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How To Use Content Marketing To Grow Your Online Business

Hey everyone, this is Stefan from projectlifemasterycom and in this video I want to share with you a little bit about the power of content marketing, how to use it in your online business to attract people to you, to get traffic, to build your brand and I'm going to share a few tips with you guys that can help you really utilize it in a very effective way

Now content is one of the best ways to build your brand online It's one of the best ways to attract people In fact, if you look at Project Life Mastery, that's what I spend the majority of my time doing in my business, is creating content because that, by far, has been the most powerful way to get traffic to me and also to add value to people as well And content comes in many different forms Content can come in the form of a video like what I'm doing right now, by creating a video; a piece of content that hopefully adds value to you and benefits you in some way

It can come in the form of an article that someone might read on a blog It can come in the form of an image that you might find on Facebook or Instagram, a quote, it can be something funny, it could be something interesting or informative There's many different types of content Many different forms of content It could even be you interviewing someone else and that could be a form of content that's available online


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I want you to understand there's many different types of content and you've got to identify the best type of content that is going to be most relevant for your audience, for the market that you're in, or the niche, or the people that you're trying to attract because every niche, or market, is going to be totally different in terms of what they want, what kind of content that they're going to want to consume from you But there's many different platforms available for free for you to be able to create and publish content on That's the amazing amazing thing about the Internet Facebook is free Instagram is free

Twitter is free Periscope and Snapchat and Pinterest, YouTube – they're all free Anybody can sign up, set up an account and start creating content and these days creating content has never been as easy as what it is today To record a video, you can literally just take your iPhone or any phone that you have, most phones now have cameras on them, you can use that to record yourself and create content that you can upload onto the Internet If you've got a laptop, or a computer, most of them, they have webcams built into them or you can just, literally, find a webcam inexpensively and set that up with your computer and record videos that way

Anybody can write their own content these days and really, the Internet is a place where anybody can share You don't have to be an expert You don't have to be a know-it-all or an authority on a subject It's a place where anybody can share their experiences Anybody can share things they might have learned or things that they feel can help other people and that's the beautiful thing about it

Anybody can do it, anywhere in the world and, of course, from there you can attract people to you that way In fact, when I started creating content in 2012 for Project Life Mastery, I just had a little digital camera that I put on a stack of books, I didn't have any audio equipment or anything like that, and I just spoke in front of the camera; shared things that I learned and shared my journey, my goals and my fitness progress and I was able to attract people that way In fact, now, today, I've got all this great camera equipment and stuff but my most watched YouTube video is one from back in 2012 from that little digital camera that I had The camera even fell over in that video and I dropped my pen; I lost my pen, I couldn't find it and sure enough, that's my most popular video So I think there's a misconception from people where they think that, "I can't create content because I'm not an expert

I don't have the right camera equipment I'm not the best writer" None of those things matter, guys All that matters is that you just decide to get started and, ideally, the sooner the better The sooner that you start creating content and you're consistent with it, what's going to happen is you're going to get better as time goes on

For me, the content that I created originally back in 2012, I look back on and I'm like, "Oh my God That content was horrible," and that's only because I've gotten better Anything that you do enough of you're going to get better at Nobody is great at something the first time they do it Everybody sucks the first time that they do something but if you have a growth mentality and you're just committed to getting better and better at it as time goes on then, eventually, you're going to get much better at creating content

Now you can outsource content I've got a friend, Caleb, who built a brand called Young and Raw, him and Sheleana, they built a brand, youngandrawcom and it's all about raw food and healthy living They built that brand by having guest contributors contribute content to their website and they had health experts and nutritionists and all these health people submit articles to their website and they would get and reciprocate by getting traffic and exposure for them That's how they built their brand and sure enough, they've been able to monetize that through affiliate marketing and through their own products and many different ways of making money from that

So you don't necessarily have to create it yourself You could find other people that contribute to you You can hire writers and content producers that can create content for you as well and then you just have the platform; the hub that other people can submit their content to Many ways of doing it but content is by far one of the most powerful ways of getting exposure online Now content is also great because if you create a piece of content in your market based on what people want and someone consumes that content, they get some great value from that and they're like, "Wow

You know what? This is great I learned so much great information I got some good tips," and they receive value and benefit from them then, ideally, what's going to happen is they're going to want to subscribe to you That's what has allowed me to build my brand, is somebody might watch this video, be like, "Wow You know, this is really useful

I really enjoyed this video I enjoy this person He's got some great tips I'm going to subscribe to his YouTube channel or I'm going to subscribe to his email list or hit or like him on Facebook," or whatever it is, so that I can receive more value from that person So quality content is key

If you publish horrible content and I'm sure you've all consumed horrible content before You might find that on Facebook, you might click on it, you go to the article and you're like, "You know what? This wasn't very good" Or maybe you watch a YouTube video and you're like, "You know what? This YouTube video was not good so I'm not gonna subscribe to that" So it has to be quality If you publish quality then people are going to like and follow you and want more from that and that gives you the ability to build a relationship with that person over time to add more value to them and strengthen that relationship

Also what happens is when someone receives benefit and value from you, then they all of a sudden, they're going to develop a relationship with you They're gonna, maybe, trust you or develop some good will where they're gonna feel like, "Wow Ya know, this is great I owe you one Thanks

That was a great tip," and then, sure enough, the law of reciprocity kind of kicks in too When you give to someone then they're going to want to give back to you and I've found that in doing so, weird enough, I've actually had people that have offered to give me money, they've donated money to me, which I'm definitely very flattered by but more so in the sense of if you have your own product or service or maybe you're doing affiliate marketing, then that person's going to be more likely to buy it from you as opposed from anyone else because they like, know and trust you You've already given value to them and they're going to much rather do business with you, as opposed, to someone that they don't even know and that's, kind of, the challenge with a lot of forms of marketing out there, is that when you're marketing to cold traffic, people that have no idea who you are, they're going to be a lot less likely to buy as opposed from someone that likes you and knows you and trusts you, you've already received benefit and value from you That's what's really allowed me to do well online is because I've spent so much time putting so much content that a lot of people love, at least they happen to love it and they share that with me and they follow me and everything that when I release a product or I recommend a product or share a product, people know that they're going to get value from me They know that they're going to get benefit from me

Maybe not everyone but, for the most part, my tribe and the followers that I have, they definitely have bought my products and done business with me, which is really great So the key is with content Make sure that the content that you're publishing is relevant to the market, or the audience, that you're trying to attract So you've got to make sure that you create content based on what other people want, not necessarily, based on what you want Now when you're first starting out you're going to try to get that data by looking at the analytics and the stats of Google and YouTube and some of these other platforms that can tell you the search data, what people are searching for- that can give you ideas on what people are looking for to create content on that

Once you get a following, you get subscribers and followers, then you can listen to them You can find out what they want For me, people are always asking me questions and say, "Stefan, can you share this? Can you share that?" That gives me great ideas that I can create content on that I know that people are interested in You can also look to see at other, maybe, bloggers or YouTuber's or people on social media in the niche or market that you're in, you could follow them and look to see what people are resonating with What pieces of content, or topics, are people really loving? They're commenting, they're liking and they're sharing it and it's really popular for them

That is a really great indicator for you that that's an idea of something that you can also create content on as well The other key with creating content is consistency It's not enough just to publish something one time and then just never publish anything ever again Now, you want to be consistent with that and have a consistent schedule of publishing Whether that's once a week, once every three days, every day

It doesn't matter The main thing that I would say, I mean, if you could do once a week, I've found that to be key I wouldn't do less than that Once a week publish content, in terms of like a blog post or a video or a podcast That's a really important one

If you could do more, the better Okay? The more the better because that can give you more exposure For me in my business, I try to do at least five days a week although sometimes I've done every day Sometimes I've done it every three days or four days Whatever it is but just try to make sure that you're as consistent as possible with that

When it comes to social media, you are going to want to post even more consistently If you can actually post every three hours, ideally, on social media like Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, the better because the more frequent that you are, the more organic reach that you're going to have on Facebook and some of these platforms So you get rewarded for that So consistency is very important Now, of course, some of the social media stuff you could do yourself

You could outsource it at different points I did a great video, went into my content creation machine, and hopefully you watched that because that shares more about how I turn a ten minute video into multiple sources of content that I'm publishing online So it's about leveraging yourself, re-purposing yourself if possible so that you can create more content on all of these different platforms So getting in the habit- very, very important and I think, also, if you can create content around a niche or a topic that you have an interest in or even a passion for, you're going to have an incredible advantage because, for me, I don't have to spend time researching my content because my research is me reading books and me going to seminars and having coaches and going through courses and programs I'm learning so much because I stand on shoulders of giants and I'm learning from other people that allows me to to be able to share what it is that I'm learning and doing with you guys on my YouTube channel or in a blog post or whatever it might be

So, for me, the process of content creation, I find it so enjoyable and so fun, for me, because it's something that I would do anyways I basically get paid to journal online; to share things that learn and I've found that by me sharing these things that have benefited me in my life and things that have helped me or things that I'm learning- it helps me learn it even more Right? I think reading books is great, going to seminars is great, going through courses and having coaches is great but you've got to make sure that you master what it is that you learn For me, the process of sharing this and being able to put it out there online and create content out of it, it's really helped me to integrate it much deeper in my life and so the process of creating content is something that I would do anyways I think everybody should do it anyways because it is just a very enjoyable, very beneficial process

To give you an idea, even seminars that I go to, if I go to a seminar, at the end of that day at the seminar, I'm writing out the things that I had learned from that seminar to reinforce and go over in my notes and everything It just so happens that I just happen to do that on my blog and on my videos and it becomes content that I can share with other people as well So if you're in the fitness market, if you're in the self-development market, if you're in the gardening market, spirituality market, the habit market, the dog training market, whatever market that you're in, business marketing, et cetera, you should be interested in that topic that you're building your business around so that you can research and learn and be able to have ideas that you can create content off of So those are some tips for you I don't want to make this video too long but hopefully you receive some benefit and value from this

If you did, hit the thumbs up button Make sure to subscribe for more videos like this and leave a comment below I'd love to hear your thoughts on this as well I could really talk all day, all night about content It's one of my favorite subjects and it's been my favorite way to build my business and if you get anything from this, it's just get started with it

It's free to do it Anybody can sign up for Instagram and Facebook and YouTube You can set up website with a domain name for ten dollars a year Hosting is about five dollars a month Very inexpensive to start a blog and a website to share that content on and vice versa but just get started with it

If you want to know more information about how I've built my business and how I use content and how I make money from my content and do affiliate marketing, then I've got a great course and a free video series on affiliate marketing mastery You can go to affiliatemarketingmasterycom or click the link in the description below Head on over there You get four free videos from me

Check that out if you want to learn more but that's it for this video, guys Thanks for watching

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