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Let’s Learn Chinese – How to Apologize in Chinese (feat. FAN BINGBING)

Hey guys, Cinnabarhorse here with another video on learning Chinese Today our topic is going to be Learning how to apologize in Chinese Which is something, if you've just come to China You'll probably be doing that a lot Because you're not really familiar with the culture too much Our source material for today, it's gonna be a letter Written by the queen of Chinese entertainment herself Fan Bingbing Don't know if you guys are familiar with Fanbingbing She's a huge celebrity in China, I mean everyone knows her And recently, about Well last year now, in 2018 She mysteriously disappeared! No one really knows where she went A couple months later, that was in June or July So a couple months later, she mysteriously resurfaced And when she resurfaced, there was a letter that she wrote on Weibo Weibo is the Chinese version of Twitter So today we're gonna be reading through that apology letter And we're gonna talk about some of the vocabulary within it So here we go Ahem Recently I have endured an unprecedented amount of pain Undergoing deep self-reflection and introspection I feel ashamed and guilty for what I did And here, I offer my sincere apology to everyone

For a long period of time, I did not uphold the responsibility of safeguarding the interests of my country And our society against my personal interests In the movie Unbreakable Spirit and other projects I feel ashamed that I committed tax evasion by taking advantage of “split contracts” Throughout these days of my cooperation with the taxation authorities’ investigation of my accounts as well as my company’s I have realized that, as a public figure, I should’ve observed the law, setting a good example for society and the industry I shouldn’t have lost my ability to govern myself in the face of economic interests Leading myself to break the law Here I sincerely apologize to society, Friends who care about me, the public and the taxation authorities I completely accept the penalties given by the taxation authorities after their thorough investigation

I will follow the final order given by the taxation authorities And will do my best to raise funds to pay back the taxes and fines I have been an art lover since I was a child And I’m also fortunate to have been part of the rise of the film and television industries Thanks to guidance from veterans as well as love from the audience Together with my own hard work I have achieved a bit of success in my career As an actor, I take pride in showcasing our country’s culture on the global stage And I do my best to be in the forefront of this My success owes to the support from my country and the people Without the great policies of the Communist Party and the country Without the love of the people, there would be no Fan Bingbing Today I’m facing enormous fears and worries over the mistakes I made! I have failed the upbringing my country gave me And failed society’s support and trust, and the love of my devoted fans! I offer my sincere apology here once again! Please forgive me, everyone! I believe that, after this incident I will uphold the law and respect orders, as well as taking my responsibilities

While I will continue to produce great work for everyone I will keep a close eye on my company’s management to ensure that my company abides by the law Building it into a great company that is cultured and has high integrity, In order to spread positive energy to society! Again, I apologize to society and my devoted fans, As well as to my friends and family who care about me I sincerely say: I am sorry! All right guys, there it is! Fan Bingbing's apology letter, read in Mandarin Chinese I hope you guys enjoyed that, and I hope you were able to keep up and follow along with me For those of you who are more beginners I wanna tell you real quick how to apologize in a simple way in Chinese There's two ways that most people will apologize in Mandarin The first way is by saying Duibuqi Saying Duibuqi is a very sincere way of apologizing in Chinese And the most common time when you would use this is when you really want to apologize Just like Fan Bingbing said: Sincerely tell everyone, Duibuqi So maybe if you work at a company in China And you have a very important presentation coming up But you forget your Powerpoint! Oh god, that's terrible, right? So you would say to your boss or to whoever you're presenting it to You would say, ah sorry, I forgot to bring my PPT So you're very sorry, you're very sincere Or maybe if you're breaking up with a girl, you might say Sorry, we're not right for each other Sorry, we're just not right for each other So those are two ways where you can use the word Duibuqi The other way, the second way to say I'm sorry in Chinese is to say Buhaoyisi And what does this mean? It means more like saying, My bad in Chinese It's not that sincere, it could just be a small, insignificant thing that happened So for example, you're on the subway and you step on someone's foot You would say to that person, you would say Oh, Buhaoyisi! Or maybe you're in a shopping mall and you have your pushcart And you accidentally hit someone with your pushcart Again, you would say Buhaoyisi So for insignificant, common, and trivial things that would happen in China That's when you would say Buhaoyisi

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