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How will you get a loan to purchase an existing business whether you haven’t got security?

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– Hi, it's Connie from Prosperity Finance Thanks for coming to our channel

In today's video, I'm going to share with you a superb news It is a really benefit to individuals who wish to order a business in Fresh Zealand, particularly whether they don't have any existing property for security Now, in-the previous, we’ve got encounter a number of challenges the place we borrow money on behalf of clients to order existing business, particularly once they haven’t any property security Now, one reason is, for a bank, there's really no moment way out whether the business doesn't run rather well, despite the fact that we all have an intention to run a superb business, but a number of things are literally out of our control So, whether the business doesn't do well, you don't have a cash flow to pay the bank, then it's turn out to be poor debt and the bank have to jot down it off

So, there's is a number of risk for them in comparison with you borrow to order a property At smallest the bank can sell the property and get well the debt So, there's much higher risk whenever you borrow for unsecured loan Moreover, for some people, they don't really have an commercial enterprise experience, and whether the business actually not a franchise model, the prospect of at smallest to preserve the earnings that the seller perform is a challenge itself So, it besides leave a number of uncertainty, a number of risk to the lender

And besides to be frank, the bank only, banker have only limited time per day they usually have a sales target Whether you borrowed 100K, 200K and require a number of work and energy Do they really have the inducement to of that? Probably not So, all those factors end in really limited cases the place we see the unsecured loan could be approved However, today, I’ve a really superb news for you


apply below, apply for the job, vacancy apply, apply now, download the application form, download now, download

We’ve got a lender that could be a bank actually It's a bank, registered bank in Fresh Zealand we’ve got a partnership with, they’ve this product offering So, it is unsecured loan and normally, they will lend as much as 300K and you’ll borrow as much as 50 percent of the order cost So, I'm really excited about that and I'm a business owner myself I actually hope that may help a number of business owner to get into business

Without this product, probably turn out to be unimaginable So, whether you have an interest in these sort of products, you need to purchase a business and want a funding as much as 50 percent or whether you recognize someone in your network who'd benefit from that, please get in touch with us and we need to help you, okay? So, whether you just like the content, please sign up our YouTube channel, we’ve got a weekly choice financial tricks to help you Okay, see you next time, bye for now

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