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How to manage Windows updates

(upbeat music) Welcome to Simply Windows This is Trish

And this is Tanya We're both writers at Microsoft and today, we're going to chat about updates and how you can rope them in Right, so updates are an important part of keeping your Windows 10 device secure and up-to-date with the latest features and improvements So there are two different kinds Quality updates, which come once a month to keep your device running smoothly and securely

And then there are feature updates, which come about twice a year to bring you the latest features that make your device easier and more fun to use But they always seem to pop up right before a major presentation Right, but you can control when your device restarts to get those updates That's good (laughs) Yes, and first of all notifications won't pop up if you're currently presenting

And you can also tell Windows when you normally use your device, so it won't automatically restart for updates during that time Here's how Go to Start, Settings, Update and security, and then change your active hours You can even have Windows automatically adjust your active hours based on your device activity So as long as your device is turned on, plugged in, and connected to the internet, you can even get updates when you are away, like overnight

That's great And if its not a critical security update, you can actually pause it for seven days at a time So you can either delay the installation or have it remind you at a later date Like after your major presentation Exactly

So the benefit of taking your updates regularly is that they are cumulative, so the more frequently you take them, the faster they go And if there is something critical, we'll let you know Because an update's number one job is to keep your device secure And you can actually check for updates anytime I'll show you

Select Windows + I, Update and Security, and then Check for updates Simply Windows is a new series and we wanna answer your questions So drop them in the comments below And if you know anyone who has a major presentation coming up and could benefit from the series, feel free to share and pass it along I won't remind you

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