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How to PUSH and STOMP Your Lane WITHOUT Dying to Ganks! | Skill Capped

Hey everyone We all know that feeling when you're in a winning matchup and want to play aggressive, but can't because when you go in, the enemy jungler is waiting and kills you

So today, we’re going to break down a game from my diamond 1 smurf where I'm playing Diana vs Fizz, and I track exactly where the enemy jungler is for the first 10 minutes Also, throughout the video we’re going to talk about what this fizz does wrong As always, the concepts here won't just apply to Diana and FIzz, so don't worry if you don't play them Let's break down the match up and create some gameplans, then get into the gameplay Diana and Fizz are both melee AP assassins

Diana wins the match up because she has more waveclear and wins extended trades Fizz can win burst trades if Diana misses Q though Also, fizz sets up ganks very well with his ult, which is something important for the match up since Diana has no mobility unless going in My gameplan is going to be: mission 1: Push the wave Diana has the waveclear advantage so I want to use it to get a minion and level lead Mission 2: Crash the wave on the tower This mission is very important as it leads into mission 3 Mission 3: Bounce the wave off the tower By crashing it, it will bounce and push back to us, keeping us safe from ganks

We will explain more about this later Alright, let's get into the gameplay At the start of the lane, I'm not touching any minions, waiting for Fizz to come into lane This is because I have an aoe ability level 1, meaning I can use it to kill all 3 minions that get low at the same time So when Fizz does eventually come to lane from this weird angle, I use Q, grabbing the 3 CS, hitting him, and 2 of the backline minions as well

This is perfect, and exactly what I want with every Q that I throw If I use some of my Qs to get a CS and some of them to push, and some of them to harass, I'm going to eventually run out of mana But if I can do all 3 at once, it's very efficient After that, I walk up to these minions to build up my passive because I win lvl 1 trades, especially with how long of a cooldown fizz E is compared to my Q, but I mess up here, taking free autos because I was misclicking the ground next to him instead of clicking him We have talked about this in other videos where it's important to not take free auto attacks in melee matchups

So we can just chalk this up to a mistake on my part, NA mechanics, washed up player, w/e But when my Q comes back up and these 2 CS get low, I throw another very efficient Q to hit him and grab these last hits, while auto attacking him as well This was a mistake from him If you're playing a match up where you lose level 1, it's not worth taking a chunk like this just for a 14 gold ranged minion For a cannon it's a different story

It's ok to give up CS when you know your main ability is down If we keep going, the next wave arrives, and i'm continuing mission 1 by pushing I use Q just like before, hitting all 6 minions and poking fizz This is very very bad from him letting me do this with every Q And this concept doesn't just apply to Diana

If you're playing vs any champion with an AOE skillshot, you want to avoid giving them the push and harass, so stand outside of the wave Some good examples are Viktor, Xerath, and Syndra But after that, I finish clearing the next wave while poking fizz with Q again, and crash the wave on the tower for mission 2 By doing this, the wave will bounce back to me, so I'm not really far up in the lane as Diana where I'm easily ganked But, even though i'm setting the wave up so I can't be ganked, it's still important to get vision to try and track the enemy jungler

The enemy jungler is Olaf Before we keep going, first think to yourself, where do you think Olaf is right now? What could his pathing be? Olaf is a jungler that likes to full clear Meaning he could start blue, clear his full top side, then come to bot side Or start red and do that side first Because of this, I'm going to walk over and drop a ward at raptors

This will tell me if he started top or bot If raptors are still here, he started top, and if he started bot, he will be on the raptors As we can see, he is finishing up his raptors right now, and has red buff So he's doing a full clear starting from bot While this happens, our lee-sin level 2 ganks top side, and only has red buff

It's important to also track what your own jungler does because now I can get into the head of the enemy jungler If you don't know, blue side camps are the most important right now, wolves and gromp Especially gromp as it gives the most experience So if Olaf sees our lee-sin didn't do blue yet, Olaf might go to our blue instead to steal lees camps and hope lee doesn't steal olafs blue so Olaf can also get those camps Alright, and how is this going to affect my decisions in lane? Well the wave is coming back to me, and I know I will win this match up so I would love to fight

But since I know Olaf might invade our blue, or just be in the bottom river right now, I can't play too aggressively until I see him So I'm just playing safe, watching the minimap and pinging my team where Olaf could be I ping bottom river, our blue, and bottom tri so our bot lane knows Something very important here, do NOT go to your blue and try to defend it, especially vs an Olaf If your jungler is spam pinging you to go check blue, ignore them

If your jungler is on the opposite side its pointless to try and stop them from taking it Your jungler needs to learn how to jungle and split the map Splitting the map is also called vertical jungling, which is what my jungler does next He goes into the enemy blue side, and as expected, the blue is still there This means Olaf 100% invaded our blue

Since I know Olaf is on our bot side, but still havent seen him, I have to continue to play relatively safe And on top of that, the enemy minion wave is huge, so it would be hard to win any trade into that I would have loved to be playing aggressive in these early stages, but it's more important I don't die to ganks So i'm just going to go in for 1 quick trade and phase rush away, then let this wave crash on the tower and clear it After that, the next wave isn't a cannon wave, meaning I can clear it very fast and easily, so I push it and look to reset

While i'm doing that, Olaf and Fizz show up diving our bot lane 4v2, so I can't reset here and need to get some tower damage so punish the fizz for roaming This is a common play the enemy can make when the map is split, since they know our jungler is on the other side Since it’s before 5 minutes, the tower is really tanky and I can't get a plate, only some damage But since Fizz is going to reset after the bot roam, I quickly push the next wave and reset When I get back to lane, this is when Fizz really starts making mistakes

I use my Q on the wave, looking to push for the minion lead again for mission 1, but I miss it Fizz should look to trade with me here using his Q, auto, W and E combo since I have very little damage without my Q, but he plays it passive and walks away When my Q comes back up, Fizz is in range so I aim for him, land it, then use E to dash and auto There are two very important things to talk about here First, if you notice, when I jumped on him, I didn't use my W

This is because I want to make use of the shield, if I just use it here when I jump in, Ill get a little extra damage, but when my sheild falls off, he can look for a burst trade and I won't have my W to negate some of the damage So instead i'm waiting for him to trade back That brings us to the second important thing, which is Fizz's main mistake here, a crucial fundamental to any lane Fizz doesnt trade back with me at all here, even after I used my main ability, my Q I have a feeling its because he knows this is a losing match up for him and he wouldn't win the trade

But the thing is, even if you are in a losing match up, you have to trade back If Fizz uses his Q, auto, W on me here, which will proc electrocute, then jumps away with E, or just walks away The only damage he will take from me is my W, which doesn't do much

This would put him at about 60% hp, and me around 70 – 80%, maybe even a little less Obviously, him trading 5-10% of his HP to trade back and do 20-30% of mine is very worth it Not trading at all and taking free damage is very very bad Anyways, getting back into it, I'm pushing the wave still and landing some Q poke, then put a ward at raptors again Because the raptors aren't there, I know he's already cleared this side

It brings us bak to the same question as before Did olaf invade our blue again to take lees camps, or go to his own blueside now? Well we can see our lee-sin at his wolves, meaning Olaf went to his own blue side now Since I know where Olaf is, I'm pinging it on the minimap, and looking to abuse this fizz since obviously he's making big mistakes, and it's a winning match up for me So I hit him with another Q E auto combo and phase rush out After chunking him like this I want to keep the pressure, so I'm continuing to push

I go to throw a Q, and fizz uses his E to dodge it, which isn't worth at all Fizz E is his main defensive and outplay tool But it's a long cooldown and very high mana compared to my Q He shouldn't be this far up and should be letting the wave crash anyways After that I drop a control ward in bot side river since that's the side of the lane I want to be playing towards, knowing olaf is top

I don't know exactly where in top side he is though, so i'm playing back a little But he appears for a brief second ganking top, which gives me the greenlight to play as aggressive as I want So when Fizz uses Q on a minion here, I test him a little bit, using E without moonlight on him at all, and once again, he doesnt trade back, giving me free damage Since I know where Olaf is, I keep pushing to pressure When Fizz goes for a last hit on a minion here, I throw Q again to poke

Then one more time when he gets greedy, then dash in with E ignite and W, then one more E to finish him off Alright guys, so after watching this video, you should have a much better idea on how to track the jungler, trade properly, and know when to play aggressive or defensively based on the current map state But thats going to be it for this for We hope you enjoyed it and thanks for watching!

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