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How To Make Pan Seared T-Bone Steak – Keto Diet Friendly

Tender, juicy, perfectly cooked t-bone steak in a cast-iron skillet; with butter, rosemary, and thyme In this video we're going to show you how to make this steak! So we're starting out with approximately a pound and a half t-bone steak here and we're going to season with Lawry's Season salt and Lawry's Garlic salt

We're just gonna get a nice even uniform coat on here kind of Pat this in real nice we're gonna put the seasoning on we're gonna let the steak set for about 15 or 20 minutes let that seasoning soak in a little bit You can wait a little longer or you can put in the pan right away It's kind of personal preference, but I like to let it sit soak in a little and it really gives a good flavor to the meat a lot of it in the pan since we're basting it the reason I let it set is because the meat will soak in a little more otherwise if we just throw it in and we baste it with butter you're gonna basically wash all your seasoning off although it's going to get in the butter and you're gonna keep covering it back up so there we are I'm gonna let that set like I said 15-20 minutes we put it in the pan we're also gonna be cooking with thyme and rosemary That adds some brilliant aroma and flavor along with the steak OK, these steaks have been marinating for about 15-20 minutes, You see how that's got that real nice wet look and the seasoning is soaked in pretty good? That's why we let it set because we want that seasoning to permeate the meat real nice

So I'm preheating the pan right now I'm about to get them right in there OK, we got the pan nice and warm we're gonna go ahead you get a little olive oil in here OK, now we know the pan is heated up right because you can see the smoke start there so we're gonna go ahead and get the steak in and we're gonna start nearest to us and lay it away from us because we don't get splattered Look at that sizzle That steak is sizzling now so we want to get some of our butter in there

All right now is that our butter is melted down a little bit we're going to go ahead and sprinkle a little thyme and rosemary in there all right it's about ready to flip left give it a good one more baste before we flip it You do this about every couple minutes on both sides Oh yeah, look at that nice sear on that OK so this cooked down we've been basting about every couple minutes and we're gonna take it off the stove and get it on the plate

Tender, juicy, perfectly cooked t-bone steak and a cast-iron skillet with butter, rosemary, and thyme We're gonna go ahead and finish this off put the butter right on the plate there and we're gonna go ahead and let it rest for about five minutes before we cut into it OK, our t-bone has been resting for about five minutes Let me go ahead and cut into this guy and see what it looks like here Oh yeah, nice and medium right there maybe a little medium well but tender and juicy for sure

Let's take a take a little taste and see how this is Mmmm, that's delicious right there If you make this at home, I hope yours turns out as good as mine did Please like my video, leave me a comment, subscribe to my channel if you haven't already You'll get notifications if you click the bell when I post videos like this and definitely leave me a comment let me know how yours turns out

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