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Make Money Online | Solo Ads | Solo Ad Tutorial | The Secret To Being Efficient With Solo Ads


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ads okay and ong>howong> ong>toong> be efficient with this traffic generation method now this last traffic minted which I cover in the scores and the seven day free traffic or so K and if you haven't seen the videos in four days and I suggest that you click the link below this video and sign up ong>toong> see the other videos okay now the reason why I I mention solo ads is because and the reason pics of lads is because it is one of the best traffic sources for building Ellis okay and the reason is the best is because it is the most consistent as the most reliable source that there is out there when it comes to building I V mail list okay now you I am so y solo ads so much nation okay so let's your most consisted squashes traffic source okay because people are building a targeted email this which you can tap into okay and if you're the type of traffic ong>toong> a g>day as much as you can afford to buy you can just buy okay and will have as many items as you want ir offer okay now threes best on: underline;”>make money online & Resorts is one of the best traffic ong>makeong> money online sources because people are conditioned ong>toong> a squeeze page okay emerge in order ong>toong> get traffic so when you buy from a vendor okay obviously if don't subscribe on: underline;”>makes the highlight tape terrain inong>toong> your squeeze page okay yeah especially in the ong>makeong> ong>moneyong> online me okay now this is personally my favorite nation ok and I if you still trying ong>toong> figure out soonish I really suggest that you get inon: underline;”>to this ok and if you want some advice feel free ong>toong> to connects it ong>toong> me and leave all mine details in the end case you want ong>uch me K am okay so and so for these reasons a solo ads and pretty much a consistent and reliable netted okay another thing as that people and it who basically on Andy already under someone's list a there but the kind of people that are used to presented with promotions and new business opportunities okay sperm known ong>toong> give an example so what a lot has been and some other time generation strategy so same blogging okay people who on: underline;”>make money online arm actually go on ong>toong> your website aren't necessary condition on was come across your web site for good okay is ok this is why so let's make your your business easy to scale okay and also so let's are pretty much affordable okay so the pending where you get that from and yet a mean you could get them from for example with to make my own money should go ong>toong>ward your farm and you could get like 100 clicks for 252 dollars and deter repeated and system is an exchange how to go about it ong>howong> to go about looking for a solo okay a then you've got also higher quality traffic okay this is when he gets out one to stores better it is basically it's ong>toong> broker but this option is more expensive and with the Rangers have you more are were probably just starting on line on this option on okay so from moving forward I'm going ong>toong> explain how ondly you want to have a capture page ong>makeong> ong>moneyong> online and a obviously you need ong>toong> make sure thats you have 3 highly converting and pension who dis congregant with the email you send email ong>toong> the list okay now one good arm marketing on about headlines as you want it is different headlines okay and you want ong>toong> on: underline;”>make sure you grab people's attention so that the click of your email okay and you basically and give them a reason on: underline;”>to offer in the body sorry if the capture page okay now yeah if you're not sure what to use as a body for your email you may want on: underline;”>to other people's email is just to get some ideas see ong>howong> they're doing it and you want ong>makeong>s people want on: underline;”>to be sure sales place which ong> sure you're breaking even and that lingers free okay you need to focus on building that list kid list list on her which makes you money in the back and swinging is when you people branch list you want to you want on: underline;”>to them about okay to just slam from their face to an email okay talking about for example talking for example ong>toong> help ong>toong> and course you could mention ong>howong> the scores on on: underline;”>to buy cheap affiliate link okay cell I'm next good morning before I move on to the swiping what I what I've be in a min in this course is to make ong>moneyong> online for you to provide value to customers okay so it's not just a mouse I'm trying links juggling some trying ong>toong> get them to buy ong>toong> you you want ong>toong> on: underline;”>make sure that you on their chest okay am the standard rate for a lists all for each person on your list the standard is about dollar per persons get up you wanting ong>toong> get much more okay ong>toong> the farm I'd New York constantly value chain past lasts chain to your list am you're going ong>toong> have more you would have to earn their trust more and their mark ong>toong> them it's Mike by a game from you okay so line providing he's cusong>toong>ms extremely important okay now that made the points that small one ong>toong> example are eighty solamente okay so when you your to the gaza solo ad as I mentioned you need to have she subject line okay saw this is an example are my it up on: underline;”>to your business because I promote this this program ong>toong> on: underline;”>make oney online okay so I do is ensure have a catchy headline and pay you something about the program okay which attracts people so with this program you can actually make 1k checking and 5k commissions okay and what I want is people on: underline;”>how to do it so you won't have ong>moneyong> which basically gives them like and with a deadline but gives them with the word it is like you know they get Serta devised to see the video songwriting only five spots left just the click on that link and basically demolition it it's your teeth of okay Sao not his thing is I mention one thing about the program other programs do not have okay so would what my ong>toong>p chip business actually consistency 14 and the clothes leads for you so & Aliens you bring in to on: underline;”>to your affiliate links you have assessing in the back and cultural call with them difficult ong>moneyong> online Chi chain think and if that's ong>howong> you make the 1k trick and commission so for this reason I mention it South you know I'm using its you know getting the solution to something which the me up that such as sales being next people over the phone alright so that's a pretty good example okay and yet we want to move on to seoul texting solo at to when people start solo and disc EC the auon: underline;”>to keep a spreadsheet right are simply use a ong>toong>ol such as quality control and in order ontrol may be able ong>toong> on center stage for most have you so you might want to keep a spreadsheet on what you could do is using group Katie Weber okay what you could do use once you have I was the sole is and as a solo campaign has ended you can open on your contacts X sheets open and you could see you could cut leaching percentages can see ong>howong> many from the his make ong>moneyong> online hmm and basically at work that act now and losing seasoned back and so this doesn't mean that's all that was not effective okay this is what I meant before when I mentioned and because people not make a sale autumn once Jim a certain amount of people in your phone you want ong>toong> healthy families which is value so that operates hi okay hand you basically he continued to son: underline;”>to create a sales funnel just well you okay now am and I think dimension its testing is when you testing you want to ong>makeong> sure you to 30 have a squeeze page which solo here by because you want ong>toong> have a look at the Oct see you don't have a look at the operates each solo campaign okay as deal for me it's pretty good okay and the number of competency doing this all campaigns hi alright yeah that means it's a bit campaign you can go straight on: underline;”>to the buyer okay she went she bought campaign from Andrew Bynum bach okay and you could obviously range a the price for it ong>toong> ong>makeong> online some where ong>toong> buy solidworks from okay am I mean this this is more next hang out acquire form this is funny nation so you want ong>toong> cause the Warrior Forum classified section ok I'm going to shoot another video I son: underline;”>how it's done more ong>toong> go okay so I'm just cautious peacefully national website it got Xmarks them this is where you could do a search and find blocks Tunisia's member's Facebook group and their brokers brokerages very advanced stage us in case you want on: underline;”>to look inon: underline;”>to dissonance search it's an option it's basically getting someone to outsource house or someone ong>toong> the work for you in the world testing and I'm bach saw okay cell I wanted ong> you ong>toong> go about finding saw Lance okay so please meh you could basically Google Inc text link below for part two okay hmm and these are my contact details in case you want on: underline;”>to get in on: underline;”>touch with me OK we have any more questions about our Lance you can you can connect with me true Facebook okay so you can add me as a personal friend all the details are below become like my fan fan page from our free online marketing tips and tuon building online business okay so thank you very much ong>makeong> ong>moneyong> online

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