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I Made over $10,000 with this Facebook Marketing Software

I had always been searching for easy ways to generate traffic using facebook to sale my Sparks Stretch Mark Removal Soap and oil.

As you know its quite difficult getting massive traffic on facebook manually without having to advertise. Facebook makes it difficult to get visits, this is their intentional act to encourage users to advertise with them.

I tried several methods like posting on groups manually, tagging friends and so. Until I came across this unique Facebook marketing software I was able to sale over $10,000 of my product on facebook free in less than a month.

Don’t get worried this is not another sales pitch, the facebook marketing software is totally free.

Advantages of this facebook marketing software

  1. use Facebook group transfer tool
  2. unmute stories for multiple or all Facebook friends
  3. unlike multiple / all Facebook pages
  4. unfollow multiple / all Facebook pages
  5. unfollow multiple / all Facebook groups
  6. unfollow multiple / all Facebook friends
  7. suggest your friend to add another friend
  8. start a Facebook tool using context menu
  9. send sticker to your Facebook friends
  10. send messages to your Facebook friends
  11. remove / unfriend all Inactive Facebook friends
  12. remove / unfriend all Active Facebook friends
  13. post on multiple Facebook groups ( Text only )
  14. poke and poke back everyone on Facebook
  15. mute stories of multiple or all Facebook friends
  16. like multiple posts on Facebook
  17. leave multiple Facebook groups
  18. invite your Facebook friends to like a page
  19. invite your Facebook friends to an event
  20. hide “Seen” tick for Facebook messages
  21. get public phone numbers of your facebook friends
  22. get group member IDs of Facebook group
  23. follow multiple / all Facebook pages
  24. follow multiple / all Facebook groups
  25. follow multiple / all Facebook friends
  26. download Toolkit For FB for various web browsers
  27. download Facebook videos
  28. delete all visible comments on Facebook
  29. click all add friend buttons on Facebook
  30. claim group adminship
  31. cancel all pending friend requests on Facebook
  32. backup your Facebook friend list
  33. backup liked Facebook page list
  34. backup joined Facebook group list
  35. automatically send birthday wishes to your Facebook friends
  36. automatically click all share buttons on Facebook
  37. accept or reject all Facebook friend requests
  38. Add Facebook friends as a group member

You may already have known about this application, fine. However, there are a ton of people yet to know about this useful tool.

It has the free and the premium version. I used the free version to achieve my goal.


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