin earn every 30 minutes making now, 1 bitcoin every day, 1 bitcoin free, 1 bitcoin free in 3 days, 1 bitcoin per day, 1 bitcoin per day 2017, 1 bitcoin per day roll script, 1 bitcoin per month, 1 bitcoin value, 2 bitcoin per month, 3 bitcoin earn daily, 3 bitcoin earn per month, 3 bitcoin earn with no work, 3 bitcoin per month, 5 bitcoin free, 5 bitcoins, some of them range anywhere from $25 to I've sold records for seven hundred and twenty-five dollars I also sell posters like prints you know if you guys ever heard of companies like mondo or death waltz so that was my thing for a while guys that was my big thing so then you know after that I kind of was like well I see a lot of people online they're doing like drop shipping which is basically where you sell basic Shopify you sell stuff online that you don't actually have and you basically you get it from somebody for like three bucks 5 bitcoins y nada mas, 6 bitcoin in 50 days with usi tech, 7000 bitcoin, 777 bitcoin como usar, a bitcoin civil war, adam g bitcoin, airbit y bitcoin, avalon 6 bitcoin miner, bbva y bitcoin, bitcoin, bitcoin $100 000, bitcoin 0 confirmations, bitcoin 0001 investment, bitcoin 0

01, bitcoin 1 million dollars, bitcoin 1-9-90, bitcoin 1000, bitcoin 10000, bitcoin 10000 dollars, bitcoin 100k, bitcoin 101, bitcoin 101 blackboard series, bitcoin 148, bitcoin 1800, bitcoin 1900, bitcoin 2000, they sell it for five bucks you can keep the profit right and all you basically do is just link the two people together and that's it you made a profit um yeah so that was pretty much what kind of got me involved in online marketing I found a couple of sound a couple different companies that I got I got involved with a while ago and uh yeah you know they were like what I don't know if some of these companies they just think the it literally is like a pyramid and they just want so much money you know what I mean it's crazy like for the average Joe to get involved and it really is like the guy at the top gets richer and the guy at the bottom just goes broke and you know I saw through the bullshit I'll like fuck this you know like I'm not doing this shit and that's when I found um you know well my mom I my first foot really in the door was with it was with MCA okay MCA Motor Club of America freaking awesome they're the best affiliate program to get involved with if you've never done affiliate marketing before hands down the best arm keeps $20 a month okay and with just one sale you make $80 I don't even know why people like like I can't people that literally bitcoin 1800, bitcoin 1900, bitcoin 2000, bitcoin 2009, bitcoin 2010, bitcoin 2011, bitcoin 2014, bitcoin 2016, bitcoin 2017, bitcoin 2018, bitcoin 2018 prediction, bitcoin 2020, bitcoin 30 jours, bitcoin 300, bitcoin 3000, bitcoin 3000 party, bitcoin 31 may 2017, bitcoin 360, bitcoin 360 club, bitcoin 365 club, bitcoin 3d, bitcoin 3k, bitcoin 4 backpage, bitcoin 4 passive, bitcoin 4 you, bitcoin 4000, bitcoin 40000, bitcoin 48, bitcoin 4k, bitcoin 4u hindi, bitcoin 4u review, bitcoin 5 million, bitcoin 5 min, bitcoin 5 minutes, bitcoin 500, bitcoin 500 000, bitcoin 5000, bitcoin 50000, bitcoin 500k, bitcoin 51, bitcoin 51 attack explained, bitcoin 6 gpu rig, bitcoin 6 per day, bitcoin 6/26, bitcoin 60 minutes, bitcoin 600, bitcoin 6000, bitcoin 60000, bitcoin 666, I'm sorry just excuse me for like how frustrated I am right now but they fucking pissed me off it's like oh is this a scam like bro it's fucking $20 it's fucking $20 bro like if you don't have $20 I don't know man go get another job like I would take a gamble for 20 bucks to lose it if something didn't work you know I'm saying like I mean obviously these people have a completely different mentality me I've lost thousands of dollars but I don't care because I've made thousands back all right but what I wanted to talk about sorry we get a little heated here was I recently got involved with cryptocurrency you know you got you guys may have heard of Bitcoin or stuff like that me I'm now listen I'm not claiming to be a seasoned veteran expert trader but I will tell you this I have learned a lot since I bitcoin 7 daily, bitcoin 7 eleven, bitcoin 7 news, bitcoin 7 years, bitcoin 70000, bitcoin 711, bitcoin 777, bitcoin 8 gpu, bitcoin 8nv, bitcoin 94fbr, bitcoin 99, bitcoin 999, bitcoin 9arm, bitcoin account, bitcoin adder, bitcoin address, bitcoin analysis, bitcoin and coffee, bitcoin and taxes, bitcoin android, bitcoin antena 3, bitcoin app, bitcoin arbitrage, bitcoin atm, bitcoin bangla, bitcoin baron, bitcoin basics, bitcoin beginner, bitcoin best b, bitcoin best b#$*h, bitcoin bill gates, bitcoin blockchain, bitcoin bot, bitcoin bubble, bitcoin business, bitcoin buying, bitcoin c'est quoi, bitcoin calculator, bitcoin casino, bitcoin central got involved and I found some pretty good places to put my money in and I highly suggest if any of you are interested in the future of digital currency because guys I hate to tell it to you like this but the dollar is uh it's collapsing man I mean it's it's it's crazy we're printing money way too fast the interest rates and the attack I mean taxes guys did have you seen the taxes lately like Jesus people are losing their homes left and right I mean you know luckily I got this over here but yeah I don't know the way things are going and yeah it's just crazy so I found these really awesome investment platforms and some pretty cool coins that you guys can invest in they're working for me I actually invested in one about a week ago and I'm already up double what I put in but I just tested it I'm not going to throw thousands of dollars into into an investment of it you know that's stupid you don't want to bitcoin china, bitcoin cloud mining, bitcoin cnbc, bitcoin coinbase, bitcoin compra e venda, bitcoin conspiracy, bitcoin crash, bitcoin creator, bitcoin day trading strategies, bitcoin desktop wallet, bitcoin dessine moi l'éco, bitcoin dice, bitcoin dice trick, bitcoin documentary, bitcoin documentary by discovery channel, bitcoin donald trump, bitcoin doubler 2017, bitcoin down, bitcoin drop, bitcoin e, bitcoin e confiavel, bitcoin e dinheiro, bitcoin earn, bitcoin earn bangla, bitcoin earn money, bitcoin earning apps, bitcoin earning sites, bitcoin en español, bitcoin ethereum, bitcoin exchange rate, bitcoin explained, bitcoin explained 2017, bitcoin facil e rapido, bitcoin farm china, bitcoin faucet, bitcoin for beginners, bitcoin for dummies, bitcoin fork, bitcoin fork explained, bitcoin founder, bitcoin free, bitcoin funding team, bitcoin future, bitcoin games, put all your eggs in one basket but I put I put $1,000 in and now I'm sitting roughly over two grand so I've actually more than doubled my investment and what's crazy is that the market is actually having a really tough time right now which is actually great so if you guys were ever thinking about getting involved in cryptocurrency now is the time to get involved because the prices are freaking dirt cheap guys they're so cheap like Bitcoin dropped I bitcoin generator, bitcoin generator hack, bitcoin generator software, bitcoin getting started, bitcoin girl, bitcoin gold, bitcoin gospel, bitcoin gratis, bitcoin guide, bitcoin hack, bitcoin hack script, bitcoin hacker, bitcoin halving, bitcoin hard fork, bitcoin hardware wallet, bitcoin hindi, bitcoin how cryptocurrencies work, bitcoin how to, bitcoin hyip, bitcoin iceland, bitcoin illuminati, bitcoin in 5 minutes, bitcoin in bangladesh, bitcoin in urdu, bitcoin india, bitcoin interview, bitcoin introduction, bitcoin investment, bitcoin investors, bitcoin ira, bitcoin jackpot, bitcoin jake and amir, bitcoin james d'angelo, bitcoin japan, bitcoin jesus, bitcoin jobs, bitcoin john oliver, bitcoin july 2017, bitcoin june, bitcoin june 14, bitcoin june 2017, think like twelve hundred dollars because the market crash now I know that you're making out about that you're like Olmec but guys what happens with all markets that crash the housing market remember the stock market crashes you got guys jumping off of buildings right there they're freaking out they lost all their money well the cool thing is that it's going to go back up and and the other cool thing is that you know that only 1% of the world is using crypto currencies right now you know Bitcoin aetherium litecoin – Manero there's only 1% of our population of the whole world using it right now do you know how much room that leaves for growth I mean guys that's insane 1% right what are this other 7 billion people in the world what's 1% of 7 billion I mean not was that like seven bitcoin kaise transfer kare apne bank account main, bitcoin keys, bitcoin khan academy, bitcoin khmer, bitcoin king, bitcoin kiosk, bitcoin knots, bitcoin knowledge podcast, bitcoin korea, bitcoin kya h, bitcoin kya hai, bitcoin latest news, bitcoin lecture, bitcoin lending, bitcoin lightning network, bitcoin linux, bitcoin litecoin, bitcoin live, bitcoin live stream, bitcoin loan, bitcoin lottery, bitcoin m, bitcoin machine, bitcoin meister, bitcoin miner, bitcoin mining, bitcoin mining 24/7, bitcoin mining china, bitcoin mining farm, bitcoin mining rig, bitcoin mining setup, bitcoin mining software, bitcoin mining tutorial, bitcoin money, bitcoin n, bitcoin nedir, bitcoin nepal, bitcoin nerdgasm, bitcoin new money, bitcoin new york, bitcoin news, bitcoin news bangladesh, bitcoin news show, bitcoin node, bitcoin nwo, bitcoin obituaries, thousand there's only 72 70 thousand seven hundred I don't know I can't do math I don't claim to be good at math but yeah it's not a lot of people and we're getting thousands of people coming into the cryptocurrency space every day so even a bad investment you know quote unquote bad investment it's a good investment because you know the people that make the money are the people that get in early it's that simple so you want to get in early and now's the time I mean the prices are so low right now yeah you guys think about the people I think about back windows you know you have the tech boom and all that right I mean imagine back when people are like the internet really we're going to send things through email yeah right people are going to come together on these virtual communities and sure you're going to you're going to order a pizza online yeah ok like that'll ever happen right well look man look what we got going on right now right what the hell am i doing I'm freaking I'll make it an HD video with my phone right now and this isn't even the good camera you know I mean like this is like not even my best camera that I have and like what I'm doing is crazy right and I'm talking to you on YouTube I mean you guys are does anybody remember back when we had a the with anybody around for like LimeWire and all those they like put the Napster days I was I would literally start downloading a movie or like a song on like Monday and come back like just in time to watch it Saturday night I mean that's how slow the connections were now I'm streaming videos on my phone like via YouTube in 4k as insane right um so yeah guys if you don't understand the technology I get a lot of people like freaking out about digital currency like put it's not real where is it I can't touch it well guess what guys you can't touch most your money anyway because most your money is in the bank and I know in America you know try try taking more than like $10,000 cash out of your bank like you know what I'm saying you got to go through all this bitcoin official, bitcoin official website, bitcoin on steam, bitcoin one world currency, bitcoin online, bitcoin open account, bitcoin opportunities, bitcoin options, bitcoin options trading, bitcoin paper wallet coinbase, bitcoin plus, bitcoin podcast, bitcoin ponzi, bitcoin ponzi scheme, bitcoin pools, bitcoin price, bitcoin private key, bitcoin profit, bitcoin projections, bitcoin q u0026a, bitcoin q&a, bitcoin qr code, bitcoin qt, bitcoin quantum, bitcoin quantum computer, bitcoin que es, bitcoin que es y como funciona, bitcoin questions, bitcoin quien lo creo, bitcoin randy, bitcoin rap, bitcoin rapper, bitcoin rate, bitcoin report, bitcoin report bangladesh, bitcoin rich, bitcoin rig, bitcoin rival, bitcoin robot, bitcoin scaling, bitcoin scishow, bitcoin script, bitcoin security, bitcoin segwit, bitcoin setup, bitcoin software, bitcoin song, bitcoin split, bitcoin stock market, bitcoin tapper 2, bitcoin taxes, bitcoin technical analysis, bitcoin ted talk, bitcoin tips, bitcoin to bkash bangla, bitcoin to usd, bitcoin today, bitcoin top 5 la ky, bitcoin trading, bitcoin transaction, bitcoin trick, crap and it's like you know and then if you ever get caught with the cash forget about it they're gonna ask you where you got it from if you can't explain where you got it from then they're gonna basically say you owe us taxes on it since you can't explain where it came from or you're right I mean so basically we're used to dealing with digital money anyway I mean you know banks only have to have 10% of what they're actually lending out to you so I mean you know you're getting lent money that is technically not even there anyway and you're paying interest that can't actually be paid because it doesn't actually exist because from the moment that dollar bill actually physically comes out of you know being printed at the Federal Reserve it's already you know there's already debt on it you'd like like you know you print a dollar now we owe them a dollar three then the banks oh it's just it's just God it's ridiculous it's a crazy system so the cool thing about decentralized cryptocurrency is that there's nobody in control nobody can shut them down there's no central office you know trust me if there was a central office at this point I think they would have definitely been raided and shut down by somebody you know the FBI or the government of some source would it definitely I don't kidnapped everybody put them in jail or just shot them at this point like because you know the truth is is people are taking their money out of banks and they're putting it into things maybe like gold and silver but also into these digital currencies and you know it's freaking a lot of people out but it's also really empowering and it's uh it's definitely creating a lot of freedom and it really shows you the the power of the people essentially I mean because you know you're looking at Bitcoin which is something that is like I said it's decentralized nobody owns it it's an open source code right and the crazy thing is with Bitcoin you don't even have to actually physically have a wallet which is where you store you know a digital wallet they call them now I have a hardware wallet where you know you physically put the bitcoins on it a let's call actually mine is a ledger nano which you guys should definitely get if you get involved but I mean they have things like they call them paper wallets right but you know what they are you're basically just storing bitcoins bitcoin uasf, bitcoin unconfirmed transaction, bitcoin under the hood, bitcoin unlimited, bitcoin update, bitcoin urdu, bitcoin usa, bitcoin usb, bitcoin usd, bitcoin uses, bitcoin value, bitcoin value explained, bitcoin vault, bitcoin venezuela, bitcoin video, bitcoin vietnam, bitcoin visa, bitcoin vox, bitcoin vs, bitcoin vs gold, bitcoin wallet, bitcoin wallet 2017, bitcoin wallet address, bitcoin warehouse, bitcoin warning, bitcoin will crash, bitcoin withdraw, bitcoin works, bitcoin world, bitcoin worth, bitcoin x doubler, bitcoin x100, bitcoin x100 doubler, bitcoin x2, bitcoin x2 review, bitcoin x2exe, bitcoin xanax, bitcoin xapo, bitcoin xrp, bitcoin xt, bitcoin y airbit club, bitcoin y criptomonedas, bitcoin y el dinero magico, bitcoin y la historia del dinero, bitcoin y los bancos, bitcoin yatırım, bitcoin yes or no, bitcoin yoda, bitcoin youtube, bitcoin youtube 2016, bitcoin youtube 2017, bitcoin youtube explained, bitcoin zarada, bitcoin zarfund, bitcoin zcash, bitcoin zebpay, in your mind because you have a 24 word sequence of words that only you know you don't write it down you can write it down that's why they call it a paper wallet but you just memorize these 24 words and basically you could have a million bitcoins and if they're distorting your mind it's crazy guys that's crazy and yeah guys the market is down right now so this is when you need to get in I know that you're like probably second guessing yourself but you're going to watch this video in a year from now a couple months even a couple months from now and you're gonna be like Jesus man and Kyle was saying to get in he was telling me to buy Bitcoin he was telling me to get involved now and I didn't listen to him and I could have I mean there's coins out there that are going for less than a penny you know good ones that are up-and-coming you know these these projects that these people are working on all different types of technology I'm not going to give them all the way right now because there's so many but there's one particularly that I got my that I got my eye on right now it's literally going for a 1/5 of a penny okay and I've been watching this company grow do you know for $1000 $1000 investment right on 1/5 of a penny you know how many coins that get you now coins are basically like stock okay it's just what they call it you know in the market you buy stock okay in cryptocurrency you buy coins coins stock stock coins basically same thing for people beginning if you're confused so for $1000 at less than 2 cents okay you're talking 500 thousand coins for $1,000 500 thousand coins okay can you imagine Bitcoin was at three thousand dollars not too long ago can you imagine if that coin ever went up to just one dollar one dollar you have 500,000 of them okay you bought it for $1,000 you have 500 and next year two years from now they're worth $1 and guys that is $1 is such an achievable number in the cryptocurrency game I've watched coins go 5000 percent overnight I mean where are you seeing that in any other market you know yeah it's volatile be careful you know watch where you put your money don't put all your eggs in one basket yes but guys this thing is making millionaires overnight so if you guys are looking to get involved in a really awesome new wild wild west of crazy possibilities I mean this chance this is only going to happen once this is it you know you had the tech bubble you had you had the calm you know era and then that was it right you know this is the time right now as we speak so I left the link down there in my description where you can go to this company called coinbase ok and it's an affiliate link guys you know I'm all about affiliate links right so when you sign up using my link and you buy over a hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin well guess what you're going to get $10 and I'm going to get $10 and on top of that for joining you can give that link to somebody else and if they buy more than 100 dollars worth of crypto Bitcoin whatever you get on you get $10 and they get $10 it's a win-win which is really awesome that they offer them so I highly suggest that you guys get involved if you need help with certain coins or good strategies good suggestions for where you should put your money let me know I'll give you very I can listen I can't promise anything I'm not a financial adviser but I can give you some safer ones okay yes there's risky ones out there and yes I have lost money okay it's just all part of the game but yeah guys just hit me up let's get involved the cryptocurrency market is booming right now I mean they did just have a crash but it had to do with a very very technical issue going on right now it was the user activated fork which we don't have to get into right now if you don't know what that is it's fine hey you know it's nothing to freak out about in fact it's something that's actually going to make the technology better okay so it's actually a good thing that the market pulled back a little bit okay so it's a good thing but that being said you want to buy low and you want to sell high and now it is the lowest it has been this is the lowest that it's been guys literally if you were ever going to do this if you were ever going to get involved now is the time to do it because these prices were twice as high just a month ago and they're I mean they're dirt cheap right now you're talking about thousand dollars today could make you I mean and I'm not even like saying this to hype shit up okay if dollars today invested in the right places is going to make you a millionaire I'm going to be a millionaire guys I'm telling you right now I'm me and and many of my friends are going to be millionaires to hands down because these coins are going to explode again so you got to get involved linked arms with me if you want I have this really awesome program USA i tec that i use it's an investment program for Bitcoin and it um it basically works a lot like future ad pro the same concept where you know well I but it's but it's a lot higher percentage though whereas future ads only 120 percent this is a one hundred and forty percent return on investment um I think it takes about four months to go through a full cycle but who cares one hundred and forty percent I mean if I told you right now that you give me a hundred bucks I guarantee you one hundred and forty dollars when you know when it's done would you do it and that's I mean that's small I know the more you put in the bitcoin zebra, bitcoin zebra sign up, bitcoin zee news, bitcoin zimbabwe, bitcoin zone, bitcoin zukunft, bitcoin4u, bitcoins brain, como funciona o bitcoin, como minerar bitcoin e litecoin, como surgiu o bitcoin, como usar o bitcoin, cosa e bitcoin, cuidado com o bitcoin, d'angelo bitcoin, e money bitcoin, e-dinar bitcoin, earn 013 bitcoin, earn 013 bitcoin per hour, earn 05 bitcoin daily, earn 0

5 bitcoin everyday, entendendo o bitcoin, five 2 bitcoin, free bitcoin 002 btc, free bitcoin 2 btc/day, gana dolares y bitcoins, gana satoshis a bitcoin, gtx 960 bitcoin mining, gtx 970 bitcoin mining, gtx 980 bitcoin mining, i bitcoin in inr, inwestowanie w bitcoin, leonardo vera s bitcoin, liberty x bitcoin, make 005 bitcoin free, o que e bitcoin, o que sao bitcoins, obama y bitcoin, objeciones de bitcoin y airbit club, palych 611 bitcoin, paypal y bitcoin, q es bitcoin, q es el bitcoin, q son los bitcoins, quanto vale o bitcoin, quem criou o bitcoin, quem inventou o bitcoin, raspberry pi 3 bitcoin, reportagem sobre o bitcoin, tedx bitcoin, that guy t bitcoin, titan x bitcoin, traffic 2 bitcoin, w raja bitcoin, what is bitcoin, wyplata bitcoin z bankomatu, x bitcoin generator, x bitcoin generator net, zib 2 bitcoin more you get back yes you can recruit people if you want no you don't have to the platform works completely fine passively in fact I've been using it passively for quite a while now I only just recently started recruiting people I only have like 14 people on my team and I didn't really do any advertising for it so um I might start heavily promoting it soon but for me right now I'm just enjoying the passive income and I've really just been investing in a lot of these coins and you know some of them have not done so well others have done very well okay so like I said I have a little I have some fun not a little I have a pretty decent amount of knowledge right now about what you guys should be putting your money into what are the safer coins what are the riskier coins and the key is to act now because right now the prices are low I mean this is a sale you're not going to see prices like this come August 1st I'm telling you the prices are going back up telling you guys please listen to me the prices are going to shoot through the roof okay they're going to go to the moon so just get involved right now like I said click the link below put a hundred dollars in you're going to get ten dollars for free you don't have to put a hundred dollars in you can put ten five dollars in I don't care just get involved put something into Bitcoin try trading on a platform you know get involved in cryptocurrency right now guys because this is the time to get involved in and I feel really sorry for anybody watching this video okay even a couple months from now I feel sorry because guys it's the time so get involved and let's all become millionaires together so click the link below get some free coins I'll leave you the link for us I check my sales funnels completely duplicatable you know whatever is my funnel is your funnel I don't charge fees for funnels or or for you know systems or anything like that and if I do it's only because they're third-party like for example Motor Club of America they have a forty seven dollar a month fee and I think it's just to keep the website up and hosted and all that other stuff so that I can't do anything about that but you know any any of my funnels my systems totally free okay but you know like anything in life guys you know I got a lot of people that come to me and they want everything for free they just want it for free you know guys you can't get into a business and work for free you know it's like you can't you know I'm saying like you've got it invest in yourself this is these are businesses guys these are investments okay you're grown adults here every business every brick-and-mortar business even every tech business you got to buy your computers you got to buy your bandwidth you got to buy your whatever it is that you do your trucks your equipment your your your office supplies your pay okay there's always an investment okay no matter what you know I don't know where the scam is in investing in yourself because you know an investment on yourself in yourself pays the most return okay invest in yourself invest in your future invest in knowledge that's going to help you you know stop buying crap that you don't need I mean guys I I started selling all my stuff I really did like I went through my house and I just started selling things on ebay like these old books these old knickknacks or records or posters and I just started getting rid of them all the crap that I just don't need you know what I mean and I started investing in myself I started investing in my my future and a student as soon as I started doing that everything changed everything changed invest in yourself and right now I am telling you the hottest I don't I don't want to call this a trend because this is the future man this is the future but the hottest thing right now is cryptocurrency you got to get involved right now do not miss out on this opportunity you are going to regret this okay as a friend I'm telling you this guy's as a friend I'm not pitching you any offer in fact I'm telling you sign up with my linking coin base you're going to get $10 I'm going to get $10 I love you you're welcome okay so link up with me let's get going and let's become future millionaires yeah oh and I forgot if you guys like this what I've talked about please like this video um leave a comment because the more interact I mean if you didn't like it leave a thumbs down it don't matter to me the more interactions you do the better it is for this video to get out there so more people can see it these are all strategies I'll help you guys I'll teach you guys how to do this you know I got time if you got time and I'll be serious if you're serious if you go all in I'll go in all in that's how I work okay you you give a shit about what you're doing you show me that you're serious you know what I'm saying check the link below I got my phone number there I got my facebook there I got my Instagram there I got my Twitter there although I don't really use my Twitter but just get in contact with me shoot me a text shoot me um a DM whatever guys leave a comment and I'll get back to you I will answer you okay so I'll see you on the other side guys I can't wait to can't wait to be sipping some fruity beverages on our I don't know yachts or something I don't know I I got I don't know whatever the hell you want to do but guys get involved millionaire lifestyle cryptocurrency you heard it here first I'm out

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