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Making Eggless Cake at Home Without Oven

Take a blender and a cup of sugar Grind it to a fine powder

  Sugar powder is ready Transfer it to a bowl Now take a sieve and add Maida, baking soda,  baking powder  Sift the flour in order to mix the ingredients   Now take another mixing bowl and add sugar powder, condensed milk Here we are preparing the eggless cake so use condensed milk

  Mix it well and then add melted butter Mix the ingredients well  Use mixer/ whisker to mix the ingredients Now add vanilla essence and mix it well  Now add Maida flour gradually and mix it

  Mix the ingredients with a spoon Make it lumps free batter  Now add remaining Maida and mix it well  Mix it well and make sure that no lumps are formed Now add milk to the batter and mix it

  After addition of milk batter becomes loose  Mix the cake batter until soft and smooth as shown in the video clipping Now the batter is ready  Now take a wide bottomed vessel and apply butter around the vessel  Such that the cake won't stick to the vessel

Now pour the cake batter into the vessel  Leave some space to bake the cake  Now take another wide heavy bottomed vessel and fill the vessel with sand Switch on the stove and place the vessel on it  Heat the sand for 15 minutes

Then place the cake batter vessel on it and cover the vessel  Bake the cake for 1 hour under low flame Then remove the plate and check the cake for doneness  Now the cake is ready Switch off the stove and keep the vessel on the kitchen surface

  Allow it to cool and then remove the cake  Invert the vessel on a plate and tap on the vessel Such that the cake comes out  Now cut the cake and place them on a serving plate Tasty eggless sponge cake is ready now


Source: Youtube

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