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Make MONEY ONLINE With Affiliate Marketing – 3 TIPS To $100 PER DAY

hey friend question could you use extra bit of cash flow coming from your business hey my name is Chris all right ChrisNjighacom and in this very exciting episode we�9;re gonna talk about how make online affiliate all right back to go over some strategies that I found three I found that it's actually tofu in really bringing in more cash flow into your business I used some of these drivers mattified he's always done today hope I in terms of your income all right so you're gonna want to learn how to make in your online business affiliate marketing business then you want to stick around for that today welcome hey if you don't know this channel is all about you the home business entrepreneur alright and empowering you the mindset and the marketing skills that you need all right you get more results make more money I'll probably get the breakthrough that you need so if any of that stuff sounds good to you like that and you jive that hey hey go ahead and give this video a like alright and consider subscribing to the channel and don't forget the bell so you could be notified whenever I drop new videos alright on how to make money online affiliate marketing strikes like that and things of the like alright so let's get right down into it alright so you talked about some strategies in fact three tips I can give you to share you on I make per day your leave marketing business make more money online alright because when it comes down to strategy and once you have the right strategy that can be the difference between making 5 10 dollar Commission sales and combing out with $200 $300 per day as a matter of fact alright so let's get right down into it alright first tip to make money online with affiliate marketing is look for affiliate programs to have recurring Commission all right I can't tell you how much I love recurring commissions alright so that's the kind of Commission that calls from an affiliate program that will pay month after month after month almost like a source of passive income really right form from one customer so you have to look for programs that will once the customer comes in they continue paying you month after month after month I like these two I like these particular polos better than the ones that were generally once they buy and that's the end of it usually typically like you're the Amazon sale I like to return once better because hey allows you to be able to like have get more bang for your marketing book right so each customers now worth more to you when you think about the long term life value of the customer it's more to you when you acquire this type of customer versus the one I just got bought from you one time alright and in addition it also allows you to have like what can be somewhat of a stabilized income right because I kind of predicting how much money you're gonna get every month which is pretty dope so the best kind of programs are usually the ones that are that you are in your niche in your particular niche and they're usually tools or systems or things that someone in your niche is gonna likely use often right so for example if you're in internet marketing make money online niche you're good and you're generating leads you're gonna need things like let's say lead capture page right anybody just trying to make money online online these gonna need a lead capture page right so for example I click funnels right love click funnels great online page builder lead page captivate system great affiliate program that pays commissions regularly every month and he's beauty about it they're high-quality it's a high quality service so you know people are gonna stick around which is also advantage to you as an affiliate as well right you're providing people services an option that can help them and at the same time getting Commission's paid every month another example to be like an email autoresponder you gotta have any more that's fine obviously if you're an internet marker right there's a whole bunch of that you can find a one was the one that I use race tried and true they will know an industry great Billy program hey you're gonna constantly get Commission's every month as long as someone has an email list which is pretty much gonna be forever as long as they're handed in they're running an internet business right I know the one it could be like a social media automation tool right a lot of times hey if you're an internet marketer you're getting smart with posting you're not trying to post anything yourself you're using automation you can leverage your time there's a lot of great tools some of the ones I use one is social truth for example so you can automate everything from your Twitter your LinkedIn your Pinterest I mean you can even automate blog posts and all kinds of things it has all these things set up to you so hey if someone's using this way it's a high quality service this breeze gives them leverage in their time probably giving helping them build their business they're not likely to quit this way so you want to look for something that are data basically miss sessions right essentials in your particular niche that have recurrent Commission's because hey customer's gonna use it and they're gonna have and it's high quality so they're gonna love it and it's gonna be less turnover so they're not gonna stop it they got they need right may which means more income in your pocket more stabilized income second tip for making more money online with your affiliate marketing business 100 hours per day is to look for high ticket commissions alright so the thing is sometimes forget is that hey you have small tickets you have high ticket commissions right I mean it makes sense to have that in your portfolio one of the reasons why is well if you think about it the effort that you put in to promote a commission program let's say it's gonna pay you like this maybe three four hundred five hundred dollar commission versus the one as it's gonna pay $25


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00 we're putting the same marketing effort right into both so while the five hundred dollar one won't convert as high as $25 one obviously you don't need to convert as many as the 500 as you would profiles right it just makes sense so I recommend always trying to have at least both you know have like both in your in your portfolio you have some small ticket ones that you promote and have some high ticket commissions so because hey you're gonna have people that a lot of people leads that are coming through buying you want to get the small one but then you're gonna have a small percentage who also will find the upsell the high ticket commissions and that'll hey I'll help you put in way more than just $400 they get you to that market even more some programs that I know are hopeful that will give you high tech Commission's can be things like and this is if you're the internet and x-ray would be like web hosting so if you're a blog you need a web hosting to host your blog hey that's a great one they have ones like Bluehost ones that I like are looking to use its kids the right way poke great web hosting service and all by the way to have an excellent absolutely program to literally almost every every person that could use it your link and subscribe to the service you can you paid up to five hundred dollars per person per prospect which is awesome in addition it also has a recurrent commission as well which is just awesome play another another example could be for example can be programs that are like affiliate programs that are like internet marketing platforms those two really really what's the word really profitable right because they have low ticket a little ticket offers in the beginning and they also have high ticket sales and the back end in terms of coaching in terms of masterminds and things like that was to be very possible and also hope out your person your prospects you can even exchange of value great ones I can think of this legendary marketer yeah wait is there great affiliate program head II hope you feel it marketer promote better and keep make more money and promote themselves and get more make money online so you want to learn more about that check couple link below in the description another one I can recommend is Miley system Pro very good online educational platform for the beginner we specially the home is entrepreneur that's maybe in network marketing or in direct sales hey helps you learn how to brand yourself gives you a blog gives you the total pages and all kinds of stuff and I have a great ability for around to Richmond so a bunch of different courses on social media courses a lot of different blogging courses and things like that so all of these programs have weight front-end small ticket items in addition to have them back in high ticket items that you could promote and make $500,000 or more Commission that's how you make money online with affiliate marketer and then the third tip I can share with you to help you make more money online with affiliate marketing go on for it is well you may not like this but this is the truth consider creating I would say 30 pieces of content video content if you're on YouTube block content if you're a blogger or whatever or podcaster 20 30 pieces of audio content alright send it around your affiliate marketing services that you promote cuz here's the thing that you probably don't know or maybe you do and you're ignoring that I learned is that your one video that you put up that you created it you so excited about that you where you're promoting your product is like I want you know like this is gonna make me so much money back in the matter it's probably not better matters and people may not even watch that video are you gonna have to actually create a lot of videos and we need to that was what really changed for me when I turned my minds and we're realizing that it's not about just one video I got it you gotta create tons of video it's almost like a dark and the board the dartboard is is the wing your commission and prospect are you going to throw a whole lot of darts at that boy Jackson here some most are not gonna hit but some will so that's what your content is the content for your darts they're your pieces of ammo dear soldiers if you will going out there are you soldier then go make it back they're gonna be shot down and you're gonna be blown away but some of them will those are the ones that are gonna pay you would be paying being quite around 200300 dollars day and commissions making a whole lot of money so I encourage you to really start thinking about this in terms of a quantity game start putting out a whole lot of content don't okay but I'm saying put out a bunch of content consistently as much as possible that's really what's gonna help you find find those find those Commission's and make more money in your affiliate marketing business when our soldiers and pieces of content out there just working for you that's how you put in the residual income the passive income that's how you make a pure marketing work as a solid business opportunity for you and online business to give you the freedom that you so deserve oh what a bonus tip – I forgot to mention I think will be helpful it's considering resources list right I know John and Mary I'm noticing they have this really awesome list I always look at it and I like to reference it because that's the way it should set up I should probably one of these days put my reference list as well my resources list as well but that's basically a list of all the items that you recommend for people to try out you should go ahead and consider doing that if you have a blog or if you have some website where people going to see your content it's a great place to go ahead and put that on there there's some people who are lucky they say oh hey how do you do that they want to know give it to them let them find it so that's it my friend hope you enjoyed it alright hope that was helpful hope those tips are like helpful in your business helping make more money online with your affiliate marketing business alright and going forward those are my three tips to $100 per day and more alright so you enjoyed it it was helpful hey consider giving the video like consider subscribing to the channel soon or if I want to drop in contact and oh boy hey just was sticking around just for coming through hey I got a free gift for you I call it my lazy man's delete t-cog to fill it marketing fortunes alright exactly everything you need to do you need to make more money online with the least amount of effort least amount of stress least amount of time maximum mana results all rice and three guys yours all yours it's pretty quick description below to get your free copy all right and so on the next exciting episode my friend be blessed stay home got ya see you on the next one alright peace

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