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How We LOST 50 Pounds on KETO | (كيف خسرنا ٢٣ كيلو بفضل نظام الكيتو (بالعربية

Hello Beautiful people! my guest today is so beautiful and smart she is my beautiful sister, i love her and she is here with us Alya come here! im joking this is my little sister Mona and i love her to bits she is not older than me, she is taller a lot of you may have noticed that Mona was a little chubby and she has lost a lot of weight i am still chubby she is thinner now and she has become stronger and more energetic she is a happier person now so happy! so we wanted to talk to you today about the Keto diet so we have a hard time losing weight our family members are generally large and tall they are so tall! they go way up way up where? Go ahead, tell us about the Ketogenic diet we want to learn from you everyone is shook, they want to know how you lost all that weight so when i started the Keto diet i wanted to lose weight quickly but at the same time i wanted to do it in a healthy way i didn't want to starve myself because i needed energy i needed to focus and be able to function properly i did my research to see which diet fits my lifestyle best and i concluded that Keto is perfect for me first we should mention that we have PCOS yes we have Polycystic Ovary Syndrom which causes us to gain a lot of weight when we eat sugar even if it's in a very small quantity we get fat sugar is not good for anyone especially simple carbohydrates complex carbs are okay but if you suffer from any hormonal imbalance you should abstain from eating all kinds of sugar how does Keto burn fat? you need energy to burn carbs but when you follow a Keto diet, your body goes into Ketosis which means it starts burning fat instead of carbs this is amazing you start burning fat stored in all those stubborn areas you should know that when you start the Keto diet, your body gets what is called "Keto flu" it's like when you're sick and you have the flu you will feel weak and tired at first and this is completely normal so ever since i started the Keto diet a year a ago i lost 35 pounds! this is a lot! especially for a person who has a hard time losing weight and i think a lost a lot more of fat because i was exercising a lot and i built a lot of muscles so i probably lost a lot more than 35 pounds of fat i got people telling me that i look like i lost 50 pounds she looks like a whole different person now the old Mona is GONE! these are Mona's old pants, they're not huge but they're much bigger than her size right now if you are considering Keto, here's how to start so the first thing to do is to get rid of all the sugar from your fridge from your freezer and the rest of your kitchen and then focus on the foods you're allowed to eat a lot of people say Keto is hard you're not allowed to eat pizza or burgers they ask me: "don't you constantly think about sugar?" NO! i made a list of all the food i can eat and i focused on that this step is important for any diet you can eat a whole variety of food we have a list on what we like to eat on Keto we LOVE Shirataki noodles! i love pasta so it's hard for my to abstain from eating pasta i don't eat a lot but even if i eat a tiny bit, i get fat Mona brought a lot of different snacks with her ones that are Keto friendly we have chips, cookies chocolate i personally think that homemade Keto snacks are better for you i like to cut up cucumbers and add some olive oil, salt and pepper you can have cauliflower, broccoli and those types of food make sure you eat until you're full and that your meals are healthy if you are craving sugar, have some berries and dark chocolate it's super delicious and it will satisfy your cravings so tell us what do you eat on your first day of Keto? i like to have eggs with meat and vegetables and coffe i like to add have some olive oil and some seasoning with salt and pepper and then at 12 i eat chicken with a salad and some vegetables so this is your breakfast and lunch what about dinner? do you eat at night? i don't i do eat dinner and it's usually chicken or meat with a salad and vegetables do you eat foods that are high in fat? yes i love olive oil, i add it to everything i eat a lot of olives so what about the quantities? if you follow Keto correctly and stop eating sugar and carbohydrates i assure you that your appetite will decrease notably i used to force myself to finish my meal before Keto i used to eat a lot and never get satisfied i used to have a large appetite sugar increases your appetite and makes you hungry all the time you're allowed to eat protein and fatty foods like avocado, coconut, eggs, meat cheese oils, olives these types of food will help your body go into ketosis and burn fat efficiently i hope you enjoyed this video it is hard for us to explain everything about the Keto diet but we will leave a link down below for a more comprehensive video on the Ketogenic diet if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section and we will make sure to answer them we also want you to answer the poll that will appear on the top of the screen probably above Mona's head let us know if you tried Keto or if you know anyone that has tried it so this is our experience with Keto, i hope you understood what we were talking about we tried! Arabic is so hard we hope to give you more Arabic videos in the future i speak Arabic in the Iraqi dialect i don't know what kind of dialect Mona speaks let us know what kind of video you guys want and we will make sure to deliver we love you so much and we will see you soon!

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