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How to Make No Solder Bangles Part 2 | Jewelry 101

hey guys it's Susan and I made a video for you all on how to make no solder bangles and everyone loved it and asked me to expand upon that theme so I'm going to teach you how to make more different no solder bangles so I've already taught you guys how to make easy no solder bangles using a crimp bead but now I want to teach you a few different ways how to do it with some wire and some hooks and loops and also with some really cool gemstone nuggets and if you love this video don't forget to ring that bell so you could be notified any time a new video comes out all right to do this project we're gonna need a few metalworking tools today so kind of pay attention I've got a lot of stuff here that I want to go over with you first of all we're gonna start with our basics we are going to be using a chain nose plier I'll probably use a couple of them at different times today and a round nose plier this one's called an AK you loop it has some markings on it that marked my different millimeter sizes of loops so that I can remember what I did at two three four all the way up to eight millimeter and I'll be using a basic flush cutter to cut my wire and also a hole punch to make one of these bangles and then we're going to have a chasing hammer and we'll have a flat file and a wire rounder and then we will also have a bench block because I'll be hammering on that baby and finally I'm gonna make oval shaped bangles today because I like the way they fit on my wrist and so we're going to use an oval shaped bracelet mandrel alright so first I want to make something real simple for you okay I want to make just a real simple no solder bangle this is really super simple but it's kind of sleek looking and it's one of my favorites to wear it just has a little hook and eye closure but it doesn't come back open alright it's actually closed I hammered that down so it's closed like that and I wear it with my bangle stack all the time and I made it an oval shape so it fits real nicely on your wrist so to do that you're gonna start with some 12 gauge wire and if you guys have ever worked with 12-gauge wire but that is some thick wire to work with it's um it's time trying to think let's see if 14 gauge is one place I believe this is right a little over two millimeters thick so it's a thick wire and what we're gonna do is we're gonna actually make that hook and eye closure on either end first and then we're gonna pull it together and then we're going to hammer it on our commander so let's grab my bench block right there and I am going to use this wire rounder here that's this little Kupfer right here it's portable and it's battery-operated so it's really great for if you're traveling to round off the end of this wire a little bit now I'm just gonna hammer this out into a paddle and see how it didn't I cut it rounded it but it's still not as round as I want so I'm going to use my flat file to round this out because this is gonna be the hook that hooks my bangle together alright so I'm trying to get that into a nice little round shape and you can see what we're doing right now is making that little piece right there so I'm just gonna take my pliers and pull that into and then on the other end and I've cut I don't think I told you but I did cut nine inches of this 12-gauge wire to start with to make this bangle and that's gonna give you a nice medium sized bangle if you want to make it a little bit bigger usually I go bigger by the quarter inch so this will make medium sized if you're trying to make a larger size like like a size large go nine and a quarter if you're trying to go a little smaller like a size small go down by a quarter inch like I said to eight and three-quarters and then I'm gonna do on this side is I'm gonna make myself a loop it looks like that and so I'm gonna bend this back a little ways and then I'm going to bring that into a loop it's just like so all right so now I'm gonna hammer this out like so and just close em up all right so now I need to form the shape of the bangle so I'm gonna put it on to my mandrel and wrap it around just like so so I have kind of an oval it's just a basic oval shape there and you see that kind of got just a little bit wonky but that's okay because we can just turn this cuz it's metal and it's easy to turn and we're gonna have to hammer it out again anyway so let's just gotta get that into that little circle like so and then you're gonna take this and pull it down to finish that off then that's kind of semi finished off right and semi formed and so now I'm going to put it on to my mandrel and I'm going to hammer it out so it has a nice oval shape goes right now it's all just kind of like messy I'm going to put it on to the mandrel I'm going to first hammer down that's hot and then I'm gonna go around the bank oh and you just want to kind of look at it and make sure that that little loop that you made is Center it off like so and then you see let me take this one off so cute those look all right so that's one way and now let me show you how to do it where you're adding a gemstone so I have some cute little nuggets here you can add any nugget gemstone you want to you can even add a nugget that's not a gemstone I've done it with blue opal I've done it with emerald which is kind of cool there's Dakota emeralds and I've really been excited about doing it lately with this peach colored moon stone and that is a gray colored Minh stone so I'm going to use that gray moon stone today so to do this type of a bangle you don't need quite as much wire you need seven and a half inches because we actually bend it and then hole punch it on either side so let me wire around my end of my wire first all right so now we make a paddle I'm being pretty aggressive because I've got to make this paddle wide enough to hold punch with a 12 5 millimeter hole punch so I'm going to then take my hole punch and punch it in the middle this is something you want to be real careful with because you definitely don't want a hole punch to the edge of your paddle because then you start over but then you get to do more hammering so I mean that's always fun all right let me get my little hole punch out of there it's kind of a little bit stuck there we go so there's my hole on that side this one actually looks looks pretty good too so I'm gonna leave it it's mostly I just want to feel we're gonna cover that up so it doesn't have to be perfect I want it to be smooth so I'm just going to punch this other end I'm just being a little bit careful and make sure that I do not punch through the edge of my wire boom there we go okay so now once again we're gonna grab this mandrel and we're going to wrap this wire around it I'm gonna start from the bottom this time and pull up and around you want to try to Center it up pretty well but it doesn't have to be totally perfect at this point because we're gonna hammer this in just a second so you can see how you've kind of gotten it started with an oval and I'm gonna then use my chain nose plier to make sure these are all going the right direction so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna wrap my nugget in there and then I will hammer out my bracelet so I'm going to use some 22 gauge wire to do this next step so I'm gonna pull about two feet of water I'm gonna go through that little hole on one side and put about half the wire over there and Bend that and then I'm just gonna wrap a couple times to get it started so that that's tight and then I'm going to take my moonstone nugget that I like my light gray nugget there and I'm gonna pop that on there this one's gonna be super cute I really like this these guys these are multiplying on my desk right now I keep I keep making these I keep finding different nuggets that I can use to make these and they're so cute I can't stand it I've got kind of a pink I've got a blue I just got some mermaid lesson now I've decided I should do in a glass I don't know it's just it's one of those things that you just you know you start doing it you can't stop so and they're really I mean this is easy it's seriously pounding wire and then punching a hole that's easy all right so now you just want to get this tight so I'm pulling push that all the way up there and then I'm gonna pull this down through all right I'm gonna pull that down through there I want to get it super super tight there we go nice and tight and once you get it as tight as you want then go ahead and wrap a couple times on this side to get that to get that finished off and now I'm going to just basically just make a really really kind of messy wrap on the side here so I'm just going to start wrapping and wrapping and wrapping and I'm going to use every single bit of this wire to finish this off just kind of keep wrapping and wrap in and then I'm going to press this last a little bit of wire in underneath try to between a couple of the other pieces of wire like so so that's one side and then you're just gonna do the exact same thing on the other side so just start wrapping don't you try to make it about the same it doesn't have to be it doesn't have to be exactly the same and of course it can't be because this is a messy rap but just try to make it about the same size and length if you can so then I'm going to come up once again closer to that bead kind of tighten everything up so that guys tight in the center so just take your chain nose and squash it and see what kind of pushes in between those other wires and there is the bangle and then I'm kind of kind of wanna straighten it up just a little bit so I'm gonna put it on to first on my bench block and see how it felt like a little almost a curve and a wire there I'm just gonna use my chasing hammer to get rid of that get rid of that and then I'm gonna put it on to my mandrel and shape it up a little bit and you can put some texture in it if you want to and this this will automatically put texture in it you won't be able to help it a little bit of texture and you don't have to put a lot in shape it up a little bit so it has a real nice oval shape like so so I hope you like learning how to make some more easy no solder bangles I thought it was lots of fun and I really enjoy mine I love to wear bangles and I hope you do too don't forget some of the tools and supplies you're going to need to do this project some basic tools chain nose plier and also a flush cutter we also used a bench block and a chasing hammer to kind of shape things up and also a flat file and a wire rounder we used our 1

25 millimeter hole punch you can use a 15 18 could be a little more complicated but you can use a little bit larger hole punch and then we used our Acula plier and finally we used an oval shape bracelet mandrel and then as far as supplies are concerned you're going to use some 12 gauge wire to make the bangles I did embellish using some 22 gauge wire and also I use gemstone nuggets to put in the Centers of those bracelets which is lots of fun thanks so much for watching if you guys would like to pick up some supplies like the ones we work with today check out the links down below would you keep your bangle simple or would you add a nugget let me know in the comments don't forget to Like and subscribe and ring that bell and we'll see you again next time

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