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Is Affiliate Marketing the Best Business Opportunity of 2018

hey guys it's Brian from BG media innovation and welcome I got a great one for here today so I did a couple videos or a couple videos I did a video a couple weeks back that was basically you know now that social media marketing has blown up so much and everybody's kind of hopped on that what is the best you know business opportunity of 2017 in you know the online realm at least and the answer to that question was obviously Amazon private labeling so if you're interested in that video check that out I'll link that a description for you below it's literally one of the best times to get into private labeling but you know I wanted to go in further because there's so many business opportunities out there so you know if you're not interested in I'm private labeling or maybe you're already into Amazon private labeling and you're not looking for another business to hop into what is the next best business opportunity of 2017 after Amazon private labeling so Amazon FBA is obviously phenomenal but if I had to put my finger on what the next business opportunity in 2017 is that you can hop on and basically make a lot of money doing from your computer is you know affiliate and cpa marketing now affiliate in cpa marketing relatively similar but i have a course on basically both so ivan course right here called email and affiliate marketing mastermind and of course called cpa marketing mastery and innovation now they're slightly different but they're relatively similar they both deal with CPA and affiliate marketing and you know you see the $200 price point right here don't worry about that you get a special discount for being a stay Youtube subscriber so I'll link this youtube subscriber discounts to both of these courses down below if you're interested but the phenomenal business models the reason for that being is you don't need any startup capital really to do them you know and I'm not gonna go into full in-depth on how how you can actually implement this because I have entire courses on them and I've spent you know hours and hours explaining and teaching this stuff so feel free to check them out but the reason for that is you don't need a lot of startup capital you know depending on the business model that you choose and weight the way that you go into it you can obviously do cpa marketing or affiliate marketing from a multitude of different platforms you can do Bing ads you can do Google Ads you can do Facebook ads and all sorts of stuff like that but I really go into teaching it from a different method and I use a free basically email marketing method to apply affiliate offers to and cpa offers to you know people that are basically looking for them but you're you're finding them and reaching them so what you're doing is you're basically being the the customer acquisition person and you're going out and you're searching the web for these people that are basically already inclined to want these things and then you're simply emailing than the author now the offer the power is in the numbers the powers and the scalability of this so i'm not gonna go in to it to to in-depth because like i said i do have an entire course on this but if you're looking for something that can potentially earn you up to about 10 G's a month now you're not gonna get there right away because you do have to warm your email account up and stuff like that but eventually once you scale it up you can definitely be earning about five to ten grand a month doing this no problem no questions asked no problem i have students that are making about five to ten grand a month right now you know not everybody is but you know it all depends on the scalability and really how much you're willing to put it and now this does not take a lot of time at all the most time that you're ever going to that you're going to spend doing this is basically acquiring the emails which literally might take you about ten minutes if you're doing if you're using one of the softwares from the course and this comes with a bunch of software to free software but if you're doing it you know manually it might take you an hour to max a day and then you're literally sending those emails out to to lists of about five to ten to all the way up to a hundred thousand depending on what you're using and just reaping the rewards of the people that click and sign up through your links so it's really really cool i'm not gonna go into the specific in-depth methods but check them out if you're interested that's the answer to what is the next great business opportunity of 2017 obviously after amazon private labeling so if you guys like this video obviously please like the video i'd really appreciate it helps Ken out alot comment and subscribe it and I will see you in the next one

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