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How to Make Sardine Angwa Mo (oil rice)

Hello I welcome all of you to Sarfo Baffoe Tv Today we are going to learn how to make Sardine oil rice or angwa mo Things that you may need are rice sliced onion, sardine two or three eggs a tomato half onion, small pepper, and oil to start your sardine oil rice or angwa mo heat the cooking pot on a medium heat whiles the oil is inside heat the oil on medium heat so that the onion don't burn fry the onion on medium heat

the oil should not be over heated after the onion turning brown put the heated oil aside for one minute before adding water to it this is done in other to avoid accident so after the one minute, add the water and put it back on the fire after this put salt to taste too much of salt will spoil the it so after this , put the lid on it till it boils wash the rice put it into the boiling water after putting the rice into the boiling water, add the oil on the sardine and the sardine fish to the boiling rice after this stir and cover it lower the heat gradually you can add more water if needed it is not necessary to put plastic on the rice you just cover it with the pot lid and lower the heat whiles waiting for the rice to get ready, it is to to fry the egg after frying the egg, pepper was the next The rice is now ready l did not use any plastic on it but it has been cook well food is ready now and you are invited to dine with me after praying over and thanking GOD for the food, it tastes good l never used any plastic or aluminium on the rice but it still cooked perfectly my greetings to each and everyone watching

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