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How to Tie a Tie: The BEST Video to Tie a Double Windsor Knot (slow=beginner)


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com Ties starting at 599 and you'll get your tie for free if you choose pay with TrialPay That is right, free if you choose pay with TrialPay Hi, my name is Ben and I'm going show you to tie tie

We're going to tie a and it is a very popular because it is symmetrical Ok, so first step is to put you collar up and put tie around your neck I keep long end in my right hand because I'm right handed and short end in my left hand first step is to cross them over Cross them over like that

you want about a half a foot on the short end and you can adjust depending on the size of your neck One rule of thumb is that you'll see on most ties that they've beenthey have a little line where the manufacturer sewed it And so, you just line it up right there with that line and you switch hands Remember, I had itI had the long end in my right hand, well, I cross it over and I switch hands like so And then I take this endthe long endand I stick it up and behind through this little hole that I haveso, behind and up through the little hole and then pull it all the way through

Then down Now, I don't switch hands, I keep it on the same side Remember, before this tie was just coming down strait but I went up through and thenand now I'm at this point This time, we put it around back We don't go through like we did last time, we put it around back and then switch hands right here and put it up through the front of that hole between the necktie and your neck If you've done it correctly, what you have is the inside of your knot At this point you can kind-of shape it to the shape you want

It is a triangle Shape it to the shape you want and if you've done it correctly, that is what it should look like right there The last step is to put a cover on the inside of your knot Push this aroundyou push it around all the wayso you kind-of wrap that inside knot and then push this up through the hole between your neck and the tie

And once we pull this through we're going to stick it through this little tunnel we created See, when we go around the front, we've created a little tunnel that we can push the tie through So, you push it up, pull it through and then open up this little tunnel that you've created and pull the tie down through Keep the small end in the back and you just kind-of tighten it and pull it like so You can shape your knot however you want and you just play with it till you get the tie just how you want it

Tighten it up to your neck Pull your collar down and walla! Now, this tie is actually going to be a little bit short when I line it up like I did at the beginning, so when I tie this tie again I'm going to not line it up with the line, I'm going to make the wide end longer The longer I make the wide end, the longer it will be in the end So, you need to practice it until you get it right I'll do it again to see if we can't get this right

Music Music Music We hope the video was helpful If you have any questions, send us an email at [email protected] And, if you want a free tie, go to mynicetiecom and look for the link "free tie"in the footer


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