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How to Mask or Cloak Affiliate Marketing Links Using NameCheap

hey what is going on guys this is William punt and I'm here to show you exactly how to purchase a domain name from namecheapcom how to forward that domain to your affiliate links and how to mask that domain name and also how to create subdomains here's another thing I'm also going to show you how to create a professional-looking email address that will be forwarded to whatever email address you want it to be forwarded to and that creates consistency and uniformity within your website within your landing pages and affiliate links and makes you look a lot more professional and another tip is if you have a professional you know let's say your your website is workwithwilliampunt

com like I have and your your email address is a gmail email address a weber and other you know autoresponders and stuff like that really don't like the Gmail emails so if by creating you know [email protected] [email protected] creating a professional email address like that makes you look professional it also is better and works better with autoresponders and stuff so we're going to accomplish a lot here today in just a short time but what I would like to show you is in the very bottom, well not the very bottom, but in the description of this video there is a link to Namecheap now *Disclaimer* I do make a little bit of a commission from this but you know my hope is that you get value out of this video and I can help you mask or hide your affiliate links and do all the other stuff we've discussed in the beginning of this video so Namecheap click the link below open it in a new link so you could watch this video as you as it goes on but what is going to happen is you're gonna this is the front of the home page right here okay now they do have some cheap URLs that you can purchase but I highly recommend purchasing a dot com because it ranked better with SEO and it does look more professional so namecheapcom let's see work with the man Pedro alright let's just say that's the website we want okay so you can see that domains available as a dot Club right workwiththemanpedroclub now the thing is people may not remember that dot Club doesn't really apply you know you're not really starting any kind of club and I mean maybe if you are dot Club would work it is only 88 cents a year but don't don't get cheap on this guy's because you it's you know a dot-com, let's see if the dot-com is available, the dot-com is available, and you can see that it's only ten bucks you know eleven bucks you can pay with PayPal as well on Namecheap another reason I like it so anyways, workwiththemanpedro

com right? if this is what you want it's right up here hit Add to Cart now I'm not going to check out I'm just showing you ICANN fee and you also get one year the full one year of registration and you also get Whois guard that protects your name and information your subscription information for one year absolutely free with every eligible domain and the dot-coms are those eligible domains so that's definitely something you can view the car it'll show you here who is guard one year subscription free right normally cost you two eighty eight so you can get all this here hit confirm order and you can pay through PayPal if you like once you get your domain registered and paid for it will show up here on your dashboard and we were talking about workwithwilliampuntcom right? so here's workwithwilliampuntcom, now after you purchase your domain name go over here to manage you want to manage your domain this is where all the gold all the gold nuggets get dropped okay so the first thing you want to do is redirect your domain name that you just purchased to your affiliate link so source URL is already filled in it should already be filled in with workwithwilliampuntcom or whatever domain you chose you're going to see that your destination URL is also the same okay keep your source URL as the domain that you purchased your destination URL is going to be where you insert your affiliate link okay once you insert your affiliate link all you do is hit that green check mark turns green and you're good to go I highly recommend putting your add wildcard redirect keeping that on and use the same link that you want as the one below for your wild card redirect what that's going to do is right now if I typed in workwithwilliampuntcom, then it would work but if I typed in www


apply below, apply for the job, vacancy apply, apply now, download the application form, download now, download

workwithwilliampuntcom (added the www in front of the URL) it wouldn't work this wildcard redirect makes that work basically that's the easiest way to put it okay so redirect domain right that's what you've got there now if you want to mask your domain you need to go to Advanced DNS and masking will keep this realtor sales Pro see how see how my affiliate link is right there masking will actually, lets go to Realtor Sales Pro I've got to get this set up for both options but basically this is masking now so when you pull up your website or they enter your domain that you're sending them to like realtor sales Pro instead of it showing your affiliate link now it's going to actually show you or domain that you sent them to and it will stay that way during their process going through these sales funnels so it just looks more professional okay and you do that by checking this box mask or unmask so if you want to mask it mask your domains or your affiliate links then select mask and check the green check mark just like like you would know your redirection so then now that is we've talked about we talked about masking we've talked about forwarding right and now I'm going to show you how to set up your redirect email okay so whatever you want it to be like whatever your website is you want it to say you know if your name is Pedro you want to say [email protected] or whatever we decided it to be You could say support you could say I don't know sign up you could say info at you know whatever your website is but basically whatever you put in here is going like mine is support [email protected] okay and that just looks a lot more professional right and what I did is forwarded it to my forwarded? that sounds weird *Thinking out loud* forwarded it to my gmail email okay so what your alias is your redirect email alias support it's going to say [email protected] [email protected]

com or whatever your domain is and that's going to be the email address you want to give out to people okay this is going to be the email address you want that email forwarded to forwarded to okay so [email protected] is my email address but I'm going to cover it with a redirect [email protected] and that's going to forward the emails that get sent to this address to my gmail address okay so you want to make sure yeah I already know it exists sorry and you can add forwards you know if you want support you want info you want a couple different ones you can add those and forward them to different email addresses if you've got different people working with you and you want you know you want to be the support on that that could be yours you want someone that's going to help them with some other type of info or sign up or something like that you could have sign up and have it forwarded to that person's email so that's that's a really cool thing too so advanced DNS let's go back into that now here is where you're going to create your subdomains okay now if you've got like I've got realtorsalesprocom I don't think this is going to work but I'm going to try it If I put domainsrealtorsalespro

com still not working yet it does take some time so it's going to take about an hour to 24 hours to register and process that but what that was going to do was send Relic realtor's that have gone through that sales funnel that have gone through the sales funnel and became a customer that was going to send them to actually to Namecheap where they can purchase their domains and you know and I get the affiliate commission from that so it's very very lucrative you guys to to be able to do subdomains especially when you've got multiple affiliate links that all are in the same category and you want to instead of buying another domain you can actually put those subdomains in there and have those redirected to those individual affiliate links so how you do that is go to add new record and you want to create your URL redirect record it's at the very bottom of the list now your destination URL is going to be that secondary or other affiliate link that you're trying to send them to so if you've got realtor sales procom and you saw that I put domains dot realtor sales procom whatever wherever you guys are trying to send these people is where this destination that's the destination URL so that's your secondary affiliate link right so if you've got a health and wellness website and it's health and wellness comm and you're running a promotion that's 50% off you might say you want people to go to that 50% off affiliate link might be a different link right so you want to send people to that well the way you can do that is creating a sub domain and saying hey we're doing you know 50% off right at health and wellness com so you're going to this is going to turn into 50 off health and wellness comm and what that's going to send them to the other affiliate link that's going to lead them to that 50% off section okay so subdomains are a great way to redirect people to other opportunities inside of your website or maybe outside and if in a different network but it's still related to to that field and it's a way to bring people in it creates it creates uniformity right and consistency in your website because they're looking at for instance like this work with William pond calm they're looking at that as the brand or realtor sales Pro as the brand right or your website as the brand so when they take your brand they're looking at it as realtor sales Pro your personal brand now if you send them out to a different link that says realtor sales I don't know web sites or something weird like that then they're going like what the heck I thought of realtor sales Pro so it's just easier to create a sub domain that says domains dot realtor sales Pro com right because it just makes sense and it looks more professional it's clean and it keeps that branding okay so you definitely want to utilize subdomains so 50 off dot health and wellness com instead of get your products 50 percent off or something like that like it just doesn't sound right it doesn't sound cool or professional or clean so fifty off health and wellness comm that just sounds a lot better and I hope that you guys can agree with that so basically what we covered was getting a domain name right forwarding that domain name to your affiliate link you covered how to create an email forwarding system also so that's more professional and also how to masked or unmasked your redirect records and how to create subdomains okay now hopefully I've added some value to you guys within you know this 14 minute video so far and I really do hope that you guys decide to become a little more professional and masking your affiliate links and that's probably why you found this video and why you're interested in doing so but anyways there are a couple other links below and if you guys don't have any kind of lead capture system or anything like that click the link below the work with William Penn comm and that is going to walk you through the steps and processes that I use that actually funnel people my sales channels and stuff so you can see this is a super simple method and super simple practice with what I've got I'm gonna actually make another video about that but for now just go to visit this website and I'll show you exactly how this how these uh sales channels work and sales funnels work so thank you for your time and i truly appreciate it

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