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How to prep for Windows 7, Server 2008 end of life

this is Susan Bradley for CSOOnline well here we are at the date I'm recording this we have one day five hours 54 minutes and 44 seconds and counting of a lifespan left for the end of Windows 7 and also Server 2008 r2 and server to the 2008 sp2 but that doesn't mean we're not going to still be using it so this is just a reminder that you need to take action to either make sure that you have extended security updates or isolate it and get it off the web back in May I talked about some of the ideas I had for isolating that environment virtualizing it blocking it install mitigation toolkit put it on VLANs disable auto run review dead execution prevention policies make sure you'll a update to the latest office version but you can also buy extended patches for it before you install these ESU keys there's a couple of prerequisites first off you have to have KB for nine zero six two eight or later this is a servicing stack update as of march 12 2019 you can't have later ones this is the absolute minimum you have to have the Shah to code-signing patch kb four four seven four four one nine for sewers 2008 SB 2 you also have to have a servicing stack update KB four four nine three seven three zero and also the Shah to co-signing patch kb four four seven four four one nine then you also have to make sure that certain patches are installed for Windows seven you need kb four five one six six five five a servicing stack update as of September 10th 2019 again you could have a later servicing stack update but this has to be the minimum and then you have to have at least the October 8 2019 KB four five one nine nine seven six the october monthly rollup update you can't have the November can't have a December you could even have the January roll-up coming up but you have to have this October update or later for Server 2008 service pack 2 again a September servicing pack stack update KB for five one seven one three four and then also the October eighth monthly roll-up of KB four five two zero zero zero two and remember if you have Windows 7 and you are Windows efj I've or Microsoft 365 e five customers your Windows seven licenses are included and you want to look in your volume licensing center for those keys you can also deploy this using this SCCM and you don't have to do this one in time but I want to show you the process of what it's like on a single machine you open up a Cavell elevated command prompt you've received your product key from another location either from your vendor from your VLSC site and you want to type in SL manager IP k and then the product key wait a little bit and a screen will pop up and it will indicate that the product key has been installed properly now type in SL manager / DVD LV again be patient and you'll see a activation screen come up and this activation ID is the same for first year you'll have a new one each year so your two will be different your three will be different now pop back to the command window and that activation key that you see right there you want to enter it in with the slash ATO again be patient it'll indicate it was activated successfully and finally to confirm that it's done what you wanted to do the last time type in SL manager slash dlv again and I'll indicate that it's licensed for both the one year add-on as well as the base of the operating system and there you have it that's the process to add a single year extension for a Windows 7 so as we come to the end of life of Windows 7 don't forget to check out the technology headlines on tech talk from idg and remember we have three more years and windows 2012 r2 will be out of support as well so start those migration plans now it'll come up on you faster than you think thanks again this is Susan Bradley for CSO online

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