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How to Start an Email List — Tutorial Video #1

What's up guys? Pat Flynn here from smartpassiveincomecom, and welcome to your email marketing tutorial

I'm here to help you grow your email list So, we'll start from the beginning and then walk through an outline on exactly what you're gonna learn here And then I have a few things to say before we get started This video's gonna show you how to set up your email service provider, the little tool you're gonna use to start collecting your email list And then I'm gonna show you how to create an opt in form and place it on your website

In video number two I'm gonna show you exactly how to create lead magnets, which are little incentives that you can create to gather more email subscribers And also, I'll show you exactly where on your website you can place an opt in form In video number three I'm gonna give you some more advanced strategies that people are using to start to scale the list building process Then in video four I'm gonna show you exactly how to use your auto responder, which are emails that you write ahead of time that get sent out to your subscribers after they subscribe And then in video number five I'm gonna show you how to actually create broadcast emails that get sent to your list


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And then finally, in video number six I'm gonna show you some more advanced segmenting and tagging strategies So you can really start to do some ninja things to really deliver some amazing content to your audience and, obviously, get better results So, before we dive into an email service provider and I show you how to create and opt in form and place it on your website, I wanna talk really quick about why emails are very important Now, when I was starting out, I didn't really think collecting email addresses were very important I was more focused on creating content on my blog and actually getting traffic

I didn't really care about emails because, well, I didn't have anything to sell Or I didn't even know what I was gonna say Well, the one big thing that I would change if I could do it all over again, would be I wish I could start my email sooner, my email list sooner And the reason is because, it's not just because you can have then a list of people that you can share things with in terms of selling and recommending products Yes, that's part of it

And actually it's a very small part of it Moreso, you're able to build a deeper relationship with your audience You're able to teach them and give them information And provide value that will help you build that trust, that's very important, before any sort of transactions happen It's a way for you to keep your audience informed when things happen

There are so many benefits of an email list besides just having a list to sell to And actually, your audience can help tell you exactly what they would buy That's the beauty of an email list, more than anything, is you're able to use that list of people who have given you permission to send them stuff, who know that you are there to serve them You can ask them, "Hey, what can I do "to better serve you?" That can inform then, what blog posts you should write, what podcast episodes you should create, what videos you should do, and also what products to sell So, your email list is way more important than just, you know, what can you sell? Yes, that's gonna be the end goal for a lot of you

But please make the end goal to be better serving your audience and you're gonna get better results throughout As you're going through this process and you're starting to build your email list, you're going to check your email numbers every single day And how many subscribers you got, how many people are opening those broadcast emails, and all those sorts of things And yes, those numbers are very important But you gotta remember, throughout this whole process, every single person on your list is a real human being

It's not just about having 1,000 subscribers It's about having 1,000 human beings on the other end And even if you're starting out and you just have, let's say, 50 subscribers Compared to others, that might seem like nothing at all But imagine a room full of 50 people

Who are there because they wanna hear from you Now, that starts to put into perspective exactly what we're doing here So treat your numbers like actual human beings and you will better serve them and you will get more results that way So, just wanted to get that out there Let's start the tutorial now

So let's dive into an email service provider and I'll talk about my favorite one ConvertKit And then we'll get into how to create an opt in form and place it on your website Now, that being said, it doesn't matter what email service provider you end up using Whether you go with ConvertKit or a completely different one, it doesn't matter All of these principles, in this tutorial, throughout the entire six videos, are gonna be useful for you

So, let's dive right in So what I wanna do is walk you through the beginning stages of how to get started with an email service provider No matter which one you end up going with, there are, universally, some really important things that you need to do the moment you sign up and set up your account, that are vital to your success with email marketing And I'll show you those things in just a moment I do wanna speak on really quick, why I choose to recommend, why I choose to use, and why now I'm actually an advisor for this company ConvertKit

They're my ESP of choice because they are the easiest to use, the best designed ESP out there They also have a lot of amazing, advanced, features that I've always been looking for, that are gonna be really helpful for you to maximize your results And I'll show you those things in later videos within this email marketing tutorial I will say however, if you'd like to check them out, go through my link smartpassiveincomecom/ck

And that is my affiliate link, so I do get a commission from that I just wanna be up front But it's at no extra cost to you So, you can get started and give them a shot And, of course, being an advisor, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask me

I'm here for ya' Now what I'm gonna do is click on the get started button here, and set up a totally brand new account I'll see you on the other side, after I fill out my billing information and get everything set up So, hang on Be there in just a sec

After you sign up, there's going to be a few more details that you need to include And it starts with your address Again, this is universal, no matter which email service provider you use You will not be able to send any emails unless you include an address And the reason is, because there are anti spam laws into place that require you to have that address at the bottom of every email you send out

Now, keep that in mind, when you might be thinking about putting your home address on there I actually wouldn't recommend doing that If possible, put a business address there or different address Because you want that information for your own home, private of course So keep that in mind

But, whatever the case may be, you need to include an address there for sure Then you can include information about your website, whatever that website might be And then finally your default email settings which are gonna be your from name and your reply to email address Now the from name is going to be what people see, in terms of where, or who is sending this email And you might be inclined to put your brand name in there, or your website name in there

But I would highly recommend against that I would recommend including a real person's name Hopefully, your name, if you're the one who's corresponding with your email subscribers And the reason for that is because when you see an email come into your inbox, you're more likely to open it if it comes from a real person And as I always say, "The more human like "you can be online, the easier it is "to connect with people

" And for things like opening emails and clicking through the links within the emails The more you can become a person, the easier it's gonna be for you So, I would include a real name in here So I'll just include mine And then the reply to email address is where people will reply to

So if people click the reply button on an email that you send out, that's the email that will receive those replies from your subscribers So, once you have all that filled out, click on, save your information, and we'll keep going And next step, we're going to create a form A form is something that you embed and place on your website, so you can begin collecting new subscribers You may ask for a name

But no matter what, you're definitely gonna be asking for an email address And we'll show you how to set that up really quick here in ConvertKit And then finally, I'm gonna show you actually how to embed that form onto your website We'll save a lot of these other things in this handy checklist for the later videos But for now, let's start by creating a form

To create a form, all you have to do is click on the create form button At this point, you choose whether or not you want to build a landing page or have a form like, which I said earlier, then you can embed on your website A landing page is, essentially, a website A single page, that ConvertKit will provide for you, that has a form on it So you can even begin collecting subscribers right now, without having a website

This is extremely useful if you are setting up a website very soon But you wanna start collecting email subscribers now Like a coming soon page for example Well, this will be really helpful It's also a great way to collect email subscribers on just a full page

About a particular incentive, which we'll talk about in the next video Some sort of reason for people to subscribe So that they don't have any other option but to either subscribe and check that thing out or exit So, if you wanna just try that you can But for now, I'm going to click on a form here

And we'll be able to show you how to set that up and then put it on your website From here you can choose the form style On the left you can see that there is a form that you can embed within a post, for example, or within a page that is inline with the actual text there And you can add a few more things, like a headline and a sub headline that will incentivize people to subscribe Here in the middle you have a little bit more options in terms of customizing the text and images around your subscription button here

And then finally, you just have this plain and simple, name and email address subscription line, with no text around it, that you can choose, as well So, for now I'm just gonna choose this first one And we'll show you how to set that up Here you're gonna see a preview of the form But it's also editable

So I can change the headline to, get your free gift, for example I can change the subtext to something else, if I'd like I can even change this text down here and even what it says within the box, best email address Sometimes it works out really well Even what's in the subscription button, get it now

So once you do this, you wanna click, save, whatever it is you end up changing You can also change the colors here, as well So let's say I have a, more of a red color, instead, that I wanna highlight, for the border there And then I'm gonna click, save, to make sure that is saved Now, before I embed this on a website, and you can always end up changing these options later, I do want to mess with the settings a little bit

And what I mean by that is by clicking on settings, I can change the form name Which is gonna be really helpful for organizational purposes, later on So I'm just gonna make this be, primary offer on, let's say, about page, for example You can get very specific with this if you like And then for now we're just gonna keep it as a form on the website, instead of a full landing page

Again, like I said, you can change any of these settings that you previously set up, later on I'm also going to click on style here To show you that you can always change the style You can go back to the full form style, which includes the images and a little bit more room for text Or you can go to the naked one

Which is just the name, and the email, and the subscription button You can even have it become a Modal window, which means people click on a button or a link to then have the form pop up Or you can have it slide in But for now, we're just gonna keep it as an inline There's some other options here as well

You can delete or archive it if you want You can duplicate the form if you have the same form but you want it on different pages You can integrate it with other fancy, more advanced tools, which we'll talk about later But for now, I'm just gonna click on save form, to make sure we have that It should change the title, as you can see here

Primary offer on about page Now what I'm gonna do is show you what this looks like on the dashboard of ConvertKit really quick I'm gonna click back on forms here And you're gonna see that form show up You're also going to see the timeline of your subscribers here, which will change over time

This is where you'll be able to start to get into the analytics And you can create as many forms as you'd like There's an unlimited amount that you can create, here in ConvertKit, if you wanna do that Again, just go through the same process as we did before Now I wanna go back and edit or actually select one more thing here in this form

So I'm gonna click on that And you'll see the form there I'm gonna click on settings one more time And I'm gonna go to embed Because now we're gonna take this code and place it on our website

So that we can see this form and then get our first subscribers So you can do this in a couple of ways You can do it using the Java script code Which you can then copy down here and then put on your website You can get the raw HTML which some more advanced people like, because they wanna change a few things and style it up a little bit more

Those are for people who are a little bit more technical And then finally, if you have a WordPress website, ConvertKit has a WordPress plug in which makes this even easier for you So that within your page or your post, you can just simply place a short code And that's all you need to do, after that WordPress plug in is installed For now, I'm just going to collect the Java script code

And hit Command + C here on the Mac so I can copy it and put it on the website And I'll show you what that looks like in just a moment Okay, so here we are at GreenExamAcademycom, which is the very first business that I ever created, back in 2008 Still alive today, still generating an income

And I'm here on the about page Notice that I didn't have a sign up form And even though the website is different and it's a different account I just wanted to use this as an example because a lot of my other sites are very customized, where it would actually change the look a little bit But I wanted to show you just how easy this was

So here's the edit page section in WordPress With whatever editor you end up using even if it's WordPress or not, where you insert text there should be a place where you can then switch it over to HTML Meaning the code that then generates that text and shapes it in the way that it looks online And in WordPress, all you have to do is when you're editing a page or post you click on the text tab here And now you can see codes, like different websites, and links, and whatnot

So at the bottom I'm just gonna simply paste the Java script just like that And I'm going to hit update And then I'm going to go back to my about page here, and refresh it for you, to show you And as you can see, here it is there on the website, very easy to do If I wanted to change its' position I can highlight this and cut that

And then maybe I'll put it after this paragraph here And then I'll hit update And then I'm gonna refresh, on this page And you should see it move up the page like that So this is a great way to get in front of your audience when their on your website so that they can then be incentivized to leave their email address, which will then be collected

And ConvertKit will get into how you can look at even more information about your subscribers, where they're at, what they're doing, in later videos So that's how easy it is to do Now one more thing I wanna show you is you can also embed this particular form into the sidebar, using a widget, on your page Especially if you're using WordPress, this is quite easy So I'm gonna go back here to edit page

I'm gonna go to appearance and click on widgets I'm gonna open up the right sidebar here And I'm gonna find the text where we can add arbitrary text or HTML I'm just gonna drag and drop that in there, open that up In the contents section I'm gonna paste that same, exact script and save

Now when I come back to this page that should insert itself down here It should resize in a proper way It may look a little funky Sometimes you have to tweak it a little bit However, this is really cool

Because then it should be live on every single page where that sidebar shows up So I'm gonna hit refresh And see what happens There it is, it kind of laid itself out perfectly for me there, that's great So that's how you can put it on every page on your website

Let's go to just another page to see what happened So this is a page that I set up for people who are brand new And yep, it's right there too So people should see it all the time Now before we finish up I have one more thing I wanna do

And that is actually subscribe to this email list and show you what that's like So what we're gonna do is actually type in my Smart Passive Income email address now and hit, get it now Now there is no free gift yet, or anything like that You will see in the next video, what kinds of incentives you could give to your subscribers in exchange for their email address And that's gonna be what the next video's about

There's a number of different things you can do Not all of them are very difficult So we'll get into that in video number two But for now, you can see, I just subscribed, it says success Now check your email to confirm your subscription

And what that means is that [email protected] is gonna get an email that says, "Hey, are you an actual human being? "Click here to confirm" And then you'll be subscribed to the list Now you can have it so that people don't have to have that email and click through it in order to subscribe But I would highly recommend doing that

That's called your double opt in And when you go here to the main settings of your form, you will see, actually it's not there It's incentive email You can click to turn this off And remove that double opt in email for new subscribers

That is actually not a good idea Yes, it's an additional step But this way you know that people on the other end are human beings, who subscribe Because they will have to click through to say, "Yes, I'm a human "I want the emails

" And the more you can actually make sure that the person who's subscribing is a human, the better That's gonna make sure you have a quality email list It's not just about the quantity It's about the quality It's also gonna help make sure that robots aren't signing up to your list, just to get those free incentives that you're gonna offer

Which, like I said, we'll talk about in the next video So, at least, when you're starting out always click yes to this Click that on and then you'll see what this email looks like This is actually where you can craft this email And update this text if you'd like

Later on, in the next video, I'll show you how to include your incentive here and all those really important things So that's gonna be really cool But yeah, let's see what happens So I am going to go to subscribers And there are no subscribers yet Well, that's because smartpassiveincome

com has yet to subscribe So let's go into my email right now and then click on that link Okay, here's that email that came through It actually is from Pat Flynn And you can see that there's this button here

And also pay attention that address is there as well And there's always, every single time, a way for people to unsubscribe There's no way to get rid of that And again, that's because of the law Now, I'm gonna click, confirm your subscription

And it should take me to a generic page, a generic thank you page You can customize your own thank you page that people can land on, after they click to subscribe Which is a great way to continue that conversation But for now, just starting out, keep it simple You have your subscription confirmation here

Now what I'm gonna do is go back to ConvertKit And I'm gonna refresh my subscribers page And it should show my email address there And that also dates the time of this tutorial, by the way But I promise you I will continue to keep this updated

And I can actually click on the subscriber and get information about this person So the email address and a first name, if you're collecting it If you do wanna collect first name, you would have to change the form to one that actually includes the name on it It can actually show me which form they subscribed on So I can see that Pat subscribed on the about page on this date

And it is an active email Meaning it's somebody who had clicked that confirm your subscription button I can also see a history of the activity that this particular email address has had in the past So there's only one email that was sent out And it shows that it was that confirmation email as you saw

However, every time I send a sequence or an auto responder email, which I'll get into in video number four, for you, every time I send a broadcast, which we'll talk about how to craft and create the perfect offers, in video number five You will be able to see whether or not people have opened them Whether or not people have clicked the links in them It's a really powerful tool And then finally, you'll see here on the right hand side, tags

We'll get into tagging and some more advanced segmentation items in video number six, in this tutorial Which will allow you to even categorize your email address to create different groups and hierarchies, that'll allow you to better serve your audience too So until then, just congratulations on getting this far Thank you so much for watching this video If you wanna get involved with ConvertKit and try them out, again, I'm an advisor

I just wanna disclose that, for the company You can go through my affiliate link which is smartpassiveincomecom/ck Again smartpassiveincomecom/ck

And if you happen to be watching this on YouTube and you want to get access to all the other videos in a very convenient place, where there's some additional information for you, to help you really crush it with your emails, head on over to startanemaillistcom That'll redirect you to my site and all the videos And this complete tutorial which is, again, free I'm not even asking you for any emails to sign up for it

I suspect that if I give you enough value through this tutorial, you'll want to subscribe to get more stuff from me So that's my goal here So tell me what you liked about this video And I look forward to seeing you there at startanemaillistcom

Congratulations once again And I'll see you in video number two Hey, thanks again for watching this video If you wanna move onto tutorial number two, which is all about how to create lead magnets You know, little incentives to help get even more subscribers, you can click on the video over here

And if you're interested in seeing the tutorial page on my website, which has all these videos laid out, more information, even some give aways that you can get, you can click over here ♫ Video, video one, it was lots of fun ♫ And now it's time for you to go to video two ♫ Ahhhh

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