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How to Make Tot Waffles

– I don't know who needs to hear this right now, but we discovered that there's such a thing called Tot Waffles – Tater Tot Waffles

– What? – They taste very good – Yes Welcome to my quarantine kitchen where we raise the bar on lowering your expectations (laughing) Okay? This is a very simple recipe I'm using air quotes of recipe

I found it online then I learned that Tot Waffles have been around and there's different versions of 'em, and I feel like my whole life has been a lie, that I did not know that these were a thing – Exactly – Normally we are very healthy eaters in this family but right about now we're needing some comfort, okay Here's what you're gonna need Frozen tater tots, any brand, organic, just store brand, doesn't matter

You're gonna need a waffle iron And then you're gonna need some comfy sweatpants 'cause this is not the recipe where you're gonna feel well good about yourself when you're done, so just leave room to expand – Yep – Okay So, first step, we have to defrost the tater tots

Now if you were forward thinking and you planned your day you would just set 'em out on the counter to defrost We don't do things like that in this house So, we're just gonna stick 'em in the microwave Three minutes Ready? Another thing you can do is tell your kids to dance, use this time wisely

This is actually we're counting this as PE time So go! (video fast forwarding) You may be asking yourself, "Why not just eat regular tater tots? "They're delicious as is, why you gotta mess with them?" To you I say, I don't need that negativity in my life right now So, these are properly mushy Now, this is a parent's job here You have a heated waffle iron

What I'm doing now is I am filling our defrosted tots Just really mashing them in here We wanna make sure there's no gaps 'cause we want it to properly waffle Close it, really mash it down Oh, and strong! – Yep

– And flip it Now, we wait These have been under high heat for like five minutes (whimsical music) Wow! – Wow! Stop it! – Stop it! So, this gonna be a little tricky We're gonna go underneath here

– [Penn] Find a crispy spot – Find your crispy spot Okay, it should lift – [Penn] Oh yeah, oh yeah! Oh yeah, oh yeah! – Oh wa! (PC yells) You could get fancy, you could do like an egg in the middle with bacon crumbles and cheese Make it your own

That's the beauty of this time, that we have been gifted, is that we can just experiment I've also heard that you can do like brownies in here, you can do cakes I might make every meal in quarantine in our waffle maker What do you think? – Yeah! It looks like a waffle Also looks like has a like tater totty feel

It has like that white stuff Definitely looks like a tot waffle – [Kim] Future food critic, I love it – And now I'm gonna taste it – [Kim] What d'you think? (tick tocking) – It's really good

It's really good – Thanks for watching If you end up making a Tot Waffle please put the picture– There you go Put the picture in the comments and let me know how you like them

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