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Instagram Marketing God.

Today I am going to tell you some tips of If you followed thoroughly, You'll be the I'll share my ow tips


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Which i personally use Even my brother uses the same strategy (He handles my instagram account) If you've followed us yet You can follow us on instagram I share productive post Through some research with all the data i created some useful tips for you So all the tips i am giving you, you'll see it on account too very soon There are many things which i didn't apply In the upcoming time you'll see First Point is : CTA Call to Action

What does it mean? If on instagram( an app where you can upload pictures/videos) Here you can not put link If you've noticed There's no option for adding link and if you do then it's not a clickable link So what did we do? We uploaded a call to action post What does it mean by call to action We added something like That if you agree with me Then type yes or tag a friend

What it does If you comment on a post, then people who follows you that post will appear in their feed too This will increase your reach Only if your post is good If your content is good Chances of being viral is high

Second tip is : Interact with your audience It means i need to interact with my audience If they comment Then i am supposed to reply I need to admire them for their response And once in a while you can go live

And instagram has a feature that There is a two way communication feature Whenever i am live I add one of the person from my followers So there's a two way communication If anyone wants to introduce their product or themselves , they can Gives them a little bit viewability And someone came live with me This will build a long term connection Resulting into customer for life He may tell about me to other people too Ultimately you'll grow Audience will connect

When you'll come live Other people will be curious to talk to you over the video Let's take my example People ask me many questions via mails, in comment section I don't have that much time to meet all But i am live on instagram And you requested to come live with me and i accepted it This builts a good connection with the audience

I try to answer all their queries So the mistakes i've made I realised I had a personal id named princesahilkhanna Where i used to upload my photos Basically it revolved around my personal life

Then i started my youtube channel I created an instagram page named intellectual indies so what i did I uploaded the same pictures i was uploading on my personal account But intellectual indies is my brand channel

I realised one thing I saw my intellectual indies profile It was filled with my Personal pictures After that if you've noticed I am posting everything about digital marketing if you notice You'll realise

This page is all about digital marketing Motivational so In between once in a while i may post my picture Because i think intellectual indies is sahil khanna Intellectual indies is known by sahil khanna If someday , some other person speaks Maybe you won't like it , i guess So once in a while , i upload my picture Also there is an option for stories as well

post as many stories you can I started this too after that Youtube has added a feature for stories I am confused now But now i will start a new series

Maybe no one in this world is doing right now It's going to be educational story feed It'll come very soon Where you'll see one story every day of minimum 10 seconds

Which will be productive for you everyday And it'll be a story means today's post and yesterday's post will be relatable It'll take the shape of a story as if continue following it everyday

I'll post it on youtube as well on instagram I am planning Like i told you You can not put links in instagram feed Instagram is not for promotion But You can add link in bio

Bio means your description Where if you open an instagram account You can add a link in bio And if you make a company page Then you can add your website link

or you can add in stories as well with swipe up feature After 10k followers, you've a swipe up feature After swiping up on a story, that video link will open If i want i can redirect it to a website or a youtube channel If i am a blogger, i can add my link

I can sell any service I can add someone else's link I can promote affiliate link I can do magic with this feature But when swipe up wasn't there when you are uploading a post You can say something like go to description for the link You may have seen this

I used to do the same Whenever i used to post a story, i used cta like link in description etc etc But now i have the access to swipe up feature Swipe up is far better Now what do you need to write in Bio

I was watching a Kofee with karan episode They were something like I will check that person's bio on zomato account So Some people do check other people's bio in their account Bio plays a very important role At the times of truly madly app, tinder etc I used to research on this

I asked to ask my female friends that what do you see in a profile of a boy And they told me that girl notices bio section What they have written in their bio These things attract So we need to work on bio

We need to define our bio in a way that after reading our bio he/she has a clear image of what we do I am a simple person My bio is simple You can check my intellectual indies bio If you are creative, you can modify according to that

Whether you are model or anything else Next thing is Your Profile photo If it's a company's account Like intellectual indies I've used the logo of intellectual indies And new logo is coming soon

If you go to my personal account, you'll see my image But what some people do, they put Jackie chan's photo as their profile picture That account looks fraud So if you want to make your brand page, then do keep in in mind these And do put a decent picture censored :p And build a good quality profile on instagram

Install google camera app It creates blur in the background And it gives a good quality image If you don't have a dslr then google camera is best google camera PORT

You'll get pictures Post good quality pictures not just for the sake of just posting I realised it after a long time> That i'll make sure quality of post is good I am telling you from my experience Last point is: For a business man/woman That convert your page into business page

DO not run it on personal id Business page has a lot of features I'll make a detailed video on this too How you can play with the settings of a business page How you can utilise it There are many new features in business page

and instagram will keep on updating it Because instagram wasn't made for businesses But business model of instagram is promotion So in order to do that They created a new category Business pages so that it is defines that this is a busines page This was all about instagram marketing I hope you like it, don't forget to like it And do tell me in the comment section below Bye goodnight goodafternoon goodmorning whenever you are watching this video


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