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How to run Android O (8.0) on your computer (PC) – Tutorial

In order to run Android 8 on your computer, you need to download two files Enter the link from the description, or search for JDK on Google Enter the second link Accept And select the version of Windows you are using Wait for the download to finish Install it as follow Go to the download link in the description below, and download the Android SDK Tools Click on the download link Wait a while Extract it Inside the tools folder, run Android batch file Deselect all And under Android 80

0, select SDK Platform and Google APIs Under Extras, select Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator Install 2 packages Accept all Licenses and install Wait for the packages to be downloaded Press on Tools, Manage AVDs Create Give it a name Under Device, select Nexus 5 Target, Android 80

0 Enable Use Host GPU Select No skin Press OK Select the item on the list, and press Start Launch Be patient, Android O 80 is loading All done!

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