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Just Drink This Daily & Lose 1 KG Everyday – Burn Belly Fat Fast Without Exercise

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Hello friends, this is Nisha, welcome to the channel Simple Beauty Secrets Friends, Today I'm sharing such a recipe with you, by using which you can easily lose your weight up to 20-25KG

Friends, three techniques are very important for weight lose Number 1 technique, number 2 your diet plan and your life style Friends, not everyone can afford Gym So what are such techniques y using which we can exercise at home Friends, first of all, subscribe to our channel and like my video

So now we start making this weight lose remedy First of all, I'm adding one cup of water in saucepan Now I'm adding half lemon juice in it Now I'm adding one pinch of lemon zest Lemon zest contains large quantity of vitamin C

Now we are moving to our next step, but first of all like this video When saw that your tea is boiling then turn off the hearth Remember that, This tea can't be heated excessively, else the anti-oxidants of lemon will remove Now stain this tea and take in a small cup Remember that we need half cup instead of full

Now I'm adding 1 table spoon honey Honey removes bad toxin from our body and cleans our liver Ok friends, now let me tell you when have to take this tea When you wake up in morning, after 15 minutes, take a walk So that your body may warm up and sweat well

Walk almost for 20 minutes, if walk is not possible, and you have stairs in your house, then for 15 minutes circle the stairs up and down When you take this tea, it will immediately melt your fat Friends, this is the only technique of using lemon tea Often, people complains that their weight is not losing, because they are not following the technique After having this tea, don't eat for next one hour, then after one hour take a healthy breakfast

This technique was for morning, now let me tell you how to use it in evening Take your supper almost before 5 hours, before going to sleep If you not follow the instructions, it will not affect Remember that you have to take your supper before 5 hour, before going to sleep Friends, remember that, your supper must contains of less food quantity, less oily and less fried items

After 30 minutes of your supper, you must have take this tea The logic behind after 30 minutes is that it digest your food well If you use this tea for a month with the discussed instruction, you will observe huge changes that you would not believe and this is my promise to you that 10-12Kg weight will definitely lose Friends, try this weight lose tea and share your feed-back with me

I'll meet you in my next video, till then bye bye

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