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How To Sing Louder Without Hurting Your Voice | Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey everybody welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing I'm doing some Q&A where you're asking me questions and I'm doing my best to answer them and I want to go ahead and keep rocking on these questions here

The next one is how can I sing louder without hurting myself That's a good question Thank you for asking that Well there's a process to singing and I've discussed this before In singing you don't just walk out and start singing or you can and you know some people do that and that's fine

Let me, let me rephrase that that answer There is a specific way to build the building blocks of a voice and we've talked about this before and I don't want to go through this again There's support, relaxation, chest, neck and throat muscles and so forth but I'm just gonna get to the more one of the final stages of the building process of this and you have to go back and watch you know the building blocks of great singing so that you understand that there is a process that leads up to this but I want to go straight to the throat wah wah wah what it takes to be a great singerexcuse me, not what it takes to be a great singer what how you

Ken let's do this again How can I sing louder without hurting my myself Sorry I'm doing a lot of questions so bear with me a second Well now there's only one true sound that grows the voice

Let me say this again This is a fact There is only one true sound that really grows the voice Now I'm not saying you can't sing in other styles and there's a lot of other people with lighter voices and so forth and great singers too We just did one on Luther Vandross and he doesn't sing hard and heavy

He's got a beautiful, gorgeous, round sound and there's a lot of people like that that um that don't sing brassy and pointed you know with a very pointed sound but the the sound that grows the voice I have a slogan and it is ping is king Ping is king okay It's this bright, timbral sound Now in opera Chiaroscuro which just mean means oscuro which means brightness with warmth around it

So we don't want this brassy, harsh, shrill sound coming at us We want brightness and then the warmth around So in other words we want clarity and brightness with a big warm sound Well Ken that still doesn't answer the question how do we how can I sing louder without hurting myself or going hoarse So as we grow resonance so we start ah la (sings) Hear that bright ah ah ah that bright ping in my voice Okay that is the again we have building blocks We start with support we've talked about that We start with a relaxation response, we start with open throat technique and we go into these these pillars that sustain and support this and then the icing on the cake of that in order to build resonance, we go into this part

So we want to start (sings) and it's that bright ping that's not forced, that bright ping will start to grow and get bigger and bigger and bigger It's like working out at a gym and your muscles start to get bigger Well if you do this responsibly and you do this correctly and you understand vowel modifications and all the other things that come into play in order to do this correctly and again I cover all this in my singing course called How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else and I walk you through this step-by-step how to do this As you grow this bright tone, this tonal quality and you get rid of this feeling of like you're gagging on your vowel sounds so you get good open throat technique so you're not feeling like you're choking on your notes You go through and you start to exercise and build muscle memory for this bright, timbrel sound and as you grow this sound as you start to get stronger and your body gets stronger, this sound starts to get bigger and louder and you start to preserve your voice and you find that you're able to sing much much longer

Now let me give you a kind of a fun example of this I get people from all over the world as you can imagine and people fly in from all over the world to work with me and I had this one young gal, she was from Korea and she talks so soft and she's sang so soft and her artists were you know Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande and Christina Aguilera You know whatever and these are the artists that she wanted to go after We worked on this bright, timbrel sound for about an hour a day, five to six days a week and by the end of one year This didn't happen in five quick lessons, it wasn't five easy minutes to sing, none of that baloney and that is baloney because again you're

it's a muscle or a group of muscles and you're building up a muscle structure So think of yourself going to the gym how am Ihow long is it gonna take you to get buff okay but within a course of about a year, this sista even she still talked really soft but once she sang (sings) you know she had he's like

she was killing it right So you know in about a year it's a realistic and a reasonable time Does that mean you're gonna be great in a year No you're not gonna be great in a year no one's great at anything in a year

They can get you know decent at something but when you and maybe your definition of greatness and my definition of greatness is different but but in about a year you can see incredible you'll see gains right away by the way this isn't something like you got a wait a year to see your gains but in about a year you'll see just an amazing difference in your your sustenance, your ability, your longevity to sustain notes, to get brighter, bigger, louder and do this without going hoarse Now another interesting thing about this too

It's a little side note and then we'll close, is that when let's say you want to go to a soccer game, a futball game right football match or you want to go to some sporting event and you find yourself screaming your brains out and you lose your voice right and most otolaryngologists or EMTs will say you know okay take three days off, don't talk for three days until your voice comes back This is true for a lot of things like getting sick with post nasal drip and whatnot just stop singing you know until your you know your sickness goes away and then resume singing That's actually not true if you understand what you're doing

If you do a vocal warmup, let's say 45 minutes to an hour and you've already gone through the process, you know how to do it correctly and you go scream your brains out at a soccer match right and you pretty much go hoarse because you've been screaming for 90 minutes or whatever whatever and then you come back the very next day and you do your vocal warm-ups and you put agility and flexibility and elasticity back in the chords because the chords are collagen, they're made of pure collagen and you put moisture back in the collagen and all of a sudden the resiliency and the flexibility comes right back right The elasticity in it for its ability to stretch It'll blow your mind You're gonna go oh my gosh I could hardly speak last night, protocol would be to take a couple three days off till my voice heals but I do Ken Tamplin's workout and all of a sudden my voice is back just back in action right Why this is so cool is because I deal with a lot of very high-end professional singers that sing night, after night, after night

They might sing 1, 2, 3 hours especially if they're doing in a cover band or something and let's say they overdid it one night, they don't have to take the next day off because they're used to training in that way They just gently, carefully, correctly get back on the wagon and they start you know warming up their voice again they could go out and sing and kick butt and they didn't miss a beat okay Hopefully this is will help you and this is how you can sing without losing your voice and sing louder, hurting yourself alright

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