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HOW2: How to Eat an Orange!

– [Orange] Fruit-lovers, I'll get right to the point Knife is my co-host on today's episode of "How 2!" – [Knife] (laughs) Yes, it's slice to finally be here, Orange

I'm extremely excited because today we're showing the audience "How 2" eat an orange (cackles) (record scratches) Wait, why aren't you scared? – [Orange] Me? – [Knife] Yes, you Nothing bothers you about today's video? – [[Orange] Not really I mean it is a little off-putting to see you with a wooden handle, but– – [Knife] Ignore my handle, I'm trying something new – [Orange] Oh no, are you having a mid-knife crisis? (laughs) – [Knife] Ugh, Orange, you're not bothered by today's topic? The topic of "How 2 Eat an Orange"? – [Orange] Nah, sounds fun

– [Knife] Well, I must say I agree Shall we begin? – [Orange] Step One, wash the orange – [Knife] I guess that is a good place to start I mean, you should rinse off the fruit before putting it in your mouth – [Orange] Yep, so give it a nice long soak (water splashing) Maybe some bubbles? Ooh and a bath bomb

Oh, that's nice Candles would be nice too – [Knife] Ugh, why do I feel like you might be enjoying this a bit too much? – [Orange] What? I deserve it It's my last day alive, remember? – [Knife] (sighs) That is true Still, I'd like to cut straight to Step Two

(cackles) – [Orange] Step Two, massage the orange for a while (record scratches) – [Knife] Excuse me? – [Orange] You heard me, gimme a massage It loosens up my skin, that way it peels off more easily – [Knife] Oh, well that's a good point (whistles off) Get over here and give this orange a massage right now

– [Orange] (giggles) Yeah, and some oil would be nice Get way in there Oh yeah, that's nice – [Knife] All right, I believe it's time for Step Three – [Orange] Whatever you say, Knifey

Step Three, after you're done massaging the orange, give it a couple compliments Maybe a couple bucks, too (record scratches) – [Knife] Okay, now you're just being ridiculous – [Orange] Is it ridiculous of me to want to feel good about myself at the end of my life? – [Knife] Er, I guess not – [Orange] And is it ridiculous of me to want to have some money to cover burial expenses? – [Knife] (sighs) No, it's not ridiculous

Here, here's a couple bucks – [Orange] Thank you, now on to Step Four Buy dozens of decoy oranges with the money you just got (laughs) – [Knife] Wait, what's happening? – [Orange] Step Five, now you can cut the orange in half – [Knife] Well it's about time! But which one of you is the real Orange? – [Orange] I'm over here

– [Knife] (grunts) What the? – [Orange] (laughs) No, over here – [Knife] (grunts) Grr – [Orange] (laughs) Maybe you've noticed I've filled the decoys with surprises – [Knife] I'll give you a surprise! – [Orange] (laughs) Colder Colder! Warmer

Hotter (laughs) You couldn't be hotter You're fire-hot You're on fire! (suspenseful music) – [Knife] I've waited a long time for this moment, Orange Say goodbye! – [Orange] No, you're on fire! – [Knife] Huh? What the? (Knife screams) (Orange laughs) (fire crackles) (silly music)

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