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How to Start a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog in 2019 (in Under 15 Min)

So you've probably heard that it's so much better have website than it is to have something like WordPress com Wix or Weebly or Blogger but now you're wondering do I set that up? this video I'm going to show you how to set up a self-hosted WordPress website using NameSilo and SiteGround Alright guys so we're all set up here we've got our stopwatch over here on the left and I'm open to the NameSilo website


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I'm gonna just click this little button right here and we will be off to the races All right so the first thing I'm going to do is search for the domain name that I want and I know that this is available because I recently searched for it so I'm gonna click the dot-com box if you want any of these other domain extensions go ahead and click that I'll click "register checked domains" okay and all I'm going to configure over here is to set the privacy setting to "WHOIS privacy" and then I don't have a coupon code so I will just click "Continue" Alright so now we have to actually create a new account Okay, now I'll click "Create my new account" hopefully that will work and it did so for my payment let's just fill all this in Alright now I'll click "Place my order" and we should be done at least we're done getting our domain name

Alright so it says your order has been processed click here to manage your domains so I will click here and there we go here's my new domain name So I'm in my account right now I'm not gonna close this window 'cause I will need something from it later

I'm gonna open a new window and now I'm going to set up SiteGround So I'm gonna go to SiteGroundcom and look we're only at 3 minutes now I'm gonna go to "Get Started" Reliable Web Hosting You can actually go to Managed Web Hosting – it's going to take you to the same page if I'm not mistaken so I'm gonna sign up for the startup plan you can get the grow big or the go geek but since this is just a tutorial I'm gonna sign up for the cheapest one because I don't want to have to you know spend more money than necessary just for tutorial so I already have a domain so that's what I'm gonna put in right here now that's the one I just bought and I'll click proceed and off to fill in all my information again I'll have to fast forward so that you're not so bored okay so now I'm going to just sign up for the trial for one month but if you are setting up an actual website not just a tutorial then you should probably select 12 months all right so um I will confirm that I have read and agreed to the SiteGround Terms of Service I do not need news and special offers because I already get those And

awesome so we're at what maybe five minutes and almost 30 seconds and so far we have already bought our domain name and signed up for SiteGround The next thing we're gonna do is actually set up our WordPress site so now I'm actually going to click this little button right here that says "Proceed to customer area" and I am going to start a new website Okay

So we're going to set up the new website I'm going to click "Start a new website" and down here it says "please choose software to install" just click here on "WordPress" and this is where you can select your login details okay and then I'm just gonna click confirm' so make sure that you write all of this information down if you don't then you may have to try and figure out what your what your username and password are later which can be a bit of a pain okay so we you have requested to install WordPress that's correct I do not want to add SJ site scanner you can if you want to but I choose not to I will confirm that I have read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy complete setup this is taking kind of a long time to process but I guess that's par for the course all right your hosting account is ready to use okay great proceed to customer area okay so this is the main site ground members area and we're already at web 7 minutes and 45 seconds and we've already set up the domain we've signed up for site ground and we've actually begun the process of installing WordPress but we're not quite finished okay so the next thing we're gonna have to do is we are going to have to tell named silo where our site is actually going to be hosted and you do this by going to my accounts on site ground and then you go to information and settings and down here where it says account DNS you're going to need this information right here where it says NS 1 dot site ground three to six com now I'm going to copy that I'm going to go back in here to my domain manager on named silo and I'm going to click on my new domain all right so here's what we need to change down here where it says name servers click that button change and this is what we're going to change I'm going to replace this I'll paste that in I have to go back to the site ground page and highlight this and copy it and I'm just going to delete this one and I'll click Submit awesome okay so now it says nameservers ns1 SiteGround three to six and NS two SiteGround three to six so we are all good on name silo and we can actually just close this window so now we're back at the site ground window and we can actually really start up start setting up the actual wordpress site so let's go to my accounts and what we want to do now is to go to the admin panel make sure that you've got your domain here if you have multiple domains you'll see multiple ones listed under here and you'll have to choose which one that you go to the admin panel for so let's go to the admin panel waiting waiting waiting alright so this is our WordPress login page here's where you will put in your credentials that you set up earlier I'll click login all right so now SiteGround is pretty cool because it has this sort of WordPress wizard and it's very easy to use so let's go through that now let's go to start now and what it's going to ask you to do first is choose a theme now it says we've gathered some of the best free and paid themes so if you want you can choose a theme here and because this is a tutorial and I want to show you how to get up and running quickly I will choose one of these free themes let's go ahead and choose makeup artist great design choice that's fine we'll click confirm and then if you want you can add some plugins again just look through these and see if you want to install them I can install one for you now if you want let's see um let's do jetpack and contact form that should be alright let's click continue and marketing one of the best SEO plugins is this one by Yoast so I will definitely select that one and I'll click complete alright so now what they're doing is they are installing the theme and the plugins that you chose and in just a second we're actually going to be able to go to the site and see what it looks like okay so says congrats your site is ready I'm gonna go to the dashboard you can choose view site if you want but I'm gonna go to the dashboard so that you can see what it looks like to have WordPress fully installed and what the dashboard actually looks like so this is the dashboard you've got some options here at the top you can view your site etc and over here on the left side this is where your main menu is so if you want to add a new post you would go to posts if you want to add a new page such as your contact form or your about page or your Terms of Service you would go to pages and click add new page if you would like to set up the your well customize the theme you can go to well I think you can go to themes and then customize or you can go straight to customize the widgets submenu down here or the widgets option down here in this little sub menu I should say that is where you will configure your widgets and depending on the theme you have your widgets will appear in various places in your theme usually there's like a sidebar widget and there's a footer widget and sometimes there's a header widget if you would like to configure menus you can do that from here and what else should I show you and the other things that are kind of important are in settings you want to go to general and set all this up and then you can also click down here into writing/reading etc to make sure that you've got the right settings down there but let's go to the site and see what that looks like I like to do well go up to my and go to visit site but what I like to do is click do right click on my mouse excuse me and then click open link in new tab because if you don't do that it'll open in the current window and sometimes it's a little easy to get lost so I like to open in a new tab and this is my new site so as you can see I've got my domain up here this is the theme that I chose and this is all filler so all these things will have to be replaced I will need to replace these images with my own images I'll have to replace the text with things that I've written yeah so that's basically it so I hope this was useful for you we're in at under 15 minutes here so I think that was pretty good Alright guys, so that's it for this video I hope you found it useful If you did please give me that thumbs up, I really would appreciate it and if you haven't subscribed yet be sure to subscribe and if you click that little bell you'll be notified when my new videos come out So I'll put links to all the resources that I mentioned down in the description below and I'll see you in the next video

Thanks, guys! 'Bye!

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