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Il était une fois la Petite Sirène et le business plan – Episode 1 – Les contes Sefico Nexia

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Sefico-Nexia Hello! – Do you intellect whether I put my cock of this kind? – So, Madam – Miss – Miss, sorry Meunière What can I do for you ? – So, whether it meant nothing to me But apparently my banker wants me to do a business plan prior to I can donate me money to put up my box Because I’m the one Meunière in-the family to get into this business – All my congratulations then But what business is it? – I launch my brand of shoes! – Ha  magnificent! Remarkable

I’m certain you could have real expertise on the topic and more! – I’ve mostly in-the jar So, I considered everything In there, you’ve the numbers, the drawings of the products, there’s everything that you simply need So what you do is that you simply put all that in shape, and I’ll pass on to the banker – Wait, wait! Wait

There are still a whole lot of elements lost Your banker will never lend you money whether you submit an incomplete business plan It takes time and a whole lot of thinking this sort of document you understand It's a little bit of a compass to your project, the one that may guide you to the tip – Ha no, no, but I don’t need a compass, eh

I have already got a state-of-the-art sonar built into my portable seashell – Here, there There, for example, you forgot to say the corporate system It is going to be a SARL or an SAS? – That's meaningful? – Relatively yes ! Based on one or the opposite, your tax obligations is not going to be the equivalent Another thing: Are you planning to hire employees? – I’ve a superb half-dozen sisters who’re able to put the fin in-the dough But hey, it's the family we'll manage – But even whether it is the family, Miss Meunière, it can be essential to specify it Alternatively, I see that you haven’t forgotten to say your remuneration

12,000 net euros per thirty days It's not so much to start out, that? – Oh? But that? Show me It's a fair reward for locating a superb concept

Because yes, sir, it's a superb concept! – And what’s this revolutionary concept? – The waterproof shoes but sexy! – Clothilde? Cancel my next appointment please Clothilde? Actually, cancel all my appointments

– The business plan allows your coming employees, your investors and even your family members to raised know the character of your coming business With this document you demonstrate the relevance of your concept and your products to banks or investors in order that they make up to finance your project Warning ! All amounts shown in-the business plan have to be quoted net of taxes apartfrom those in your cash plan From the presentation of your team to your financing plan, your business plan have to be clearly structured and detailed That’s the reason it is really helpful to call an authority to help you in-the realization of your document

– Finish the sperm whale style because of the shoes that go into the water And whether your business goes to hell, and also you get to Seficooooo!

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