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La autoridad fiscal destapa que Sánchez conduce la Seguridad Social al desastre

The authority uncovers that leads Security to disaster The Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility warns the Government that the deficit will increase while he turns a deaf ear to the experts and his own Secretary of State Bad news not for the Government of Pedro Sánchez, but for Spanish society as a whole


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The Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF) estimates a structural deficit of the Social Security System at present between 13 and 15% of GDP However, in principle it may seem small but not only will it not disappear, but it will increase more each time And this yes that is attributable to the lack of measures of the Executive, that is doing nothing by ignoring the recommendations of the experts

Beginning with his Secretary of State, Octavio Granado When the origin of this deficit is analyzed, it is concluded that it should be considered within the joint structural deficit of public administrations, of around 2% It is feasible and desirable, says AIReF, through adjustments of income and expenditure between subsectors, that this Social Security deficit be completely closed and visualized as a deficit of the central administration With this, the correction of the structural deficit should be addressed from the central administration, with its own levers This solution would reduce uncertainty about the financial situation of Social Security and could focus efforts on the challenge that arises in the medium and long term

More long-term, AIReF identifies a challenge for the sustainability of Social Security derived from the increase in spending on pensions associated with population aging, with demographic pressures that begin to have a significant impact on spending forecasts in the middle of the next decade In the next 30 years, this spending would increase between 2 and 4 points of GDP in the central scenario of AIReF Based on the national context and international experience, the deepening of the parametric reforms of 2011 would be the most viable solution to correct the bulk of the increase in spending, maintaining the levels of adequacy of the system basically unchanged There is a journey in the deepening of the reform of 2011, mainly in two components: a delay in the effective age of retirement and an extension of the period of the contribution career The AIReF presents an estimate of the potential impact of deepening in both directions, whose maximum gains in sustainability would be similar to the IRP application

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