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How to purchase new features and functions over the air – BMW How-To

Via Remote Software Upgrade, it is now possible to equip your BMW with additional features and functions over the air In this video we will show you as an example how to order the BMW High Beam Assistant via the BMW ConnectedDrive Store in car

The following process works for other features and functions as well When you press the high beam assistant button on the indicator lever and the function is available but not installed yet, the instrument cluster and the Central Information Display show an according notice To order the function, please go to the ConnectedDrive Store by pressing … … “Apps”, “Bookable”, and select the feature you want to order, in this case “High Beam Assistant” In the order overview you can check your order and billing data for the payment After accepting the general terms, press “Purchase now”

You will get a confirmation of your purchase and you can start the installation after your next journey Please watch our other How-To Video where we show the installation process Continue watching our How-To Series to get the most out of your BMW

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