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How to Transform COOKIES into a CAKE – 3-ingredients – no oven, no eggs – Ground up ALL Girl Scout 🍪

(playful upbeat music) – Greetings my beautiful lovelies It's Emmy

It is day two of my Girl Scout adventures If you've missed the Girl Scout ultimate taste test please check out the link down below I tasted all the flavors of Girl Scout cookies Comparing the two bakeries, ABC versus Little Brownie Bakers Along with a bunch of doops

I did that yesterday and I have to say I felt gross afterwards I had all kinds of indigestion and I just I felt bloated and I did not feel well But today is a new day and I'm feeling just right as rain And yeah I took some digestive enzymes which helped and drank a lot of water, drank a lot of tea And today's recipe was inspired by one I tackled a little while ago using cookies in combination with antacid called Eno

So you combine the antacid along with crushed cookies and milk and then you steam it into a cake And today I figured I could do the same thing but rather than using antacid, I'm gonna be using baking powder Because Eno, the antacid powder, consists of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate And when they are combined with water they activate, release carbon dioxide bubbles, and they're supposed to alleviate some of that indigestion Well baking powder, not surprisingly, is composed of an acid and a base as well

Sodium bicarbonate and creme of tartar, or tartaric acid, they make a chemical reaction and release CO2 gas and that's where we get all those bubbles in our cakes and pancakes and all those things that we want leavened So that's what I'm gonna be using today I'm gonna be using backing powder, my cookies and some milk Grind them all together and make the ultimate Girl Scout cookie cake! Now this should be interesting I think because I'm gonna be combining all of the flavors Now peanut butter and peanut butter, chocolate, great combination

But then we introduce mint and then (bag crinkling) lemon? I think these two flavors are gonna make some interesting combination here But won't know until we try Got some toffee too, why not So let's go head and do this So today's recipe is adapted from Cooking Shookin and I will put the link to the original video and recipe down below

So there are nine different flavors and I have 16 packages here because each bakery makes one specialty flavor So the first thing we need to do is weigh out our cookies So if you do any kind of baking, I highly recommend getting a digital scale These things are so handy and so accurate You can get them relatively inexpensively

Less than $20 We need 500 grams of cookies So each cookie weighs about 10 to 15 grams So I'm gonna do at least two of each flavor Two peanut butter patty

Two tagalongs Two dosidos Two peanut butter sandwiches Toffe tastics Two caramel delight

Two samoas Two trefoils Two short breads Two thin mints Two more thin mints

Two lemon ups Two lemonades Two thanks a lots Two 'smores And two more 'smores

So I'm at 398 So I'm gonna add one more cookie of each (upbeat music) Now we're gonna add all of our cookies into our food processor (upbeat music) all righty, so let's pulse this into a meal Here we go

(upbeat music) It smells like vanilla cookies, mint, tinge of lemon, little bit of chocolate Doesn't smell too bad So this recipe can't be any easier We're gonna dump our cookie crumbs into a bowl Two teaspoons of baking powder

(upbeat music) Work the baking powder in there Oop, there's a big samoa that didn't get chopped up We'll just kinda do that Two cups of milk (upbeat music) And make ourselves a cookie batter

Actually this is gonna be a cake batter isn't it Baking spray Spray the inside of my pan This is a nine inch cake pan That's my batter

I hope this works I mean it worked the last time I did it But last time I made it with bourbon cookies Which were a sandwich cookie so I don't see why this wouldn't work We're just using other kinds of sandwich style cookies

Well not all of them are sandwich Anyways I've got high hopes that this is gonna work Into a steamer tray So now we're gonna steam this for 25 to 30 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean

All righty here we go Bye Girl Scout cake! See you in a minute Da, da, da, da, right onto the steamer So we'll check on this periodically Make sure you have enough water in your steamer

And also you don't want the steam to be too high So you might have to adjust the temperature a little bit Okay, see you in a little bit Bye! Oh God, I hope this works All righty my lovelies, I am back

And here is the cake It has been cooling It took about 35 to 40 minutes to completely cook And it is tricky to tell when it's done Because this is a steamed cake

So when you put the toothpick in there it seems a little moister than a typical cake that you would put in the oven A good indication's when you start to see the cake kind of shrink back and pull away from the sides of the pan Then you know it's ready So after I took the cake out of the steamer I let it cool for about five minutes before I tried to invert it to get it out of the pan And this was a bit of a mistake

If you attempt this cake I would allow it to cool longer Maybe 10 to 15 minutes Because my cake ended up sticking at the bottom So then I re-flipped it and put the cake on this side because this sides a little bit more presentable than what I have But it did look fully cooked so I'm excited about that

So here's the cake and it's been cooled completely And now I thought it'd be fun to decorate it with a few extra cookies The trefoils would be cute Let's see if I can get some cookies to stand up in the cake So since we used all of the cookies in the cake, let's use all the cookies to decorate it

So I'm just using a little knife here and making a little slice (bag crinkling) and I'm just gonna sit the cookies in Right, right in there (gentle music) All righty my lovelies, here is the beautiful Girl Scout cookie cake I have to say it turned out more beautiful than I expected I think the real key to this cake right here is topping it with more cookies on top

It looks so stinking great, I love it And I'm gonna give myself a slice of the thin mint Because the thin mint is my favorite Girl Scout cookie All right It slices like an ordinary cake

(mumbles) Okay Moment of truth, here we go And there it is And it looks like a cake It actually looks a lot like a spice cake

It doesn't smell like a spice cake by any means But it's totally cooked Yay! So excited Okay, a slice here (gentle music) All righty so let's give our cake a taste

All right, let's see It's a very moist cake But it's completely cooked Yay, here we go Itadakimasu

(relaxing music) Mm That's actually pretty good I thought it was gonna be terrible Because there's the inclusion of lemon, mint, chocolate, peanut butter, butter, vanilla I would have thought too many conflicting flavors

Oh, and coconut as well But in actuality, none of them actually take over it just tastes like a sweet cake With a little bit of a minty flavor Just a tiny bit And some coconut

I can definitely taste the coconut The texture's really nice It's a very, very moist cake Because we steamed it we didn't bake it Mhmm

It's actually very nice Oh my gosh, I would have not thought in a million years that this would have ended up tasting actually pretty good Too many conflicting flavors right? But, no! For what it is, it's great Absolutely great And never in a million years would I have guessed that this was made of three ingredients

Ground up cookies, milk, and baking powder It has the same consistency as a cake Like I said, it has a very nice steamed bread like texture Very, very (upbeat music) moist Without feeling oily or feeling heavy or greasy

And it is plenty sweet Just the perfect amount of sweetness This is fabulous! This is so great! (playful upbeat music) I love it So surprised by that Oh my goodness

Okay and now I've gotta eat the decoration (playful upbeat music) So good Thin mints, so good And I won't tell you which bakery I prefer If you wanna find out you'll have to watch that other video I did

About tasting all the different Girl Scout cookies and comparing the two different bakeries But thin mints, ugh! So, so, good But back to the cake though, I am really really shocked by this In terms of texture this is a very moist cake with a very tight crumb It's not dry at all which I appreciate

(playful upbeat music) And ever so slightly you can feel a little bit of dust coated coconut in there Delicious There you have it My little experiment of combining all the Girl Scout cookies into a cake And topping them with cookies

Absolutely phenomenal All righty, thank you guys so much for joining me I hope you guys enjoy that one I hope you guys learned something Please share this video with your friends

Follow me on social media Like this video, subscribe, and I shall see you in the next one Toodaloo! Take care Bye! Go support your Girl Scouts (playful upbeat music) ♪ I've eaten so many cookies

♪ (playful upbeat music)

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