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hey what's up guys my name is Mark and day I want to s you how you can old analog under the and I just want to be perfectly clear that I'm talking about transferring home-movie analog tapes not copy written material tapes because that would be bad like federally-backed and the best part about this is that it's easy well it's not that easy here's where you're gonna need a computer PC or Mac will do a camera or machine with an audio/video output or high a tape you're going to record an RCA cable and the most critical component you'll need is an adapter I'm using the ion video to PC it's both PC and Mac compatible so now you know what you'll need here's how you'll set it up connect the RCA cables to the camera or VCR output then connect the RCA cables to the adapter connect the USB end of the adapter to the computer you want to make sure you've installed your capture software that comes to the adapter once you load up the capture software you can mess around with a few video settings choose your codec and to record to and where to record your videos now keep in mind a one hour tape will take one hour to record so budget your time accordingly once you're ready to record simply select the record button to start the recording process and press play on your VHS player or camera deck to play the video what I love about being able to do this personally is kind of something that was a lot harder to do 20 30 years ago is is edit this video Ricky Martin's coming here once those memories are kind of in the computer you can kind of like create sort of a highlight reel it's very tight and succinct and add music and have titles that really kind of makes it a bit more interesting to watch there's definitely value in being able to do this in a sec for me it's been amazing to be able to relive my last day of high school and my trip to Prince Edward Island when I was 10 years old I mean there's a lot of value in to being able to do this it's a lot of fun and in terms of if you love editing then you can have a lot of fun cutting my stuff and it makes the perfect gift after what I did for you to snow yes well that's it for this video guys I hope you enjoyed it and hope you found it somewhat informative oh I also hope it's maybe inspired you to dig through your own home movies because they promise you the journey and effort will be worth it thanks for the Mars if you have any questions or comments about the digitizing process like here to use or about the editing process of these videos then leave a comment below I'd be happy to answer it thank you so very much for watching and we'll see you next time how's that for a transition to analog set the cameras on a table

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