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COM Make Money With Shopify – WWWECOMHOPECOM Make Money With Shopify – WWWECOMHOPECOM Make Money With Shopify – WWW

ECOMHOPECOM Make Money With Shopify – WWWECOMHOPECOM The height this is Muhammad Akram from Easy Econ prof calm ong>ong>day [I] will son: underline;”>to] buy your products Ok let's see This is the perfect layout of any sales funnel And this is the first Step of funnel here

We have integrated free plus shipping product here We have made free plus shipping and We have used public photos over [here] and you defective product description as well Below that he can see safest check out and match this one And below that we have used perspective times come down with hours minutes and seconds Here your cuson: underline;”>tomer can choose any number of products you want on: underline;”>to buy? Right and if your cuson: underline;”>tomer wants to add this product, then we'll click on Yes, add this ong>toong> my order and The product will be added into this card auon: underline;”>tomatically Let's see This is your first up sales product limited time special offer If your cusong>toong>mer wants to add this inon: underline;”>to God He was click down here Yes, add this ong>toong> my cart But what if he [does] not want this product and he wants onnie Yes Here is your second of sales product page now If your customer was to buy this product then he was great understand yes, add this ong>toong> my order and he if you You don't want this product then you would click on those things And it will pass directly to the checkout page and he can buy only two products in his car But if he check outs with this product as well, then he will click on Yes, add this ong>toong>o much older Here is the check outside your cuson: underline;”>to check out stripe Etc And it is very easy ong>toong> integrate it takes only a minute [alright] guys This was three product sales funnel We have included nine more work and that you can see by clicking on the home buton: underline;”>ton Here it [is] the whole nine products that we have included inong>toong> your sales funnel and we have included all important pages like about us contact us and Since this is built on wordpress

So you can add it anything you like but You can add it any payment message you like What was being spread this was a demo store? We will create your source far better than this Thank you for watching

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