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How To Not Sound Bad When Singing For Others – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey kids welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing I am doing a whole series on you ask and I answer and you guys are sending me in all kinds of stuff through email, you're posting it on my youtube videos, you're sending me messages on Facebook and I'm doing my best to answer them kind of in the order I receive them and you know if they come through more than once and unless it's a very obscure question

This next one I thought was really relevant, it says when I sing alone I think I do okay but as soon as I sing in front of people I suck why That's a pretty easy question to answer in fact most people go through that process you're just you know you're freaked out right and your body shuts down Well think about this and I talked about this in one of my other videos because it had to do with about how to sing a high note and why do I choke when I sing my high note Well the same is true for singing so I'll post that video why do I choke when I sing a high note It's because your body shuts down and you get all freaked out and you get all tensed up and everything starts to tense up and then you lose that relaxation response but I want to assure you that the more you do this and the more you get out in front of people, go busking, go to a karaoke bar or you know sing for your church as much as you can or join a band or or you know just get out and start playing for your family and friends or do it or play for your cat

I don't care or your dog you know do whatever you got to do to do this with some repetition to where it just becomes so second nature to you you're not so freaked out Now the people that seem to have the most trouble with this are the people that don't do that and so they wait two weeks or three weeks or a month before they go out and they you know actually play in front of somebody and then they just their body clamps down and the next thing you know because they're so tense they can't sing So it is true you probably do sing better when you're home alone then when you do sing in front of people but the more you get the opportunity to sing in front of people and you know I know I've shared this story before so I don't want to be redundant but I had someone come to me was in the Armed Forces and very high up in the Navy SEALs and you know he was requisitioned or summonsed really I should say to sing the and in front of you know a couple thousand seals or whatever was and that was the last thing he wanted to do He said he'd rather go on a kill mission than to sing the national anthem in front of his peers and so we actually started singing silly songs and he got really mad at first and you know we worked it out and I told him why we were gonna do this but we sang songs that were kind of nonsensical and it didn't really matter and it could have been a nursery rhyme and it could have been happy birthday, it could have been you know different things that didn't matter that much an Eagles song (sings) just things that are like campfire songs or whatever and if you could do stuff like that that's kind of just silly and fun, you can kind of make fun of yourself and not take it so seriously Then as you have fun with i,t your body starts to relax more and you're able to reproduce this with consistency

Now I want to add one more thing because this is also consistent with people that asked me well you know I can sing the national anthem at home but I can't do it in front of people and I certainly can't hit the high note Well I've already covered the high note and I've talked about Celine Dion, Celine Dion excuse me you know (sings) when she goes to sing that note you know a lot of people choke at a karaoke bar but someone didn't tell them that you know (sings) that heading is the same note as the last note of (sings) right it's the same note Well that's true in the Star-Spangled Banner you know (sings) It's the same note as you know (sings) right when somebody goes to hit that note because they're freaked out with the last note and they're tensiously for that note, apprehensively waiting for the note, they choked on the note before it So the more you do it with repetition, the more you have built confidence

Again confidence in understanding that your diaphragm is the engine that drives your car You have a relaxation response in the chest, the neck and the throat and then you also understand that it's about good vowel placement and the rela and building good open throat technique that gives you the freedom and the confidence to do this with consistency Okay hopefully this was helpful and God bless you and until next time peace out, Hey guys if you like what you heard please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my channel by clicking on the SUBSCRIBE button

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