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Keto TV: Mindful Eating

– We are human beings We have a mind, and we have instincts

So if you want to live according to your instincts, it deprives you from the most beautiful thing that a human have, it's his mindful living So, mindful living is not a new theory It has been around all life Human are tempted by their nature to live instinctively, to eat whatever they want, to do whatever they want, and that's why there are repercussion for that Sometimes they get hurt from not thinking before doing

So yes, take a second to think about every action you do every day Is it useful? Is it something that builds up your future better? Is it something that makes you happy? Is something you need, or is something just happens because your instincts are telling you eat, go, come, sleep, no, try to keep it natural as much as possible, but mindful So every time you touch a piece of food, just think about it Am I hungry? Do I need it? Or just I'm eating because it's over there? Am I eating just because I went to the kitchen, opened the fridge, and I saw the food? Am I eating because just, my friend's eating? Am I eating because I'm watching TV? I should be eating only if I am hungry, if I need the food So mindful eating is part of mindful living is part of better living, so every time you do something, think first, especially if instinctively you take a food

Don't eat it You still can stop before you chew it Live healthy, stay in keto, eat mindfully Please press now the subscribe button to stay updated with our free new videos every week Press the bell ring too so you get a notification every time we post a new video

Stay healthy, stay in keto

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