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Ketogenic Vanilla Donuts with Chocolate Icing


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>> I'm going demonstrate to our and It's a great recipe for kids; it actually tastes like donuts

For this recipe, we'll need: heavy cream, Jell-O sugar-free vanilla pudding powder, soy flour, eggs, butter, sour cream; and for the icing, we'll need: sweeteners, Walden Farms chocolate syrup, and butter The first thing for this recipe is we preheat the oven to 350 degrees The first thing we do for the donut recipe is we mix the heavy cream, and remember to use 40% milk fat for the heavy cream If you choose to do a meal plan that doesn't include heavy cream, that's perfectly fine, you can omit it The only thing that it does do, it helps the texture of the donut; it makes it creamier and fluffier while baking

Then, we will add in the sugar-free vanilla pudding powder Mix that together The vanilla pudding powder helps it stay fluffy Believe it or not, it actually helps as a binder while baking the donut Mix together the egg

I wouldn't recommend substituting for liquid egg whites; you can, however, it would just be a lot lighter than this donut with the whole eggs And the reason for that is because the yolk helps hold the donut together So without that, with just the whites, it wouldn't really do the same baking process Soy flour, the butter You want to make sure that the butter is softened or melted You never want to just take it right out of the fridge

The reason is because you want to be sure that the butter is fully mixed inside of the batter before you start baking it If it's not fully mixed, and you begin to bake the donut batter, then it'll actually spread out of the donut while it's baking, which you definitely don't want to do because you could actually lose some fat during that process Alright, and then we're also going to add in sour cream What the sour cream does it also helps, just as well as the heavy cream, to make it a creamier consistency, and it makes it more donut-like However, if you do want to omit the sour cream, that's perfectly fine; it'll just make it more dense, but of course you can omit it if you like

Alright, now we've made our donut batter So, we have a donut mold They're shaped such as mini donuts If you don't have this, you can of course use a muffin pan; you can use a silicone mold Just be sure, whatever you do use, you grease

I use nonstick cooking spray to grease the donut pan that I used You'll get maybe about 2 to 5 donuts depending on what your ratio is This batter is pretty thick So when you are scooping it, just be sure that you're getting it in the mold; and especially if you're using a donut mold, you want to spread it evenly on all sides Now, we'll place the donuts in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes

For the chocolate icing, we'll mix together either softened butter or melted butter And then we have Walden Farms chocolate syrup with sugar-free DaVinci and three drops of liquid stevia All you do is you mix it together, and that's all you do for the chocolate sauce The donuts are all done baking So now, we'll gently remove them from the pan

Be careful that they are hot You do want them to cool slightly before you begin to ice them with the chocolate icing And the reason is because remember that there's butter in the chocolate icing, and if you put it on a hot item, it'll melt all over So, you want to be careful that it does cool slightly before doing that You can either serve this as a dipping sauce or you can serve this as icing on top of the donut

It's similar to a butter cream, so as you can see, it spreads on very nicely And that's how you make the vanilla donuts I hope you enjoyed this recipe ♪♪ >> The vanilla donuts with chocolate icing is a favorite of many of our keto kids To make chocolate donuts, one could substitute chocolate pudding powder for the vanilla pudding powder in the batter

Incorporating butter with the Walden Farms syrup in the icing is a great way to use extra dietary fat in this recipe

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