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Jesse Tyler Ferguson Admits He Has No Idea How To Be A Dad

– Hi! – I love your shoes! – Look it you guys – Yes! – Come on, it matches the set

– Yes! – I know you match my set! – I match the set – They were like "Dress colorful" – You know I'm gonna be a dad – I know, congratulations! – I'm gonna be a dad soon (crowd cheers) – Yeah – I wrote you that card

– I know, I know I saw So any like parenting advice you have? because you're like a superstar mom – I am not – Yes you are – I've literally been this week going back and forth with my crew, going "I feel like a failure!" 'Cause they're acting, they're just behavioral kind of things happening, And I feel like with like two out of four children, that's not a good percentage

(laughing) You know? And that's why I wrote you a card I was like you know what, some days you're gonna wanna completely bawl, and drink a lot of wine in a bathroom alone and pray, And then other days will be great – See, I do those things already though (laughs) (audience laughter) – That's like a day that ends in wine – Yeah yeah yeah yeah

– Yeah – Okay – Just on a regular day – I love that you're gonna be– You're gonna be a great dad – Thank you

– It's the most amazing thing, so – I'm hoping (rock music) – This project is so big, we had to get two excavators This is Carol, and this is Patricia (laughter) They are twins

– [Carrie Locklyn] I don't know where he got those names, but only Jesse can make excavator sound cute – These are where the small bedrooms are They gotta go! – We don't always get to tear down a house, so when we do, I get really excited All right, Darren! Make it official! (audience cheering) – Oh my god, I love you! Welcome back! I'm here with Jesse Tyler Ferguson! And that was a clip from the new Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, which Jesse is now hosting You can watch it on HGTV

I am so excited, I was just telling you on break – Yeah – I loved this show – I know Me too

– And you're right, you said I feel like people need it right now – We do And you couldn't be more right – You know, times are weird right now, and I feel like the news cycle is so heavy, and it's like to turn on the TV and just watch people's lives being changed, people being given new starts, I think we all need more of that – Yeah

– And it also inspired me to just do more in my day to day life, you know? – Yeah – And you like interior design – You don't need a television show to do good And I love interior design – Yeah

– I do, yeah – I do too So the end of Modern Family is coming up, and it's just had such a long run, there's so many fans, you've made such an impact on society – Thank you – And made– I believed paved a way for other shows

– Yeah – Like that are very similar – I hope so (audience cheering) – And I think it's very cool – Thank you

– So, how many episodes do you have left, and are you kind of incredibly sad – Okay, so we have two more episodes to shoot and then we're done forever (audience boos) – [Kelly Clarkson] So final! – I just wanna make sure you all understand – I love that you're like, – You need to go through this with me (laughs) – Ripping the band-aid off

And then it's dead, – And then it's over – It's over It's like– – It will be on re-runs for– until the end of time I'm sure But it is– it's wildly emotional I don't know if I'm fully dealing with it

I'm kind of just like pretending it's not happening, I have cried on set many times Just I'll have to say a line like "Let's all just enjoy each other while we still can" And then I'm bawling (audience laughs) It's– – [Kelly] That's 'cause it matters to you – It does matter, and we all love each other so much, and thank you all for watching the show

(audience cheering) If you watch the show You're the reason I've had a job for the past eleven years, so thank you – I mean, eleven years for an actor, a straight-up job, that's a dream – For sure – Yeah

– I know, I know – That's awesome Okay, so you're also about to be a dad We talked about this But, we didn't talk about– 'Cause I remember when I started I thought, "Oh I'm gonna start having children" Everybody gave me every book, every like– all the advice

– [Jesse] M-hm – And it was overwhelming Yep, that's happening? – It's already happening – Yeah – I feel like, I mean as an actor you're used to like taking notes and like, you know, being collaborative

So I feel like it's sort of the same with my friends I'm like, "I like that piece of advice, I will take it" Or, "I don't like the piece of advice, (laughter) I'm not gonna take it So, but I'm honestly welcome to any suggestions, 'cause I have no idea what I'm doing, – No parent does – I think you're supposed to feed them regularly, right? (laughter) I know that, I have gotten that

– Sometimes wipe them, – Yes – Yeah – Yes yes yes yes

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