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Keto For Life, Keto IS Sustainable – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

there are way too many occasions where I've heard people online or even in person talked about the fact that Keto and I called it a fact it's not a fact but about the idea that Keto is not sustainable I want to talk about that today because I think it's ridiculous and I want to let you understand why hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet I'm Violet I'm a psychologist and the reason I make these videos is to help people to understand that your mental health and physical health come together to create your overall sense of well-being so first let's just talk about me for a second I find the idea of lifting weights absolutely repulsive and I I don't have fun when I do it so would that mean that because I don't like to lift weights that I couldn't keep myself physically healthy answer to that is no of course that's a ridiculous thing to say right because before I ever decided to put a weight room in my home I was longboarding I was snowboarding I was skiing I was rollerblading I was biking I was so basically what happened there because I don't like lifting weights I found other ways to move my body and keep my muscles strong what I'm trying to help you first and foremost to understand is that if I really want something to happen so something for my better health something for my better finance something for my mental health if I want something to happen I'll find a way to make it happen and the same exists for you if you want something to happen you are gonna find a way to make it happen I'm starting there because I'm gonna go through four things right now with you about how you can make keto sustainable and I need you to understand that piece of information because what I'm about to say multiple ways to actually make it happen the first way to make keto sustainable is to make it easy and honestly in terms of diets and ways of living ways of eating I can't splined a easier way of eating that's healthy because the only thing on a ketogenic lifestyle that you actually need to know to do a ketogenic lifestyle well is that you keep your grams of carbs under 20 if you do just that one thing and that one thing alone keep my grams of carbs under 20 every day all the time no exceptions and I'm eating food then you will get into ketosis and you will be in a ketogenic situation so keep my grams of carbs under 20 that's the basic basic principle of keto that's what keeps you in ketosis so what happens to fats and what happens to protein your protein that you were eating now is going to be calculated the same way that it was calculated before and chances are most people who are eating protein on a ketogenic lifestyle who came from the standard American Standard Canadian diet did not know how much protein they were eating before so the first day I'm gonna start with is if I didn't know how much I was eating before how important is it in this way of eating less important than you would think however basically it comes down to have a much Bleen body mass you have there's a certain calculation that you would do to know how much protein you should be eating honestly I didn't focus on that most people don't need to focus on that however size of a portion of a protein that was healthy for you to eat beforehand so not when you were over doing it but whatever was healthy before hadn't probably healthy for you now but if you want to double check it's between point 7 I think to 1 gram of protein for every lean pound of body mass on you so in my case I believe the calculator told me that I should be aiming at 90 did I hit 90 all the time no did I go over 90 sometimes yeah did it change my results no but generally speaking what I did was I normally ate a chicken leg so the thigh and the drumstick before I started doing heat oh and I just kept doing that and honestly whatever a pork chop was if it was beat somewhere between 5 and 7 10 at the max whatever that side that's what I ate one because what I was used to eating that's what I kept eating fat eat until you're satiated so if you end up eating until you're satiated chances are very good that you're not going to be over consuming fat if you force yourself to eat fat you could over consume fat that's very heavy the majority of us will not over consume fat unless we're adding it to our coffee adding it to everything that we eat were pouring it over the if you add butter to everything and of course then it's possible but would you normally have cooked like that so if you cook somewhat normally and eat the fat that comes along with the protein that you're eating the chance that you overeat you're fat not very likely yes in the very beginning we add a little bit of fat to help us to manage the switch because we took our carbs well low we bring our fats up a bit so that the body doesn't have a change in the amount of energy then once the body starts pulling the fat from us we no longer need to do that because the fats coming here so if I'd if I eat it my body's not gonna take it from here it's gonna use the dietary fat that's coming in if you're trying to lose weight eating extra fat is not helping you so simple take your grams of carbs down simple the other question I often get is well do you do total carb or net carb err and honestly again simple if I have metabolic issues if I have a lot of weight to lose doing total carb is absolutely gonna help me if I have no metabolic issues and I'm out of fine weight doing that carb is probably gonna be completely fine now I started off with metabolic issues I started off with weight to lose I think saying it 70 pounds is a significant amount and I didn't that car everybody's different I encourage you to try so start living your ketogenic lifestyle and then see I'm doing that carb am I losing if I'm losing and I'm feeling better and my inflammation is going away and I have more energy and mental clarity zit then I can keep doing that carb which is what I did but if I'm not losing or I still feel achy or if I have issues I could switch to total carb it really will depend on you you need to listen to your body all right but you're aiming at 20 grams of carbs or less in order for the ketogenic lifestyle to be sustainable it needs to be satisfying and satisfying has two components it needs to taste good so I need to be satisfied by what I'm eating I need to like it what I'm eating and it needs to satiate me I need to feel fueled I need to feel satiated like I'm not hungry all the time most people don't continue on a diet because they don't like what they're eating tastes bad or they are hungry all the time not satiated if we satisfy those two conditions you are much more likely to be able to go on and eat this way well into the future now what I find interesting about this is that when you really think about what a ketogenic lifestyle is we're talking about the food we're going to eat all you are doing is making the same food but not putting carbs on the plate okay I know that means we're not eating bread we're not eating past though we're not eating rice or not okay what are we eating we're eating vegetables we're eating high-quality meat we're eating other foods like nuts and cheese we're eating things that are still very delicious we are taking off the foods that are harmful to us now of course we're not eating cookies we're not eating cake we're not eating all the junk food this is where people become very very frustrated because they want to eat cookies they want to eat cake they want to eat junk food they want to eat pasta they want eat bread here's the thing I need you to think about if you think right now today about one year ago the chips you're eating today versus the flavor of chips you were eating a year ago or the style of chips are the chocolate bar you're eating today versus the kind of chocolate bars you're eating a year ago the foods that you are letting yourself have today so the snacky foods the brand the the and the and the flavors compared to what you were doing a year ago or two years ago three years ago what you're gonna likely notice is that they changed why because you got bored so you got bored with eating regular chips so you started to eat cheese flavored or you started to eat barbecue start to eat you were bored with chocolate bar that had caramel in it and you switched to chocolate bar that had just nuts so you switch to white chocolate or something in actuality we make changes to what we're eating even in our snacks all the time we will get bored of potatoes and have more rice for a few months and then we get bored of rice and we'll have more pasta for a few months we make changes all the time the change we don't make is to go from carbs based foods to fats based foods and what I'm trying to help you to understand is that when we make that change our health improves and because it still tastes delicious it's sustainable our palates change the foods that we find delicious if we change from carb based foods to fat based foods actually changes and we will find them absolutely delicious I know because I've made this switch I used to be focused on carbs I used to love potatoes I used to love chocolate I mean chocolate hmm don't get me started on chocolate addictive isn't even the word but you know what I don't miss potatoes at all I have opportunity after opportunity after opportunity eat real potatoes cuz my daughter is not Quito she eats french fry sheets potatoes I'm not interested I have opportunity after opportunity to eat chocolate because my daughter is not Quito I don't eat it I'm not interested but you'll notice that and I have noticed that I begun to love savory things I love nuts I love avocado my taste has to get my palate has changed you need to understand that when we eat something we're used to eating it we seek it out when we're used to eating other things we seek them out your palate will change so let's not be afraid of make changes that are gonna help us to do better in life the third thing that Keitel needs to be is repeatable and manageable and what I mean by that is first of all I will repeat eating things that I like to eat so if you put foods in front of me that I'm just like chance that I'm gonna eat that again not likely I don't care if it's keto or not keto if I don't like the way it tastes I'm going to run away from that food so the first part about making keto sustainable is making it repeatable you want to be making meals that you actually love eating which means that you need to give yourself the chance to find vegetables that you find amazing you need to give yourself the chance to find meats that you love and maybe even experiment with other meats that you might not have tried and then find recipes that you love and the part about making it manageable guess what most people love Thanksgiving dinner most people love Christmas dinner it's I'm an amazing meal everything tastes delicious we put so much time and energy and effort into making that perfect pie in that perfect right but yet we don't eat a Christmas dinner once a month or even once a week or right it's once a year we don't do the Thanksgiving Day meal once a week why it takes too long to make all those things and the investment some people start making their Christmas meal so some of the desserts etc in advance and freezing them because of all of what they the time it takes to do we're not gonna do that every week if you want kiddo to be sustainable you need to make meals that are repeatable so I love them and manageable to make easy to make that I can make this no it's gonna taste delicious and be looking forward to eating it if it's taking me hours to make my meal I'm not gonna do it and even myself I made one meal a day but I still don't want that one meal to keep me in the kitchen for four hours right like I make meals that I can put out maximum one hour and I'm done and I'm eating and you know what even though I find an hour long I look at the fact that I didn't have to make breakfast and I didn't have to make lunch so for me to give an hour to making supper and know that I'm gonna love that meal I think that that's a very fair trade everyone needs to figure out how much time is reasonable for themselves and then go for that right and make that meal that you know you're gonna love because if it's repeatable so I love eating it and manageable it's easy to make I'll do it on the topic of being manageable and sustainable when we begin Keadle one of the biggest mistakes that we do is try to make replacement meals we try to make sure that everything that we're having is like what we used to eat before ok so let's just think about what we're doing there for a few seconds so I'm taking all this time energy effort to create to recreate a meal but low carb so a high carb meal so let's say up high I'm going to take this pie and recreate it low carb so I'm gonna use artificial sweeteners and I'm going to write because and then I'm gonna introduce sweet to myself which is gonna make me want to chase carbs again because my brain doesn't know that this is so my cephalic system doesn't know that this isn't real sugar there's no sugar there so now my brain is pushing me where's the shirt when we try to replace or imitate our old foods in our current lifestyle it's not gonna work we're sabotaging ourselves we're taking the foods that kept the sick with inflammation at Alzheimer's diabetes all the metabolic issues that were hurting us and we're trying to bring them into this world where we're trying to live a healthier lifestyle so what's gonna happen well and the more that I see those foods in front of me the more I want that old lifestyle that's supposed to be behind me how is that supposed to work I want to give you this analogy and just think about this for a second if you met the person of your dreams and in the course of dating this person the person wants you to dress a little differently than you usually dress but you kind of go along with it because it's a person of your dreams and then the person wants you to act a little bit different talk a little bit differently than you usually do but you go about it because you perceive your dreams and then eventually you find out that this person is getting you to behave like their old boyfriend or girlfriend are you gonna be happy to stay in that relationship are you gonna believe that that person actually moved on but that's what we're doing we're pretending that we moved on but we haven't because we're pulling those foods from our history into our present those foods don't belong here those foods are high carb those foods illicit in us poor behavior from back there if you want to move on with keto you need to have meals today that are repeatable and manageable that you love make you want to eat them so that you focus on the food that you're eating today so that you can focus on the health that you're gonna have today and going forward finally I want you to be flexible and have options and I know I just three seconds ago said you should not be making imitation foods and I really don't believe you should be what I'm gonna say is this is that you need to have options for yourself so if I do want to have a dessert I should have some kind of dessert option I still don't think it should be something from your history that's me I'm talking I think there are Keadle foods that so foods that are born out of people living a ketogenic lifestyle where they figure things out that didn't taste good that are not necessarily sweet we always have the the normal options of cheese and pepperoni sticks and nuts and different kinds of foods that are fun to eat and that are just natural foods that we can get but so what if you do decide to make some kind of keto dessert or keto sweet tasting thing please keep it to a treat that occurs once in a little while once in a blue moon not all the time remember every time you eat something sweet you remind yourself of that carb life you used to live how are you gonna move on if you're trying to make your current spouse just like your old spouse it's not gonna work try to find foods and that you can eat now that are about now right honestly I do find fat bombs should be an interesting in-between because we didn't use to eat fat bombs before even though they might taste a little sweet they were very different than what we you see it before however remember the more you eat them the more they engage that cephalic response the more that you're gonna be pushed towards carbs so if you do decide to use them use them as an occasional treat the other thing that I'm going to say that I think is gonna be really important for everyone who decides to have an occasional treat or even let's say you decide to have nuts or cheese or whatever because there's carbs in that be flexible in your meal so it's not because I usually have a big salad and some vegetables and a piece of meat for my meal that if I know I'm going to have a dessert that's a bit more heavy on the carbs that I couldn't look at my current meal and say you know what I'm gonna leave off the salad or I'm gonna leave off and have a carnivore meal because I know I'm going to eat something that's a bit car B later I'm not suggesting that you do this all the time if you're a person who does well with vegetables and salads what I'm saying though is flexibility leave myself options right the option to have a dessert by being flexible in how my day is gonna look my meal remember this is the day twenty grams of carbs or less in a day so I need to look at all my meals and how that dessert is gonna fit into all of the day's worth of food but it's possible again I do it all the time if there is an occasion where I know I'm gonna eat some nuts and that's a really high in carbs so then I will make sure that I have a more carnival-style meal if I have no intention of eating nuts then I'll have more vegetables and salads look at what you plan to do know how your day is gonna play out know the times when you're planning to have a dessert so that you can plan for it how do we keep keto sustainable by living a way that makes it sustainable the same way that I figured out how to exercise without lifting weights I figured out how to eat healthy and yet within that keto Garant lifestyle and have some flexibility because I love what I eat so and it's easy to make what I do eat repeatable right I would love for you guys to tell me how do you make your ketogenic life size sustainable what do you do give me some give everyone some clues in the butt in the comments below so we can all live a healthier lifestyle I want to thank you for watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness wiht Violet if you have not subscribed please subscribe I want to see all of you guys next week thanks for watching share the video talk to you next time

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