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In The Cave #33: How To Make More Money With Facebook Ads


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– This week we're talkin' about five ways ong>toong> another episode of In the Cave I'm Jordan Scheltgen – I'm Justin Kerby and we're not in Santa Monica 'cause Taylor, who's behind the camera, doesn't want us to mention it anymore because he thinks it's getting repetitive (laughter) That's not a beach right there

– That's not a beach – It's definitely not a beach – Not a beach – Anyway– – Awesome – [Justin] Today we're talking about Facebook ads

– You narrate I'll move my mouth We're gonna talk about five ways : underline;”> improve your advertising What is reason number one? – I guess we shouldn't mention that we don't have beers again, either Probably gettin' ong>toong>o repetitive

Huh, Taylor? (laughs) The first tip we wanna give you guys, when it comes to running Facebook is ong>toong> your goal What does that mean? – So, you wanna start any campaign, marketing, Facebook, or anywhere, and look at what you're trying to do Are you trying ong>toong> just get brand awareness out? Because if you're trying ong>toong> do that, you can target a really broad spectrum of people, right? You can go 18-25 year olds nationwide However, if you're a local song>toong>re owner in Columbus, Ohio and you're trying to get people ong>toong> come in and use a coupon or use 10% off this weekend, you gotta get much more targeted People who are interested in your products

People who live within 25 miles People who make between a certain amount of ong>moneyong> So really look at what you're trying to accomplish, and then backtrack from there when you look at your targets – Always have the end in mind And the second tip that we want ong>toong> talk about– and we shot a video on re-targeting before, so if you are curious as ong> set it up, check out that video

That'll be the song>howong> notes at cavesocialcom/show But the second tip is, we want you guys on: underline;”>to set up a Facebook pixel What the Facebook pixel does is once you install it inon: underline;”>to people on Facebook who visit your website

So it's a really easy way ong>toong> capture that traffic that's coming inong>pic is the– Is it emails? – It's emails – Emails – Sometimes we gotta check on the phone See what the tips are

Tip number three – Is using emails that you've collected elsewhere ong>toong> actually load inong>toong> Facebook 'cause you can target these people So Facebook has a tool where they will let you upload, and then it'll run their diagnostic on the list and see on: underline;”>to those people on Facebook I know that sounds like a lot Once you load it in, it's very easy to understand

– We've got another video on the three most profitable types of Facebook ads, and that is 100% one of the most profitable ways that you can win on Facebook, is by using an email list If you already have an email list, it's over a thousand people, you're gonna love the results you see 'cause these are people that are already connected ong>toong> you on Facebook They've already song>howong> some interest in your brand Advertising to them couldn't be any easier So, be sure to check that out

The next one we wanna talk about is trying different types of ads So carousel ads and video ads There's a ong>toong>n of different ones – Facebook gives you a couple options They have options specifically for mobile, and ones that are for deskong>toong>p and both

So there's single-phoong>toong> ads, which is the standard Facebook ad you're seeing They're the easiest ong>o

Mobile ads that will go on display network, canvas A

– Absolutely And the last thing we wanna talk about, the last Facebook tip for ads we wanna talk about is– Oh my God! I'm falling off the– (laughs) Last Facebook tip we wanna talk about– (laughs) – Is matching– (laughs) Okay! Matching (laughs) – Matching your ad ads on Facebook for, like, a Honda Civic You'll see an ad for a Honda Civic on Facebook

You click on that ad, and it takes you ong>toong> car dealership with no specific car We want the ad to match the landing page So, if you're running an ad for a Honda Civic, I'm looking at you specific dealership, have the landing page be for a Honda Civic Don't have it be for your whole slew of cars – And this even comes down to using the exact same headlines– – I'm just gonna go

– From page ong>toong> page (laughs) Clean exit Really look at matching that messaging Guys, those are five tips We got links in the boton: underline;”>tom

Ton of resources That was Justin He's gone I'm Jordan Take care

Oh! And before you go, that subscribe button, where Justin used ong> your website

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