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How to Replace Motor Mounts on a BMW 540 740i 740iL 750iL E38 E39

good morning today we're going to take a look at replacing motor mounts on automobiles many of you have issues with your motor mounts and need to replace them and it may be something you're a little nervous to do fundamentally motor mounts on all cars are basically the same as what we're going to show you today today we're going to actually do the motor mount replacement on a 740i BMW which is a E38 and but fundamentally the principles we're gonna show you will work on any car that you wish to replace the motor mounts on one of the first things you want to do whenever you work on an automobile is be sure you think about safety you want to be safe you don't want anything to happen while you're working on the automobile so today we don't have a lift we're gonna be working on the drive way here so one of the things we want to make sure is that the car doesn't roll so be sure you have some kind of chalk or some kind of a block then you can put underneath the rear wheels do be sure that the car is not going to roll when you jack it up now depending upon whether you're jacking up the back of the front you may have to move the chocks but we're about gonna be lifting the front of the car this time so we need to be sure and have the chocks in the back of the car another thing that you may want to do is to disconnect the battery even though today we're not going to be doing anything directly with the electrical system it's always a little bit safer as we are going to be moving the engine and if one of the wires gets caught or stressed we really don't want that to create a problem with the overall electronics of the car so you may want to almost inevitably remove the battery terminal always remove the negative terminal when you're working on a vehicle so now we have jacked up the car we've got jack stands underneath it again to be safe you don't want to really be working on the car well there's only a jack or a hydraulic lift jack type underneath the car so we've got the jack stand underneath we've got it up and now we're ready to take off the top bolt the top bolt is the one that's going to be on the tightest so it may take a little extra umph to get that one off again make sure that you're safe and everything that you're doing so we'll start loosening this bolt and start pulling this one off so remember that the nuts on the top and the nuts on the bottom are going to be different sizes on this particular vehicle the nut on the top is a 16 millimeter it takes a 16 millimeter socket the ones on the bottom take a 13 millimeter socket and now that I'm underneath the car you can see that we're going to take off the bottom two nuts and once we take out the bottom two nuts then we are going to jack up the engine and as we jack up the engine we're gonna do it slowly and carefully now there's many spots you can jack up an engine from you have to look at it carefully some of them like this BMW has a real solid oil pan and so by spreading the weight across with a board we can go ahead and use the oil pan some cars have a real thin oil pan and you don't want to be doing that so you need to look for other spots where it's safe and convenient to lift the motor now that we're jacking up the engine be aware that watch carefully you want to Jack it up enough to be able to wiggle out the motor mount you don't want to overdo it so just just keep going slowly and carefully as you jack up the engine wiggle on the motor mount and as soon as you can wiggle it out then you're good go ahead and take that one out and then set the other one in so now that we've set the other one in we're going to slowly lower the engine and make sure we have all the screws aligned so is that they go back in the holes now in this situation it's easy for one of the screws to get misaligned and then you're gonna start tearing up threads or you're gonna be blocking the engine from coming down properly so take it slow and easy and make sure you align all the threads properly once it's down then go ahead and put the bottom two nuts back on and torque them into spec so now we've dropped the car back down onto the ground again be very careful we've tightened up all the nuts we've got them to proper specifications we've removed the Chuck's from behind the rear wheels and so we're now ready to take it on a test drive it's always good to take it on a small little test drive whenever you've done any car work the other thing you might want to be sure and do and that's check carefully under the hood to make sure again that the wires and any connecting hoses have not been disconnected accidentally the other thing you might want to be sure and do and that is be sure you have the proper tools we'll have a list of tools at the bottom of this video for you to look at be sure to go through them and see if any of those are gonna help you replace your motor mounts again this has been a generic video even though we did it on a BMW it's very generic and how will you replace motor mounts I hope you've enjoyed this video and I hope it's been educational for you thank you very much

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