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How to Save Money + Energy with the Best Smart Home Thermostat

The smart thermostat is just like that favorite robe you put on in the morning, it gives you that extra layer of comfort at just the right time And the best part is, you can control it from anywhere

From here Here Alexa, turn down the temperature by 2 degrees And even here It even notifies you if something back at home just isn’t right

“I gotta go” The smart thermostat integrates with your Protect America security system, so it readjusts the temperature when it knows you’ve arrived or when you have a window open And when it’s time turn in for the night, utilize temperature sensors They allow you to target the temperature in a specific room for precision comfort But my favorite part about the smart thermostat is that you can save extra money and spend it on things you love

Take control of your home today with the Alarmcom Smart Thermostat from Protect America Give us a call or go online to ProtectAmericacom/SecurityYourWay

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