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How to Make Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing – Make Money with Affiliate Programs

hey this is Aaron Chen how you doing welcome to this video if you're watching this right now then you're probably on YouTube you're doing a you know little search how to make passive income with affiliate marketing and how to make money with affiliate programs, okay so you obviously know what affiliate marketing is right but you don't really understand how to create it step-by-step so that you can start to drive some passive income inside of your business instead of your life okay so just a little bit of background on me I've been online for the last eight years I've marketed every type of product that you can think of out there whether it's a digital product a physical good you know I've done live webinars I've tried different business models like push-button software you know ecommerce I know if it's out there I've tried it okay but what I can see is that affiliate marketing is probably the best way for you to get started if you're trying to create some passive income for yourself and I still advocate that because it's still one of my main income sources right now okay in fact last year I was able to generate over 1000 sales in my business through affiliate marketing okay but seven years you know prior to that I was basically failing every single month every single week for the last seven years couldn't really figure it out because I didn't understand how to really structure my business in order for me to drive sales to my affiliate products okay and to drive that passive income alright so in this video right now over the next couple of minutes I'm going to share with you what you need to do in your business so that you don't have those same problems cool alright so let's get started now I've actually drawn a little chart here I think this is the easiest way to kind of show you exactly what you have to do okay so the first thing that you need to understand is if you want to be successful you know creating and a passive income with affiliate marketing is step number one you have to understand how the whole thing works right so the first thing you need to do is you need to find an affiliate offer right the easiest thing that you can do to find an affiliate offer is to go to places like jvzoo Rite or Clickbank there's these are some of the biggest websites well basically affiliate marketplaces on the Internet okay so if you believe in places like Clickbank you're going to be able to find hundreds and thousands of products any niche market that you want so if you're thinking about you know marketing marketing products like Facebook marketing Facebook traffic YouTube marketing YouTube traffic or maybe you're interested in gardening products and maybe you're interested in dog training or maybe you want to show someone how to get a six pack or six pack abs right then you go to clickbank and find one of those products now once you have that product though it's it's really about understanding how to create number two a marketing machine around that product okay so if you market that directly to that offer you're not going to be successful at all this is what I did number one for seven years okay and that's the reason why I failed because I basically drove traffic directly to the offer and you don't want to do that because everybody online is doing that okay and if you do that you look like every other internet marketer out there and you're not going to gain any traction in your business okay so what you want to do is you want to create a marketing machine that actually builds a lot of value and Trust and it gets your prospects to know like and trust you and then once they're ready in their prime to buy you know your particular offer that you're marketing then you actually show them that particular offer okay now once you've figured out how to do that you need to drive obviously lots of traffic lots of eyeballs towards your marketing machine okay so that's the trick that's the small little tweak that you need to have in your business do not drive traffic to your offer don't do that okay you're you're not going to sell anything I mean you might sell like one product out of every hundred people it said that you sent to your website but if you drive your traffic you've targeted traffic to your marketing machine that's how you'll start to convert at you know 5% 10% 15% or more okay so that's how you get started and if you're you know wondering you know where do you actually get traffic from with lots of websites like YouTube Facebook you know SEO solo traffic and all that other stuff okay now I hope you enjoyed that information if you want to get a little bit more spend a bit more time with me I'm actually holding holding a live web class you can click on the link right below this video okay to get access to that class I show you my sales funnel I show you my marketing machine and I show you my funnel exactly step by step on how I do this if you want to check it out then I welcome you to register at the link right below and I hope to see you on that training and hope you enjoyed how to make passive income with affiliate marketing and how to make money with affiliate programs I hope you enjoyed this information all the best in your business and take care

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